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Voyager 1, a space probe sent out into the vastness of space. Attached to it is a golden record, containing the sciences, the music, the images, and the feelings of a small and distant world, called Earth. It is a message, put into a bottle, and thrown into the vast cosmic ocean. In case any advanced civilization intercepts the probe, they can learn of humanity's achievements. But with space being so vast, it's hard to imagine an alien civilization finding the bottle. But if it is...

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Good job, i think its a good story also reminded of the space core

Will there be more?

hmm you've peaked my curiosity, please go on.

I was listening to Cosmos's soundtrack while reading this, and Heaven and Hell played during the last paragraph. I was tearing up. I love it.

first thing that i thought of when i saw the title

How in muthafuckin Sams hell did that satilite survive planetary reentry? Then it slams into the hard, unforgiving ground and is still in good enough condition to read NASA, and even have a record survive, and somehow work perfectly fine on alien technology. Also, "The sun was shining-". So not one creature would've seen the insignificant outdated machinery burn up. You see videos of that meteor over Russia? Imagine if that happened in broad daylight. Nobody would have noticed!

Just want to show what I was thinking after I got to the second part. On the upper side, I liked the introduction, so at least the satilite doesn't feel like it sprung into existance completely for authorly purposes. Too much.

I approve of this fic. :ajsmug:

Well I'm interested in this fic :twilightsmile:
Please go on :pinkiesad2:

You do plan to have uh chapters in this book right? Hello? no? (Taps on glass) yes?


Shame it's basically exactly the same as the other Voyager fics on this site. It doesn't add anything new.


Well done, you have caught my interest.:twilightsmile:


I might write some more. Just need a bit of inspiration.

Maybe. Just need a little bit of a nudge, get some ideas going.
Moar is good. To be honest, I didn't expect this to be this popular.
What other Voyager fics?

are there any other voyager or spacecore fics out there?


The Golden Record
By Anoymousperson123

The Golden Record
By Pitro

The Interstellar Record
By Omidaidias

These are the ones I know about. There's plenty.


Well I wrote this because I was bored.

Well, I get nervous when I see that.

What, I put effort into things I do when I'm bored. Usually.

Hum...that's it ? No follow up or anything ? okay I guess :fluttercry:


2980191 Heh, usually when a writer says they wrote a story because they were bored, it usually ends up being subpar because they didn't plan how they were going to approach the story. I haven't read any of your stories, so I'll reserve judgement until a few more chapters,


I love these Voyager stories.
Any chance of there being more?


Ahem. Maybe.

Doesn't seem complete. I will track.

Of course, this opens the possibility that Equestria exists because some far-future post-human superintelligence is a big fan of the show. :pinkiecrazy:

Ha, now that's a cute little one shot. Nicely done. :ajsmug:

Featured Box, here we come!

Then the future humans show up and demand their gold disk back.
Cause, Irony. Jks.

So yeah hope this takes off, I'm waiting for them humans to show up.

if you want to continue, you could have other things we've launched into space so up, or have twilight start picking up transmissions from earth, maybe have it gradually go through the technological advancements over time even into the future and culminating to first contact.


Idea considered.


they try to respond the message with the help of the expert in magic of space and time.... doctor hooves

make a magic portal or something :pinkiehappy:

That's kind of what they're doing in The Interstellar Record.
I like Topo Loco's idea.

cool i did not know that one, thanks ¡¡

I could see this leading Twilight Sparkle into founding a space initiative. Equestria may not have the tech to build a chemical rocket, but I could see them being able to construct the needed industry fairly quickly if they so desired, they have the resources and skills, just no groundwork.

That would be an epic fic I might have to write now....

This was beautiful. A nice little short about a wayward probe.

However this is the point where my Twilight senses go rampant.

WARNING! RANT AHEAD (enter at own risk)!!!:
Assuming that Voyager 1 survives interstellar space it definitly wont survive re-entry on any Earth like planet for numerous reasons.
First, it lacks a heat shield.
Second, after gaining that much speed from leaving Sol (our home system) it will only get faster when it gets close to annother celestial body (literally in this case) so as soon as it hits any kind of friction it is going to vaporise on the spot.
Thrid, even if it survives the re-entry by some miracle (magic?) the impact allone wouldnt leave any evidence behind that it was once a probe.
Forth, should it still remain intakt after all this then it will be many thousend degrees celsius hot instantly melting boh the golden record and RDs hoof.

Thats however just my 2 bits. Other then that this short was very sweet and if you decide to mak it a full story I would gladly read it.
Im curious on what is going to happen next now that the bottle has been opend.

Please tell me you are going to make more chapters of this? Because this is a very intriguing concept to observe!


Yes, quite. Space.

Space, SPACE, I'm in SPAAACE!

Hehe, awesome! Can't wait for more!


Basically how I envision Equestria's planet is that it is a satellite of a large Jupiter-like planet or brown dwarf. I also don't envision Equestria's planet as the same size and mass as our Earth. I see their planet about 50%-75% of our Earth's mass.

Any who, about the probe being unrecognizable as a probe after impact, that may not be true. In fact, the Hubble Space Telescope will crash down into Earth at the end of its functional life. Assuming it comes in at the right angle, portions of the telescope will survive, relatively intact.

Also, the probe will lose velocity after it leaves our solar system due to friction with interstellar space.

That is all, I do realize that there are a few inconsistencies, though.

2982811 It costs four-hundred thousand dollars to write this story for twelve seconds.


I've never watched Doctor Who. I've missed out on something awesome haven't I? :facehoof:

It sounded alright but there are too many inaccuracies for me to like it.

For example, how come Rainbow Dash didn't use the included record player?
How come Twilight didn't notice that the record was lighter than it should be for solid gold? (it's actually only gold-plated, with copper composing of the majority of the record material)
How did the probe survive entry into the atmosphere and not disintegrate by extreme temperature?
The voyager disc is much the entire probe at a 1.83 meter radius. Shouldn't she have seen a dish with a cylinder attached below it?

2979972 ah writers block...

Think, how would equestria respond... To being told they're not alone... And receiving first contact from a probe...

(Better yet think of how earth might respond to this??)

2997407 You bring up some good points there.
I would like to point out a few things however.

-Plantes with half the gravity of Earth, and as such half the size, have problems holding their atmosphere (see Mars, then again magic?).
-They did the same with the MIR, it aktually survived the re-rentry mostly but it landed in the south pacific, however the it fell apart in the final stages.
-Friction? Interstellar space? Well, I dont know much about the particle density so far out but I doubt its going to be that significant to slow down the probe.
-I also made a little mistake, once Voy 1 leaves Sols gravity influence it wont accelerate anymore (it doesnt have engines or a solar sail to do so) but as soon as it gets near another star it will definitly speed up.

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