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I see what you've done. This is just a ponified version of one of the creepier creepypastas, and, besides that huge spacing issue, I think it was executed pretty well.

Favorited, and keep it up.

3017073 Spacing was meant to build suspense. :)

And yes, I based it off of the Creepypasta. I think it was called Drip, drip.


Well nevermind with the spacing then. Still a good job, man.

Well, I'm not sleeping tonight...

This is the whole work? Well that's extremely depressing to find out.

3017167 I like endings that you never find out what the thing was. :) If you don't like that, then that's your opinion.

Welp, no sleep for a week.

Poor Winona, no one likes dying in the shower.

Holy crap. Just... Wow. This was one of the shortest horror stories I've ever read. I can also honestly say that it was one of the best. The cliffhanger-like ending made me go like :flutterrage: but nevertheless, excellent story, very good. The only thing I'd change about it would be to add a Gore tag, but that's all. From me, a like and favorite.:raritywink:

Such an amazing story! That cliffhanger though..:flutterrage:

(O_O) Wow... That was terrifying. Good job.

Fillies, never read a short story labeled 'dark' when you are lookin' for something light to read before going to sleep... Damn.

I remember that old urban legion :twilightblush: This is a little different then how I heard it but it's good. :twilightsmile:

The version I heard involved a serial killer under the bed. I believe the one I heard was "Dog's aren't the only thing that can lick"

That was it. Well ok than. Who did that to poor winona then? I blame the slytherins

Really short, but executed very well. Genuinely scary the entire way through. You've got a like and fav from me, dude.

Although I do think you need to get rid of those humongous spaces in the middle of the story. The writing was good enough to build suspense without them, so they just end up being a distraction rather than actually building any real suspense. Just my opinion. :moustache:

Keep up the good work!

P.S. This fic needs a gore tag.

It does need a gore tag, I agree

Added a Gore tag and shortened the spaces, just as requested. :) Better?

Whoa! that scared the shit outta me!!!!:derpyderp1:

Much better:twilightsmile: I think I'll read this again before bed tonight:pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:
This story has a fav from me!

I read this last night and my brother decided that he'll prank me this morning as being Chucky! This gave me nightmares!

"Ah couldn't sleep, so ah decided ta wait for ya. Winona's been with me the entire time, she's been under the bed and lickin' my hoof. Ah think she's asleep though, so best leave her alone."

Oh god...

Before her very eyes, she looked at the corpse of Winona.


I read an Urban Legend like this, 'Humans can lick too' And I knew what was going to happen the WHOLE time, but it still scared the hell outta me....This siriusly deserves a gore tag...Oh, but awesome story! :pinkiehappy::twilightsmile::derpytongue2:

3045835 It does have a gore tag. And that story is honestly one of my favorite horror stories. :3

3046458 Grr...Didn't see the gore tag...:facehoof:

One of my favorite ghost stories being ponyfied ?:O awesome !

As soon as Apple Bloom said Winona was under the bed I knew what story this was based off, though I must say I like the fact AppleJack was there to save her. Well done. ^^

he's far worse as this thing will be scared of him, he can make the fic scared what does that tell you:unsuresweetie:?

OH MY FUCKIN GOD THAT IS HORRIFYING!!!!!!! Keep up the good work!:)

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