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Rainbow Dash has been invited to perform at what is the biggest sporting event of the year in all of Equestria, the Best of the Best Fliers Exhibition. Only the most amazing fliers are invited to perform, and the audience the event attracts is second to none. The cyan pegasus has ambitions of attracting the attentions of the Wonderbolts with her show, which could very well lead to her being inducted as a member of the legendary flight team. But will the weekend go as planned, or will disaster strike?

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Comments ( 4 )

This was really good! Nice job! Hope it wins.

When I heard the name cloud kicker, I felt... Dead inside, because cloud kicker is MY OC's name! Me as a pony, I am a white Pegasus with light pink and sky blue/cyan hair! So, I was just all... :applecry:
But great story!

Even though this was your last story :fluttercry:, it was a pretty awesome story :rainbowdetermined2:. Rest in peace fellow MB.

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