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A slice-of-life story about what happens when a villain's plans go awry, featuring Queen Chrysalis and her Changeling Hive. (Written for Equestria Daily's 5th Flash Fiction Event.)

Author's Note: For those who find the feeding of Chagelings to be a bit too grim, simply imagine that it involves the pony "victims" being snuggled by several cute little Changelings at once. If Flufflepuff has taught us anything, it's that Changeling feeding habits don't HAVE to be all grimdark. (Even though they kind of are.)

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Comments ( 15 )

This... was actually pretty good. Thumbs up.


You almost sound surprised. I'm not sure how to feel about that. :twilightsmile:

But I'm very glad you liked it!


I actually was surprised. Usually when I click on a story that has 41 views I end up wishing I hadn't. But not this time.


I'm new at this. Give me time. :twilightsmile:


Heh, one of my first stories still has only like 100 views, so I know how you feel.

I mutaforma che sentono il potere dei sentimenti! Anche loro possono amare ed essere amati! Il piccolo ha fatto un gesto straordinario.

(Thank you Google Translate!)
Non so se si può amare. Ma possono comprendere la felicità. Per dare a qualcuno la felicità potrebbe essere una sorta di amore.

<< I don't know if it's possible for Changelings to love. But I think that they can understand happiness and sadness, and trying to cheer someone up is a form of caring. >>


Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it.

That was full of feels!! Love it! Have a well deserved fav!


Thank you! I'm happy you enjoyed the feels that were on offer.

Not bad, not bad at all... I feel the story as a whole lacked a bit of flare, but it explored some interesting concepts I myself have always wondered about changelings. I'm afraid though that until it leaves an emotional mark, makes me laugh, or makes me think, I can't call it anything more than decent. this is obviouly early in your writing career though, so I can forgive that. I will keep a lookout for further entries and I wish you the best of luck on your growth as a writer.

Very well written.


Thank you very much!

5575133 THIS!
Beautiful. It's beautiful how even those that seem heartless can understand even by a little thing, what goodness is.

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