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After a bad experience with a pony, Applejack becomes angry and hostile to all ponies with the same colored coat. Will she ever change her views? Can there be a certain pony that can touch her angered heart?

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2972097 I am sorry if Christian stories are bothersome to some readers. I don't understand how that can possibly be upsetting to some. I would have no problem if I read a story that was based on a different religion or a story written by an atheist. If the admins of the site added a "Religion" tag to add on to stories, then I would use that, but I don't see a need to have to advertise that this is a Christian based story.

2972147 Tell me how this is offensive? Did I say anything that was anti-Semitic? Did I say anything hateful about Atheists in this story? I think your friends are over reacting if they would find this upsetting.

2972204 I'm not here for the likes or dislikes. I am here to write stories and if I get a bad name because I love ponies and Jesus, then I can care less when it comes to how popular my stories are.

1. The tag system is a way to give potential readers a general impression of a story so that they make an informed decision as to whether or not they want to read it. Informing readers of the presence of religion in a story would be a common courtesy because it is usually an element that is either absent or only alluded to circumspectly.

It is true there is no religion tag; however, informing readers in the description is a no-cost solution that will save everyone potential headaches.

2. Consider yourself for a moment. Is there at least one thing that, if given the opportunity, you would prefer to avoid? If so, would you not like advanced warning that a piece of media, be it literature or television or what have you, contained it so that you could move on without subjecting yourself to it? If the answer is yes, then you understand why some readers would like that common courtesy with respect to religion.

3. You mentioned that you would have no problem reading a story based on a different religion or written by an atheist. What matters is less the author and more the message.

For example, a story written by an atheist could make no mention of religion, positive or negative, or it could be a piece bashing religion. Regarding this particular story, it is very clearly a pro-Christian piece and inserts religion in the form of Christ into a universe where religion, at least in Earth terms, is not shown to exist. I would wager that there are probably readers here who would prefer to skip over the story entirely rather than read that, and a tag would help them to avoid it, as well as spare you the headache of moderating a potential flame war in your comments and/or blog.

What you do is ultimately up to you. I am only trying to point out reasons why indicating the presence of religion may be in your best interest. Good luck to you whatever you choose to do.

Hey there jack I was quite surprised at how this story turned out , didn't see the Jesus part coming. Love what you did there with the reference to the rainbow seeing as how little people know of its true meaning. Could have transitioned better within timeframes , felt really choppy to read at times. Also some elements of the story were revealed quite harshly like the yellow stallion at the end. Andto all those haters out there cuz this story is a little religious furshit, know jesus loves yah.haters.

Uh wow... So this is like an alternate universe right? Apple Bloom doesn't exist because of her coat color right.

Religiousness is alright with me, but people these days are always offended about something. Mostly because they don't want it shoved in their face by another outlet. It's funny thought that they are usually over the top in their objections and will tell you what they believe. To that I kind of thinking though: "If you think I am being preachy your beliefs, then don't preach to me about yours."

Overall I think that you need to work on your writing, I mean the whole no insurance bit seems like a unfitting plot device that throws off the nature of the story. I feel that it has a very moral seriousness to it and that diminishes it because it seems like a silly/comedic element. I mean Applejack isn't that silly.
(Oh wait it is tagged as comedy, My bad. Still kinda feels out of place.)

I have to agree with 2972624

Personally, I avoid fanfics containing real-life religions. Not because I find religious content controversial or offensive, but because it never seems to mesh well with the poniverse. (Made-up ones about sacrificing cakes to the princesses, on the other hand..."with Celestia as my witness" indeed.)

Just like with humanised stories, I'd like to see religion at least alluded to in the description. Even if it's only part of the story.

(Also, your title translates as "Are not want no Yellow Ponies around here". "Ain't having no-" or "Ain't wanting no-" would work. :twilightsheepish:)

2973069 Wow! I can't believe I forgot to add something about Apple Bloom! I didn't even consider her in this story! :applecry: I just went back and added this. "The only exception Applejack made when it came to tolerating a yellow pony was her little sister Applebloom. Her coat was yellow, but she was an Apple family and she talked normally to her. That was the only yellow pony that she would not hate on, at least not openly."

And I'll agree with you about the insurance bit. I kind of randomly threw that in there because I needed some way to have Fluttershy save her life and that was the only realistic setting I could think of because Fluttershy is not that bold and brave of a super hero like Rainbow Dash, nor is she a very strong flier.

You're right about people being offended by so many things. Heck, there are people out there who think MLP is offensive and make ridiculous reasons up about why it is offensive. I have read all of your complaints and I do understand where some of you are coming from, but I am going to leave the story as it is. If you are all so crazily offended or felt like you wasted your time, then don't read any more of my stories, or write to the site admins or your local congressman on how FIM fiction should have a religion tag. My story was read and passed by a moderator and he had no problems with it, nor did he say I should label this story in some other way. I am a Christian fan fic writer, and most of my stories have something to do with a Biblical principle or meaning. Some times I don't make it so flat out obvious that it's Christian like this one, but many stories I do reflects principles or morals of the Bible.

2977703 Thanks, I think there could be many things that could upset people. Just a random thought is, what happens if a person reads a fic and it's romance, BUT it turns out to be a lesbian or gay ship fic. That could be terribly offensive to people. Especially to the people who follow the Christian, Jewish, or Muslim faith. People of these faiths are usually not homophobic, but their beliefs teach that homosexuality is a sin and homosexuality has even been described as an abomination to God, yet no one demands to label a homosexual fic on this site. I do love to write romance stories, but I don't ever write romance fics that encourage or endorse homosexuality. However, I don't mind reading other people's stories if they do happen to have gay shipping, which is almost like all romance fics on this site. We can't single other people out, just because we may not like something, and I certainly don't go around demanding that other people add extra labels to stories just because I may not agree with them. Let's be fair. :pinkiehappy:

This is the first troll-fic I've read that has made me laugh.

2991577 What was so troll about it? Just because people often don't write stories like I do doesn't make it an auto-troll fic. Sure, a fic like this can attract troll comments from hypocritical Bronies who preach love and tolerance to everyone else as long as they don't have different views or beliefs from what they think is ultimately right, but there was no trolling intended with this story. I'm glad you at least got a laugh out of it. It was intended to be funny, but not troll. :trollestia:

2977930 I don't find this offensive (Though Applejack is Horribly OOC, and you portrayed Twilight Sparkle as joining the Mane 6 before Fluttershy), but your comments have made me facepalm repeatedly. :facehoof:

"Just a random thought is, what happens if a person reads a fic and it's romance, BUT it turns out to be a lesbian or gay ship fic. That could be terribly offensive to people. Especially to the people who follow the Christian, Jewish, or Muslim faith. People of these faiths are usually not homophobic, but their beliefs teach that homosexuality is a sin and homosexuality has even been described as an abomination to God, yet no one demands to label a homosexual fic on this site."

Millions of people have not been killed in the name of homosexuality (I'm pretty certain that you'll be offended by that even though it's factually correct). THAT is why some people take offense. Most, however, are just turned off because inserting IRL institutions tends to damage the suspension of disbelief unless the franchise takes place in our world (MLP doesn't) or if the fic is a satire of the aforementioned institution (which yours obviously isn't), so people would prefer this out of convenience, and it certainly wouldn't take a whole lot of effort on your part. Also, there is a "Religion" section in bookstores and libraries, but not a "Gay" section, so your analogy is incorrect.

3053226 People will kill each other no matter what. You're forgetting that what....only about four percent of people in America are gay? I don't know the exact percentage, but think about how many are religious out there. Find the percentage and do the math and you'll understand why so many more people die when it comes to religion. If homosexuality was larger, there would be more killings and even wars just like there are wars or violence with religious people. Even Bronies go against each other and hate other's for being different. Mainly people like me. God forbid I mention the love and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ and the Bronies can't stand it even though this show is all about love and peace in the first place. People will fight and kill each other over nearly anything. That's not something very difficult to comprehend.

I like to make Christianity a part of this show because I can see so many principles and morals of Christianity with My Little Pony Friendship is Magic, and the message of the Gospel fits very well in a world that preaches love and acceptance like My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. Nothing really shocking about that there....

Adding a religious tag to this wouldn't get this story or anywhere. People would still complain. If I say this fic is religious, then what religion am I using? If I add two tags and say this is a religious fic and a Christian fic, people would still be unhappy. Why? Well, what denomination of Christianity are you preaching. There are thousands out there! The tags would go on and on, and people will argue no matter what because the fic could tie in with multiple denominations and I wouldn't even know which one to choose. Like I said before, everyone will be offended out there by something. Your complaints do not impress me, nor am I offended by your statements. You can go rant somewhere else or protest this site because of my fic. I'm not adding or changing anything to this story.

No one put a gun to your head and said, "I demand that you read this fic!" You willingly read this fic because you felt that that the description to this story was interesting enough for you to want to read the story. You could have stopped at any time you wanted to, but it was your choice to read the whole thing. If you hated this story from the start? Then why did you read it?

I come here to read stories and to share them. I don't care if I read another story and the person who creates the story is using a different faith or what not and does not admonish the reader about it. I care about the quality of the story and not the religious background. Do you want to know a little secret? Douglas Adams is one of my most favorite fictional authors of all time, and I'm pretty sure he is an atheist too. I'm a really big fan of the Hitch Hikers Guide To The Galaxy series, and own a special collectors edition with all of the stories and it includes the bonus story too.

2991577 Personally I dont like the religous end to this story but i dont see how its a troll fic, and its a good story too

Loved the story, i kind of skipped the religous bit, but i have two reasons for that 1 I dont find church and such interesting and 2 it kind of came to suddenly i think if you had flowed it more into the story it might have been better but great story :D :rainbowkiss::rainbowdetermined2::rainbowderp:
random smileys ftw XD

3061648 Understandable! Thank you for taking the time to read it, and I'm glad you loved the concept of the story even if the ending wasn't exactly your cup of tea!

I didn't want the religious bit to flow at all in the story because I like how Fluttershy's confession came to Applejack in a rather unrespecting and startling manner. That was something I wanted to be more of a surprise to the reader. :yay:

I'll tell you a little secret about me too. I used to go to church a very long time ago, but as of now, I don't go to church anymore. I haven't been to church in what I imagine would be years, nor do I really have any plans to go back. However, I don't know what will happen in the future. It's possible that one day I may feel called to go back. :raritywink:

Thanks again for reading and not thinking that this fic is an abomination to be on FIM fiction! :heart:

3061700 Thats cool :D i see why you might choose to do it that way, and I dont see why it could be offensive so i dont see why people would think its an abomination haha plus the story is sweet so isnt that what matters :D :rainbowlaugh::pinkiehappy:

3061756 I wish others could see my stories like you do. It seems that when that Jesus guy gets mentioned in my stories, many people throw out their penalty flags and blow their whistles because they are so offended by everything.

Maybe It's just human nature for many people to be offended by things they don't like or agree with, even if they're in a fandom that preaches love and tolerance to all. I guess that love and tolerance Brony rule gets tossed out the window when it comes to people who are different like me!

Thanks for being so kind and understanding. You deserve a Flutteryay and a hug! :yay: :heart:

No offense to any one who religion he/she's align to but what about dragons?

Comment posted by danjuno deleted Aug 18th, 2013

3062411 how rude surly if you dont like a story dont comment on it anyways I dont wanna have an argument with you so just remember if you dont have anything nice to say dont say anything at all :)

Can't say I was expecting this.But awesome job.:heart:

3069334 Thanks! I appreciate the kind words! There is another follow up story to this story, and it's called "Flutter Clutter" if you are interested. :pinkiehappy:

Okay... I don't think this is exactly how they all met. I mean, Dashie, Fluttershy, A.J., Pinkie, and Rarity all knew each other before Twilight came along. I expected to see Fluttershy and A.J. to meet when they were fillies to make more sense.
And since when did Equestria have a bible? :rainbowhuh:

3089646 True. I tried to make the story follow as best as I possibly could with what happens in the show, but the whole beginning as to how they all had met each other had to be changed around slightly. Normally, I do try to keep my stories pefectly in line with what happens in the show, but I didn't see any other way around it when I was writing this story out.

Sure they have Bibles! This story is the start of a series that I am doing, and it's about the whole idea of keeping each other in check when a sister may stumble in the faith. The whole fail and redemption thing is what this little series is all about! I like to call this little series that I am doing....My Little Pony: Sister In Christ.

The order of stories in the series follows this so far....

1. Ain't Want No Yeller Ponies 'Round Here
2. Flutter Clutter
3. Pinkie Pie's Sugary Problem (Older story of mine, but I updated it and tied it in with this series.)
4. A Rarity Of A Situation (Not out this very second, but I should have this story published in about a day or two from now.)

I may add even more to this series as I continue to write, but as of now....this is what I have so far for it.

Thanks for reading...."Sugar Cube!" :ajsmug:

I personally had no problem with this story except for one thing that for some reason got under my skin:
'"Do you think we should wake her up now?" Rarity asked?'
other than that, awesome fic and (I've said it before and I'll say it again) I love how you incorporate bible verses/concepts into your stories!! :twilightsheepish: one request: more Big Mac? I've read flutter clutter, but could u please write a side one-shot big mac story if u have the time?I go fangirl mode over him :eeyup:

3178089 You go crazy for Big-Mac? I go crazy for Soarin' and Dash. I don't know if I can do a Big-Mac story. I find him hard to write stories with him in it. If anything comes to mind, I'll do my best to make it happen. Thanks for taking time to read and comment. :twilightsmile:

I love his story! You have earned another like.

I don't like that people are complaining that it's Christian. You see so many gay stories and stories with sex and no pony complains. Honestly, those stories make me feel sick. I really wish there were more Christian stories on the site. Thanks for this one.

3206436 I have written over twenty stories on this site so far and most of them are Christian. Don't worry about the negative comments. I'm still going to do my best to write Christian stories regardless of the many down votes and nasty comments I get. I'm actually used to it. You're welcome for the writing and I'm glad that you enjoyed the story.


They have warnings that there is gay etc content. This does not. Just as you don't like one thing, some ponies don't like another. There is no reason to hate people just because of orientation, nor religion; but all the same, some ponies would appreciate a warning so that they don't accidentally bump into something that isn't their cup of tea. I hope that helps make it more understandable, and I hope that you learn to be more tolerant, dear fellow pony.

- Onyx Comet

Hello, Brian Jacko. I realize that almost everypony that has read this has mentioned this already, but I feel that perhaps it would be helpful to you if you simply mentioned that this fiction has highly Christian (or even just Religious) views, you wouldn't continue to get these comments. You see, I enjoyed the fic, aside from the illogical parts that may have been put in through writer's license; but I was terribly disappointed when I came across the huge amount of religious views and had to stop reading. You see, while I am athiest and impartial, tolerating every religion equally, I don't generally enjoy getting blasted in the face with religious propaganda as I settle down to read what other ponies think of Equestria's history. That's what this felt like, dear fellow pony; for there were no warnings of any kind. I should have read the comment section, I suppose; but very few people write pony fiction with religious views because Equestria does not have religion, only Celestia and Luna and other Alicorns. It simply doesn't belong, and that is why warnings should be included, just as fictions with other controversial content include warnings. So please, for the sake of others, put up a warning.

Onyx Comet

3243899 That's totally not true. My fics that talk about the Bible or Jesus in the description or right from the start of the story get just as much hate and down votes as the ones that don't make it as clear or mention Biblical things later on. Labeling that it's religious or Christian has no significance at all when it comes to getting negative comments or down votes and I'm not going to repeat myself a thousand times over and over again when it comes to this topic because it's getting really old. I can care less if I read something from another author and it turns out to be anti-religious or of a different faith. I care about what the writer has to say and the story that he or she is telling regardless of their views or if they want to put their faith into it. If you're bothered by it, then it's your problem. I don't go around suggesting that other people should label their fics if I don't like or agree with everything that they say in their stories.


Hmmm.... I had no idea that that's happening. I should have guessed that even ponies are ignorant at times. I'm sorry that you have to go through that; it must be really hard writing about something you love writing about and getting insulted because of it. If it's any consolation, I did really enjoy it regardless and I'm going to take a look at your fic about Fluttershy's hoarding problem next. Good luck, and I hope everypony is a little nicer to you from now on, even if it isn't likely.

3244093 Thank you, and thank you for being so kind and gentle. I appreciate that very much. :heart:


It's my pleasure. :scootangel: It's not anypony's fault that we're all different after all, and I always try to respect everypony else no matter what they believe in... well, unless it's something horrible like foal-napping and stuff. :pinkiesick:

Have a nice... well, day is too short isn't it? but best wishes regardless. :moustache:

I started reading this and was at first a little put off by AJ being OOC (well maybe a little pre-Bridle Gossip) along with the non-canon anomalies of the story. I got over it and just went along since I don't know how many I've enjoyed before that are extremely non-canon. Then I reached the part where Fluttershy talks about Jesus and was blown away. It seemed a little sudden because there was no build up but it was a great punch to the gut of surprise. I have to give you credit for the sheer amount of stones you possess for writing in the Lord the way you did. I am impressed. I have been wanting to write similar but lack of time, patience, and courage prevent me. I'm not going to sweat doctrine, denomination, whatever. The simple fact you wrote in Jesus and salvation is good enough. Keep writing and keep refining. You're showing improvement from earlier work.

3264775 I know that it was a bit nerve racking for me to change what actually happened in the show a little bit, but it was done for a very good reason. I am very happy that you enjoyed the story and I'm even happier that you want to write for the Lord! :pinkiehappy: This series is currently my main focus and I have another story to add to this series very soon.

Oh yes, there are many things that could cause an internet war between different denominations if you were to write some REALLY specific doctrine. One of them being Baptism and salvation. I have been trying to keep my stories simple in truth, but I may have to get more specific with certain doctrine that I know some will disagree with.

I'm glad you can focus on Jesus and not sweat the small stuff! We are all created to worship and love each other and many times, the small stuff gets in the way of that.

Thank you for the very kind and encouraging words! Bless your heart Brother! I wish you well with your stories and I hope that you do end up writing for God. :twilightsmile:

Rainbow Dash carrying Applejack might be seen to others as shipping.

*raises a brow* Applejack hates ponies with the same colored coat...?

*coughs* RACIST

What does SiC stand for?

Also, I agree that there should be information on religious elements. Although my reasoning is more so that I know you're actually serious and not an anti-Christian troll. I automatically assume that every story that explicitly involves Christianity is going to be mocking it, which is a correct assumption more often than not. The test I use is to read the comments section. If Christians are upset, it's a mockery. If atheists are upset, it's genuine. If neither are upset, then I have no idea but it's probably well-written (or has an insufficient sample pool). If both are upset, then it's probably bad writing. The "Christian" groups really need to start screening the stories that get added, because I'm quite sure that most of them are mockeries added by trolls. (Why is there an M-rated clopfic in the "Family Friendly" folder?)

Okay if Applejack has hatred for merely the color yellow, why dye her mane, it's yellow, does that mean she hates looking at herself in the mirror?

But every time it was brought up, Applejack became very angry and threatened to cut her friendship off with them.

So? She's a racist, buck her friendship!

I love it that they were christians because I am too 😇😇😇😇

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