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Vinyl Scratch was first and foremost a party pony. Yes, her music was her passion but party was her life. After a eventful night, a drunk Vinyl calls a friend for help. Vinyl wakes up in a strange bed filled with a familiar scent. Her mind racing as she connected the dots leads her to entertain erotic thoughts. However, the truth is far from what it seems. Octavia's love for Vinyl isn't something she can put into words and she doesn't really understand the concept but her ramblings inspire Vinyl to speak her mind, even if the mare in question is asleep.

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You know, the description is misleading. Vinyl didn't learn anything about Octavia...
Apart from the waste amount of typos and mistakes

furry of a thousands suns


You own me that much after what you put me through.

being my favourite ones, it was rather enjoyable and cute story. Have an upvote :twilightsmile:

I want a sequel... This is good!

this story is great and fun and kind of unappreciated to be honest.

You should check your grammar.

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