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Star Swirl the Bearded, known for his great cunning, ability and knowledge of magic is remembered even more for the ultimate sacrifice he made for people. But even though his tale ended with the words "Run You Fools!" His life did not.

This is the final hour of his life and the battle he waged against that which he feared most. And also an awesome surprise ending!!!


Skip the first chapter if you've seen remakes of this scene to death already...
Yes... the story was inspired somewhat by Gandalf the Grey's fight against the Balrog but it isn't exactly the same, after all it is called 'Star Swirl's Final Hour' is it not? Expect a tale of comedy, sacrifice and the facing of one's greatest fears. Feel free to comment, in fact I welcome it!

This story is dedicated to the A For Effort group. I expect a fair review! Eventually!

Thank you to Emkay-MLP for allowing me to use the image, check out her artwork! Seriously it's gorgeous! (Follow link to image source and give her your love!)

Tags: Comedy because there is, Tragedy because I couldn't have sad... and Adventure because etc, etc...

Chapters (6)
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Comments ( 21 )

Starswirl is best Gandalf pony :). In all seriousness, it isn't too shabby. I'm a sucker for 'epic' style writing, so that definitely was something positive I took from it. I'll continue to read through and offer constructive criticism when I can.

Two chapters in, I can safely say I'm surprised this fic didn't get more attention. If there's one thing I can find to criticize, and this is just a stupid nitpick that really doesn't effect the quality, it's that "" dialogue should never end with a period unless it's the end of the sentence. For instance,

"Let's all talk a walk," she said.

"Let's take a walk."

Again, just a dumb nitpick.

Otherwise, I find Starswirl to be pretty engaging, and as you probably know, Rule #1 to any good story is to have characters you like. He is a bit of an expy of Gandalf, though he definitely has his own style. More comical in a way, from what I can tell. The whole thing about the 'origin of magic' also caught my eye.

I believe you just had bad luck when it came to this story's popularity, which is unfortunate, because it definitely deserves more attention than what it has gotten.

Anyway, looking forward to reading the rest throughout this week.

P.S : Consider promoting it on forums or via groups. People love an underrated underdog, so maybe you'll get some attention to it. Who knows?

I'm not really in this for the fame or anything similar, this is all just to test out new ways of writing (I have so many...) and finding the best. The only problem I have is that no one ever comments...

But you do, so you have my respect! Nitpick away!

(It gets better after chapter two!) :pinkiehappy:


The top wizard of fimfiction doth approve of this fic. I shall hitherto refer to this as prime Starswirl the Bearded head canon. :moustache:

:ajbemused: Leapy and his lols...

Why thank you good sir! I thought I'd try to keep it in line with things, didn't do too badly at that. :pinkiecrazy:

All this for a Trixie x Twilight Ship XD

I added to groups!:pinkiehappy:

That is all. Equestria is ours.


It just got around six likes because of that... so thanks! :yay:

Anything for a victim friend!:twilightsmile:

That is all. Equestria is generous.


You read it all!?!?
I love you man!
(next time add a spoiler block though...)

Well. That was interesting.

Epic balrog fights, trials of the soul, and reincarnation.
I like this.:twilightsmile:

I'm glad that you enjoyed it, thank you. :pinkiehappy:

This song seems appropriate,

The nostalgia...
That took me back a few years. :twilightsmile:

This is a wondrous story that I enjoyed immensely and doubly so if there is to be a sequel including one of my most beloved of ships the Twilight x Trixie. Imagine the scene if they do some kinda gender swap hijinks.

Thank you :twilightsmile:
I'm surprised people are still reading this!

I would like to do a sequel, in fact it was always planned I just never had the chance.
I'll have to get on that someday.
As for gender swapping... maybe. it would have to remain PG-13 though.
Yup, I already have one unintentional clop story I don't want to get in the habit of it.

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