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Discord visits Celestia to try and comprehend why the princess does so many unusual and inane things. He simply just doesn't understand her.

This is one of the stories I had planned in the long run. I had thought that it would be an interesting topic to delve upon and it would be a good way for me to experiment with heavy dialog and drama. It also was a way for me to try and write Discord and see how I personally perceived his character and I admit that it's a rather different approach than what you'd normally see on this website. Overall, I guess I'm just testing some waters out here.

Celestia will be reprimanded hard in this story, just to let you know. I love Celestia, I really do, but there's truly little we know of her and by introducing specific headcanons to explain some discrepancies, it's possible to view her in a rather negative light. That being said, she is the protagonist of this story and though this may be A headcanon, it is most definitely not MY headcanon.

I wrote this sometime in the middle of the night (give or take, four or five in the morning) so the congruency of this story is slightly questionable. It's really just a conglomeration of different ideas that came to my head at the time that never really ties together in end. Essentially, I'm just warning that it may seem like an odd read when you're done.

I would've written this story much later โ€“ I actually wanted to finish the romance one I'm working on first โ€“ but I'm trying to get back into a writing mood. I haven't been on a computer in over a week and I just can't finish the last chapter of that other story. I feel that I don't have the gumption for it yet. I hoped that by writing this, I would be able to get back on track. We'll see how that goes.

As for the cover art, I would have given it one but I'd also need to get into a drawing mood for that particular shtick. Unfortunately, that usually takes longer for me to get into than wanting to write. If you're willing to make cover art for me, that would be fantastic and I would very much appreciate it. If not, that's fine. I can make it some other time.

Truth be told, I'm not sure if this story is even good. I guess I'll just let the masses decide. I hope you guys enjoy the story and a comment of any kind would be appreciative.

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Comments ( 9 )

I thought this was actually really good.

Damn that was a good ass read you did a awesome job as discord, most people just have him do wacky things but What I liked about what you did was make him have word power I mean his dialog was so spot on its crazy.

Well, this seems like yet another author insert Twilicorn rant. It also makes the mistake of assuming Twilight ascended because of Celestia. The Elements turned Twilight, not Celestia. Celestia was just there to congratulate her and try to ease her transition. Discord does seem like the sort to give a breaking speech at least, but Celestia seems far weaker here than she ever is in canon. Though she does have a soft spot for her family that lets her emotions get the better of her, the only time we've ever seen her cry was once, in the first episode, for all of five seconds. Also, interesting that Twilight is never asked her opinion on being an alicorn princess.


Excellent! That's the kind of comment I'd like to see on this story. You have very good points sir and I commend you for pointing these matters out. I know that this story isn't perfect. It was put together pretty haphazardly while I was sleep deprived late into the night after all. However, I would still stand behind this story and I will try to explain why.

First off, let me mention that I do love the idea of Twilicorn. I was part of the support group behind her during the mass freak out that occurred when she was first leaked out. Having said that, you still can't deny that their are certain downsides to her current situation. I'm sure the show will never address them because it would be too heavy for their formula but these points must be stated nonetheless. That doesn't mean it's bad. It just means that there's more to read into the subject matter that I think is up for debate.

Secondly, yes, the Elements are technically what turned the unicorn into a princess. However, I will argue that it was Princess Celestia herself who gave Star Swirl's spell to Twilight, knowing full well what would happen to her had she been successful rewriting it. She does say, after all, that this was Twilight's 'destiny' throughout the last episode.

Thirdly, you can't make that argument about Celestia; there's little that can support you. From what we've seen in the show, there's more to the princess than meets the eye (simple prankster and cake aficionado to name a few). Most of the time, she's just an enigma and that leaves a blank slate for the show's writers to work upon. This is the reason why she's a such perfect subject for fanfic writers. You can literally write almost anything about her and it will not break canon. So, who's to say that Celestia doesn't have repressed memories that haunt her? A thousand years is a long and painful time. Surely, there must be some skeletons in her closet. Furthermore, if this is true, then wouldn't you agree that when these painful memories are brought to light, even Celestia herself would start hurting from it? Nobody's that stone-hearted.

Finally, asking Twilicorn for her opinion would completely miss the point of this story all together. It's not even technically about her. Her turning was just a useful crux used to drive the conversation forward. No, the real point of the story is that Celestia has issues and Discord simply points these out to her. That's why, in my description, I never state Twilight's name. She's not the focus of the story at all, her mentor is.

You make very good points, I don't deny that, but sometimes you must view a story in a different perspective. It's not about bashing Twilicorn, it's all about raising Celestia.

2957533 Firstly, the show has been addressing certain points as to the insecurities and difficulties Twi has as an alicorn. These are all quite noticeable in Equestria Girls, and all things Twilight has decided she is able to handle and things she can assimilate into her personality. She's willing to accept the change and develop with it.

Secondly, while Celestia encourages Twilight to finish Starswirl's spell, this in and of itself does not allow her to ascend. If you read Twilight Sparkle And The Crystal Heart Spell, Ascention happens when a pony understands a type of magic so well that they physically begin to embody it. With Cadance it happened as a filly after she saw the love her parents had for each other, and how a magic amulet tore that love apart. With Twilight it happened more gradually, but still building up more and more over time. Celestia was potentially encouraging that path, and certainly wanted Twilight to be politically active, but we don't know if she wanted Twi to ascend or not. For all we know she could have been trying to affirm the strength in the bond between the mane cast to protect the Elements from breaking apart.

Thirdly, Celestia has been shown to have watched her kingdom become enslaved, her niece starved and potentially tortured under her nose, and still never shed a tear. The only time she has ever cried was out of happiness, and that was when her sister finally returned from the moon after a thousand years. Even then, no emotional reaction to Luna's reappointment as princess alongside her, barely a nod to her whenever they show up on screen together, her first priority is to check that everypony else in her old castle is okay for before dealing with Luna. Look at how she reacts to learning she stabbed Twilight in the back, ignored a threat to her kingdom and apparently let it be conquered and eaten. She immediately jumps into solving the problem, then congratulates Twilight and the newly weds on finding a solution as soon as she's free. No tearful apology or bitter regret shown, even for a second. Which is not to say she won't bare her heart ever, or that she's made of stone. But she shows her emotions, which she nevertheless does feel, only in times when and where she's comfortable showing them. If Discord were to pinpoint a crush on Twilight, a desire to preserve her for herself and a desire to prop herself up as being better than any other pony, she'd be ashamed, think about it for a while and try to set about undoing any damage she felt best left undone. She wouldn't break down into a sobbing ball. The reason for this is that just as much as she has had a long, painful immortal life, so too has she learned how to deal with this suffering and accept it. An old enemy calling her out on a crush is hardly going to break her heart more than the idea that she failed her subjects totally, crushed the spirit and trust of said crush under a disinterested hoof and is going to be turned into bug-chow, no?

Lastly, if Twi isn't the point of the story why use her specifically? It seems to be her problems you bring up as being Celestia's fault. You could just have easily made it be about her decisions regarding Luna. Luna has been shown to still feel that bitterness, and so would work better as a subject. Discord's entire point is that Celestia has been marginalizing Twilight and making decisions for her. So there's some massive hypocrisy in his arguments given that he never asks her about how she feels about Celestia's decisions and what she would do differently.

Thank you for being so polite in your rebuttal, that said. I don't agree with your portrayal of Celestia, and the story seems to be a vessel to simply clothe that view of her, but at least it isn't a repetition of other, far worse stories that have done the same thing.


Again, you make very valid points. However, let me compose another argument as to why I think this story still holds some merit.

Firstly, the show addresses some of the insecurities, I agree, but only the menial and obvious aspects of the transformation. Twilight is really only shown to be worried about her wings and her status as a princess and overcoming said problems. It never addresses the heavier subplots such as if this means eternal life for her and how it would truly affect how ponies outside her circle of friends will perceive her in the days to come. Whether or not these will be addressed in season four is all up to the writers but until then, nothing is certain and it's all up to creative thought.

Secondly, I have read that book โ€“ well, okay, just some parts of it โ€“ but if I remember it correctly, I think Cadance actually became the embodiment of love when the amulet amplified her ability to allow her to defeat the bad guy. It's true that she understands love to a high degree but it was that final boost in power that had sealed the deal for her, not just her own prowess. I guess I'm saying she was only able to succeed because magic cheated for her and that sorta bums me out. Twilight, on the other hand, is a much better and different story. She was taught by Celestia from the get go because she was deemed to be an amazing spell caster by the monarch herself, we can't deny this fact. In Magical Mystery Cure, I don't think she would just throw the word 'destiny' around unless she had addressed this potential at some point and had the endgame planned out for her student when she'd finished her friendship studies. It just doesn't make sense to me otherwise. However, as you said, we don't know what she was thinking and that's another blank slate. As long as an opening presents itself, I feel that fans have the right to take these opportunities and add their own flavor to them to complete the picture in any way they see fit. That's what us fanfic writers do anyway.

Thirdly, you make a great argument that Celestia would be able to deal with her emotions better than what I have written in my story, and I concede. You are absolutely right. Though, I will argue that a stoic Celestia is a rather boring Celestia. I may have executed her wrong, but you have to at least give her some juice if you're gonna make a story about her.

Lastly, I used Twilicorn for three reasons. The most glaring one being that she is a plot convenience. Let's face it, this wouldn't have happened if Hasbro didn't want her to be an alicorn, and while some may find this abhorrent, I embrace it completely and welcome all the possibilities this plot point allows me. Another reason is the fact that there is plenty to talk about between Twilicorn and Celestia that hasn't been explored yet. If I had used Luna, there would be nothing new to add since Celestia regretting her sister's banishment has already been done an egregious number of times. Twilicorn is new, and that makes her ample for story writing. My final and regrettable reason is that she is popular right now. It's sort of awful of me to capitalize on the craze, but as I mentioned in my story, everybody has an ugly side. I knew that it would be something people will read and I went with it. As for Discord talking to Twilight, while it would make for a fantastic second chapter, there really isn't that much I can personally do with it; I just haven't thought about it as much. If you have your own idea, I'd love to read it. You obviously have some great opinions about the subject that I'm sure you could probably make a better story than I did. If you do follow up with this idea, kindly link me up. I'd definitely hit it up when I get the chance.

And I'm alright with the fact that you disagree with this version of Celestia. Your opinion is very valuable and it'll help me learn to write better. To be honest with you, I don't necessarily like this version of Celestia either but I'm not discouraged to experiment some more. That's what writing fanfics is, realy, experiments in character psyche. I like to think I've got Discord down and succeeding in that goal makes me happy enough that I wrote this story. If you still disagree with my arguments, at least accept that this story is beneficial for me to grow as a writer and that I will definitely try to get Celestia and any other character I plan on writing in the future down right.

2959115 Firstly, those points are discussed by the show writers on twitter. Apparently Twilight isn't immortal (not that that stops me from saying she is :pinkiecrazy:). But to me, the idea of immortality was always in Twilight's head. I read a very interesting theory that part of the reason Twilight is so obsessed with time, perfection and improving the lives of others is because she grew up surrounded by immortals (Cadance, Spike, Celestia) and has always felt pressure to live up to the standard that eternity sets for her.

Secondly, I have nothing more to add since I essentially agree Cadance is a Mary Sue and there's no hope for it, but she still became an alicorn via her artifact nonetheless. It leaves the whole thing open to interpretation, and while I do think Celestia is far too benevolent to believably force immortality upon Twi, I recognize your interpretation.

Thirdly, I find Celestia's emotions are a mark of skill to write. Like Pinkie Pie, she's a challenge to write and I think a writer should only use her if they feel up to the task (my own attempts at writing for Pinkie have been disastrous :pinkiesick:). That said I like seeing the subtle quirks authors give Celestia with regards to her emotions. Crying is neither subtle nor original :twilightoops:.

Fourthly (since I have no more to add to thirdly :derpyderp1:) Twilicorn is every bit as cliche as Luna's banishment at this point, I'm afraid. As to her becoming an alicorn, according to Faust she was always planned to be Celestia's successor, though she won't say whether she was going to be an alicorn or not and says it's out of her hands now. So while I won't say it was bound to happen, it certainly doesn't seem like a publicity stunt to me. I always felt it was about time Twi got her due for her long-suffering perpetual niceness (and not a bland, insincere niceness like Cadance has. One that actually takes into account the thoughts and feelings of others and tries to improve their lives in meaningful ways). But I digress. As to the writing of Discord, he did seem to be mostly IC and I did like the comedy you gave him, but he also seemed far too invested in his speech. Discord is whimsical, carefree and nonchalant. It's his way of coping with immortality. He never gets angry when he's in his play mode. In fact, the only time we've ever seen him get angry was when Fluttershy beat him at his own game. It would also make his breaking speech all the more delicious if he made it look ever so casual. But again, you did make his humor both quite funny and very much having the smooth, reality-bending visually oriented signature that is so very much Discord. So I must give you a paw-and-talon of applause for that.


Since the other topics are all but finished, I'll just answer the last paragraph.

Yes, I remember reading about that Faust post. It's actually one of the reasons I supported Twilicorn in the first place. However, in the end, turning Twilight into an alicorn is still an obvious Hasbro decision. They're a toy company first and foremost and as with the Crystal Empire and Equestria Girls, this was simply a marketing ploy on their part to sell more consumer items to their audience. Obviously, the show's writers are incredible people who can work out the story in ways they know we would enjoy, but their hands are still tied on the matter and we'll just have to accept that. No matter how you look at it, Twilicorn is the byproduct of commerce.

Not to say that it isn't welcome. The little dork definitely deserves the title in every way. :twilightsheepish: Can't wait to see her flying lessons and the impending mishaps that follow them!

Cheers, mate! Let's do this again sometime. :trollestia:

2959410 we indeed shall have to. I agree Twilicorn was a marketing ploy, I'm only saying that I think it could have happened at any time regardless of the marketing. But yes, this was enjoyable.

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