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I play Minecraft day by day. The game urges me to have adventures, and I love adventures. Though I actually hate surprises, and one day I get the worst.

I never actually hated ponies, though I never wanted to be one in my life.

But I was in the middle of a Herobrine mod, and I think this surprise will even surprise you.

I see you, Herobrine.

//This is the only story I can post on FiMFiction of the Herobrine Series, because this is the only one with ponies. Others are on FanFiction, just look up Jenstone. But this is the first in the series, and others haven't been posted until this one's finished.

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2919940 BE PATIENT MY SISTER. :moustache:

OMG so it beggins its finaly here expecting good story

2919943when is the next chapter out :-)
Im on phone so i cant use pony emoticons:-\

2919998 Next chapter will be out soon, but I just finished chapter 1 today so it'll be out probably tomorrow or in before the week finishes. (Sunday morning.) :coolphoto:

2920044 fuck yeah you just earned a follower as soon as i figure out how to follow somepony on phone XD

ROFLOLMBO when I read the title.:rainbowlaugh:

2920240 YES *Fist pump*

Herobrine: Too bad.
Me: What'cha mean?
Herobrine: You earned a follower. ONE MORE TO DIE.
Herobrine: UH HU
Me: *Snaps fingers and Hero disappears* Haha. :coolphoto:

2925708 Aaannnd, cue Night at the Museum 2 reference:

Herobrine: :flutterrage: I haff come bakk, to life!

YES YES YES YES......and YES! you must write more. MOAR:flutterrage: anything less is punishable by.......well........ aw fuck it. i just really like this and hope to see more soon. and if anyone doesnt like that........ then look at my user pic........(after you look) well are you?

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