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I have been forced to listen, for years, to the cold accusations and harsh remarks about my late friend, Vinyl Scratch. I have been too frightened to correct any of those statements, but as death draws near, I see no reason to fear for my sanity.
Believe what you will. If I did not change your views of her, if you merely pass this off as the rambles of a decaying mind, that is all fine with me. No matter what others think, I know the truth.
That thing that appeared that night...
That wasn't Vinyl.

Chapters (3)
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The base dropped her as a baby. That is why.

I would have shaken it off if it wasn't for something else that I saw, not in her eyes, but with the expressionof her eyes.

You forgot the dang spacebar. It looks sloppy.

It's always that damned space bar...:twilightangry2:

It dropped her so hard, the windows blew out.:rainbowlaugh:
I'm glad to see you got something up, buddy. And I like where this is going. I like it a lot.:pinkiecrazy:

Hm. The Binding of Vinyl, you say? That sounds vaguely familiar.

Oh, mare, this is amazing! I am so ready to be pulled into this story by your words, I am psyched! Wait a second... "Thurow" isn't a word, silly! It looks you you meant "Thorough", unless Thurow is a name or somethin'! Maybe it's English English, but American English turned it into "Thorough".... Onward to the next chapter!

Wow, this chapter blew my mind! I love the point of view, the idea, and the back-stories! Oh my Celestia, this is going to be big!

I didn't mean to do that, but now that you mention it....:rainbowlaugh:
Curses! Wrong AGAIN!!!:raritydespair:


I shall never cease the complimenting of fine art!

Pfft, don't feel bad! Aside from those two mishaps, your grammar and style is exemplary!

MOAR!!! :flutterrage: um..if thats ok... :fluttercry:

I do believe I can provide more.:twilightsmile:

By Luna, what a scare, I wonder what those two are doing! Fabulous chapter, as is the norm for you!

Amazing! Had me sitting on the edge as I read the ending of this chapter!
Please continue to impress!

I guarantee nothing, but I'll give it a shot.

THE SHOW MUST GO ON!!!!!! I think this is awesome btw.:twilightsmile:

vinyl what have you done.. you've unknowly helped to you're own death and death of many other ponies !! poor vinyl didn't even know what is she doing. :ajsleepy:

NO! Nope! Fuck this! I'm out. I'm done. I am not dealing with this. I don't need more sadness. Nope. Nope nope nope.

Please complete this :fluttercry:

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