• Published 18th Aug 2013
  • 1,629 Views, 49 Comments

A Cry For Help - Regal Shadow

The Changelings have been defeated, and all is well in Equestria. However, no one has thought about what happened to the Changelings that fateful day. Why did they attack? Are they really as evil as they were made out to be? Randy's about to fin

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Not an actual update. Sorry :(

Ugh, sorry for being gone for so long everyone. I've had a lot of shit going on lately (and a bit of a major tf2 addiction :P) Anyway, gonna see if I can get back at this after I catch up on season four again. I kinda left the fandom for a while, but after coming back and seeing that we're almost to 1000 views on the fic, I'm definitely gonna try to continue. I sincerely apologize for keeping you all waiting, and hopefully I'll have a new chapter out soon :D

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Comments ( 4 )

Just fyi, non-story chapters are against the rules. Make a blog post and tag the story, it'll have the same effect.

Is this story dead? I would like to read more.

It seems as if this fanfic is dead, a shame that it is. This deserves to be continued and finished.

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