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Just an unfunny faggot.


In this thrilling tale, Twilight Sparkle goes to Sugarcorner to get some milk and bread, but who does she encounter there?

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how the hell did this get aprooved?:rainbowhuh:

Trollfic ez troll :trollestia:

Also, nonbronyfag is jelly :trollestia::trollestia:

Okay...time for a nice game of...


this is best fic.

Twilight's quest for milk and bread shall continue!

Hmmm. I ship. I'm offended. Thumbs down

I live in New York. Gay marriage is legal here, and my best teacher was openly gay. So those "faggots" you hate are probably richer, smarter, and better all around then you. I don't care what or who you hate. You are 1 out of millions. Your opinion doesn't matter. The world would be just fine if you weren't in it.:twilightangry2::twilightangry2::twilightangry2:

Now I need to know which street fighter character it was :raritydespair: . Was it Guile? Or E Honda? Heheh, a sumo pony. SOON.

I do all of those things! :D

Dark Eldar are faggots, though.

*gets strung up on spike by Dark Eldar with his HAMSTRINGS*

"...she didnt wipe her hooves off because fuck the Cakes..."

The single greatest line in FIMFiction.net history T_T

What is this I don't even but I do.


I Have... The Weirdest Boner Right Now...



Wow what were you high on?:unsuresweetie:

I jacked off to this. Fuck the gypsies.

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