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Bloodline Spike

Your favorite skeleton dragon writer here on Fimfiction.Hope to be your bro so we can share the madness of Fimfiction


"I find a medallion which granted me to see my past life as The Hero of Equestria. As I watch the hero I learned almost all the abilities he possess.His magic,fighting style and his knowledge of the language and history of my forgotten race concerns me because maybe I can find my origins and birth place.It was started to be good until bad things started to happen to me.All I know with my new found powers I won't let Equestria fall to a greater evil."
Once a bloodline,dies a bloodline
Spike Hero of the Crystal Empire.

Warning this story is is not suitable for certain age as it contains mild language and gore those who can't handle gore I advise you not to read this story.-Dovah1995

Chapters (38)
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Comments ( 39 )

I notice the dislike tell me whats wrong and I will fix it or make the next chapter better

present tense past tense and lots of missing words......ouch

The dialogue seems off if Spikes alone he doesn't necessarily have to speak and every action doesn't have to be questioned also don't use the same words twice in a row he noticed, he noticed itjats not necessary there are synonyms for notcied, aside from that I like the concept don'to be discouraged because you have some haters just take their suggestions incorporate them in the story and write.

I looked at the description and I said to myself, "Spike discovers that he's a dragon slayer. Doesn't he?"

6234949 He not a dragon slayer but most of the idea comes from it

6064739 This was my first time writing a fic plus I was only a sophomore during that time

I will give out the spike mark later but here is what his medallion means



7078210 Sorry dude just got a new laptop charger so I will be writing again please enjoy the new chapter I wrote yesterday.

I like the story so far I don't see way it has so many dislikes

Spike wearing the robes just reading that makes me picture Assassin's Creed my cringe level is about 14% I love cringe it's what makes me want to read more. :)

I just keep getting a cringe vibe, this is great stuff!

Riding a timber wolf.. That's a first for me why didn't I think of that, this is genius!

Dragon ball That is what this is :p

This is what the ending of this chapter was like

This is how I felt when the chapter ended

6114096 I know this is way late but just to let you know I', reediting the chapters so....problem free?

I'll have to go with the atrocious number of errors.

if you say so and maybe I'm just dumb or something, but I didn't notice any mistakes?:unsuresweetie:

Spike.... Don't you dare Die
your to awesome to let some small bullet stop you

Special thanks to Given Chance for creating Lyon

Holy Shit! this just got even realer then Real:twilightoops:

Oh,.........shit:pinkiegasp: Spike is pissed and while I hope Twilight didn't just die, I must admit I love it when Spike gets pissed off in stories:pinkiecrazy:


Good chapter:pinkiehappy:
I honestly wasn't expecting Spike to lose his tail
But one thing I've never of creature barfing because they got head butted?
Getting hit in the stomach seems more realistic In my opinion:applejackunsure:

Oh,....shit Spike's got a little brother!:pinkiegasp:

good chapter:ajsmug:
but I must admit the Rarity scene felt a bit to rushed to be realistic?:unsuresweetie:.....

It used to been my old username until I gave it to a friend he place that warning a joke,he was a funny guy but that was written when I first started fimfiction so I wont take it down. He is no longer with us.

Are you done with this story or not? You forgot to put complete

awesome:pinkiehappy:....im not going to lie, I've been so busy I had actually forgotten about Ms. Sapphire Eclipse:twilightblush:
but I love it:derpytongue2: and thank you for allowing me to contribute to your story

well Spike hasn't been having the best luck now has he:unsuresweetie:

Mr and Mrs Cake didn't say anything tho. They didn't even imply they just said they had bad news. They didn't even give any hint 'to get out' per say.

Just thought I would throw that out there

Damn....Twilight you better just haul ass and get away while you can

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