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The elements start reacting to an unknown artifact somewhere in the Ever free forest. After extensive research twilight has found out its called the Heart of the elements and is able to be used by any third party, Now its a race against time to keep the heart out of the hooves, and paws of Equestria enemies. too bad for the mane six it has its own personal agenda to fulfill

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Hey don't hate I have no idea where this will go so better safe that sorry.:moustache:

2930404 I know rait. Wait, is this going to be a rape tentacle monster? Oh my.

Oh, OH MY.

Haha no He's kinda like the guardian of the elements but he screwed up and got cursed to become that which he protected only another element could free him and since his body was destroyed it had to be rebuilt from local sources, which might explain why his "rebirth" left him with only a few select memories. confusing huh?:derpyderp1:

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