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He had fallen into a dark and dark room which they first though was an old well

Not sure if this was intentional but it should probably read

He had fallen into a deep,dark room which they first though was an old well

Remember when people told you that making your story so distant and separate from what the fans knew of the show was hurtful to the story? That not having main or side characters they knew features prominently hurt the tale? That making everything needlessly grim and gritty and hopeless and dark just spat in the face of what the show was about, and that you needed to bring more familiarity into the tale?

Evidently as your ratings for this story reveal, I was not alone in thinking this. You've got twice as many dislikes as you have likes and it's only your second chapter. You had a chance to fix the major issues of your last story but you essentially ignored the sage advice you got.

What do you have to say for yourself?

This chapter was a great chapter. I'm just so glad that the three are alive. I wish to hear about the others, but from the way its looking I'm already doubting that there are any. I like the moment of feels in this chapter, I felt them tug away at my heartstrings. I will wait patiently for the next chapter.

Wow, still quite the read after all this time of not reading it. Love the part where Anton was trying to teach Lilly how to speak Sweden I found it quite amusing. I unfortunately have to find some time again to read the next chapter. Hopefully, I could get some time later or tomorrow. If not, I think i'll definitely get some to time to read it before my break is over. Your story never ceases to me satisfied. :)

Just kepp doing this story great Love it :pinkiehappy:

Because I realised I had to do it if II was ever going to reach my goal of becoming a published writer. So, all my fanfiction was cancelled and I spend all my writing time on my book.

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