• Published 25th Jul 2013
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The CMC are given a weekend assignment to look after an egg. So why not try for a cutie mark at the same time?

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Adventures with Eggy

Monday Morning – Outside of Ponyville Elementary

AppleBloom and Scootaloo trotted toward the school from different areas. Looking up the two watched Sweetie Belle sitting dejectedly on the bench by the door to the classroom. Next to her lay, something. They couldn’t figure out what it was, only that it was pink and purple and was almost as big as Sweetie herself. Trotting up to her, neither filly could still figure out what it was.

Taking a small basket that she had been holding in her mouth, Applebloom blinked at the object and turning to Scootaloo who just shrugged her shoulders, the two then truned toward the last CMC member.

“Hey Sweetie, what the hay is that thing?” Asked AppleBloom, giving up trying to figure it out.

Sweetie looked up at the other girls and sighed, “Hi girls.” Looking at the object beside her on the bench, she sighed again, “This is Eggy’s bed.”

“That’s Eggy’s bed!” The two other fillys eyes grew large trying to fathom what Sweetie just said.

“The buck that’s a bed,” laughed Scootaloo, as she tapped it with a hoof.

AppleBloom, deciding not to comment, looked at Sweetie and noticed how upset she was. Siding up to her friend, she put her hoof over her shoulder and patted her, “What’s wrong Sweetie Belle?”

Sweetie looked up into Apple’s eyes. “You really want to know?’ Mumbled Sweetie, her eyes glistened.

“Course we do, were your friends.”

“OK, well what happened was…”


Time – Friday, after school
Place – Carousel Boutique

“Rarity, I’m here,” called Sweetie as she pushed her overnight bag through the boutiques door.

“Hello Sweetie, don’t slam the…”Rarity shuddered, as she heard the door crash, when her sister had kicked it shut “door,” she finished mumbling.

“Oh, hi Rarity. Isn’t it great that mommy and daddy went on that fishing trip this weekend. Too bad it was only for adults. Then you wouldn’t have to foalsit me and we both could go too.” Sweetie pouted a bit, and plopped down on her plot.

“Erhm, yes a real pity.” Rarity inwardly shivered, remembering past fishing trips with their parents. The Sun, the salt water, the dirty, dingy ship, the worms, and worst of all the ugly outfits and hats. In fact, she had been Sweetie’s age when she had introduced her parents to the aforementioned adult’s only fishing group. It had been quite generous of her to take the time to find the group. But she thought it was worth the trouble.

“Anyways, I’m working on a bunch of sketches for a book about pony fashions over the millennia, but I can save that for later. What would you like to do?” She smiled remembering the past few visits with Sweetie and vowing that this time she wouldn’t squander the visit.

“What I want to do?” Uhhmm…I don’t…Wait! I know!” Turning to her school saddlebag, she rummaged through it and after a moment, “Ah, found it.” And pulled out an egg, and presented it to Rarity.

“An egg? Are you hungry? Do you need a snack? I have eggs here, you didn’t need to bring one, but if you want me to…” Her horn glowed as she began lifting the egg from Sweeties hooves.

“No!” Screamed Sweetie as she snatched the egg back. “This is Eggy, He’s for a school project.” Sweetie explained quickly about the project and what she needed to do.

“Hmm, I see. Oh how lovely. Then the first thing we need to do is to find a bed for “Eggy” to be kept. And being my sister’s egg it must be fabulous.

“He needs a bed?” Asked Sweetie.

“Of course! You can’t expect a new member of our family to live in any old thing. No it must be…. Spectacular!!!” Rarity exclaimed, spreading out her hooves to emphasize its importance.

“Now where did I put that straw?”


“But not just any straw. Oh no no no! The best baskets are made out of straw from the Himallama’s, picked single hoofed by llamas who worship the Alicorn of peace Ankh. This straw cost a huge amount of bits, but your worth it Sweetie, if only I can find it…hmmm” Rarity rummaged through a few boxes and opened several cabinets before stopping, turning around and looking at a pile of mismatched and random fabrics.

Her horn glowed and the pile levitated. Underneath was a bale of straw. Smiling, she used her magic to “grab” the straw and lowered the pile back where it was.
“Good, now watch Sweetie,” Rarity said, as she began forming the straw basket. In almost a blink of an eye, the basket was finished. She smilled down at Sweetie, “I’ve become much quicker at making these since last Winter Wrap Up.” Sweetie oohed and aahed appropritatly, at the basket, which seemed to glow with it’s own light.

“Ooh, it’s beautiful Rarity! So is it time to put in Eggy?”

“No, no no! Of course not Sweetie,” Laughed Rarity, as she rumpled her sister’s hair, then seeing the mess she made of it, quickly repaired it.

“Next we add all the adornmints. Which turn ugly and boring ultilitarian items into fabulous things.”

“OOH”, whispered Sweetie, as her eyes grew larger.

“Hmmm, where to begin?” Rarity paused tapping her hoof against her chin in thought.

“I have it! Of course!!” Her horn glowed as she “grabbed” a bolt of lace from a shelf and with a quick snip of a pair of scissors and another movement of her head the lace was attached to the side of the basket.

“Wow, you right Rarity, adornments are great. So can we put in Eggy now that were done?”

“Done? Done! Why Sweetie, we’ve just begun. It still needs a curtain for privacy, a gems interwoven into the basket, ribbons and streamers, and, and….”

“Flowers on the handle?”

“Exactly Sweetie, now you understand. Lets get started.” And the filly and mare began racing around the boutique grabbing every fabric and gem that struck their fancy.


“So let me get this straight, this thing is Eggy’s bed,” asked Applebloom as she poked it with her hoof.

Sweetie sniffed and nodded her head.

“Well, it looks real intrestin, but I don’t see why ya need to be cryin over it.” Obsereved Applebloom.

“We spent the rest of the day working on it, and when Rarity said we were finished, I went to where I put Eggy, and couldn’t find her. I lost Eggy,” wailed Sweetie, as she began crying literally bucketfuls of tears.

“We spent the rest of the weekend cleaning and looking for Eggy and never found her,” continued Sweetie, as she sobbed into Applebloom’s fur when her friend had reached over to give the crying filly a hug.

“Hey don’t worry about it, you’ll find it one of these days,” added Scootaloo.

“Really?” Sniffed Sweetie.

“Sure, when it starts stinking up the place,” laughed Scootaloo.

“Scoots,” yelled Applebloom.

“What? Oh, I mean, umm, sorry?”

“Sigh, I guess this means summer school then doesn’t it? Whimpered Sweetie.

“Well, probably, but it’ll be OK, I promise. Ummm, I know, lets, lets ask Scoots about her weekend. Hey Scoots what did you do with Raibow Dash II?”

At Appleblooms question, Scootaloo’s eyes went large, and she looked around panicking, as her wings flapped quickly behind her. Then with a sigh, lowered her head. “Well you see, it didn’t exactly work out the way I thought.

With that statement, both of her filly friends ears perked up. “Now, I’ve got to hear this,” exclaimed Sweetie, momentarily forgetting her own problems.

“You see, after I left school I went…”

Author's Note:

Well, I just learned something about myself. I don't write crazy well. I tried 6 times to write Rarity and Sweetie running around grabbing different fabrics and adding more and more to the basket, only to realize how stupid it sounded. Therefore, exposition Sweetie. I guess this means I'm not destined to write many Pinky fics. Oh well.