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I'm faving this. I wanna see where this is going.

This must be featured. I want MOAR!!! ...please...

The old writing block? OH NO! The fic is never gonna be finished! :pinkiesad2:

While I have my eperiences with writer's block, I'm definitely gonna finish this one, even if it kills me. I mean, 8 likes within half an hour of this going up.

I love this community.:twilightsmile:

First let me just say, I am delighted that someone is writing a story about a lesser known character. Especially Twilght Velvet. It's wonderful to see an unknown character getting some spotlight that they deserve, and this is shaping up to be a pretty good read. That being said, Big Macintosh is my favorite character and I've noticed that he is constantly used as clop fodder. So please tell me he is more than just a giant cock with legs. I'm so tired of people letting his deep introspection and wisdom being copped out in place of an unsurpassed dicking. He has so much more to offer a beautiful, older, sexually deprived, and experienced mare than just the biggest, longest, girthiest, hottest, sweatiest, entire day consuming, bed shredding, floor board cracking, growling, wall clawing, animalistic, biting, ass reddening, leg quivering, glass breaking decibels achieved through screaming, oral dominating, breast milking, beyond maximum inside capacity stretching, greatest and darkest lust fulfilling, every position imaginable in every room in the house doing, not able to walk for two days and walking funny for weeks aftermath inducing, plethora of countless mind shattering, nirvana reaching, unparalleled orgasms that only he can deliver.
You see what I'm saying?

I do see where you're coming from. I always try my best to not make my characters, even the one offs, one dimensional. That obviously includes Big Mac, who will most likely be a recurring character in this story.

That being said, if you're looking for that 'love conquers all' story between Big Mac and Velvet that ends in a 'happily ever after', this one's probably not gonna be it.

Big Mac's gonna make his debut in Chapter 1, so I suggest you read that when it comes out and make your own opionion from there.

I want to see where this ride is headed

I'm well aware that this isn't some sappy romance story about Big Macintosh! XD
I just hope that Macintosh is seen as more than some stupid farm pony. I hope he is seen as an actual individual with depth and a personality of his own.
And then they have the kind of lower half not functioning for a day or two kind of sex that only Big Macintosh can give XD

Well, despite seeing the big mac tag and the comments. I'm going to hope this turns out with spike showing velvet that she's still got her whole life ahead of her.
By turning her into a pile of utterly pleasured pony.

Contains Clop, anthropomorphized ponies and lots of MILF action.

You have my attention. do go on.

Yes, Spike will have his turn as well. Although we all know who his heart really belongs to. :moustache: :raritywink:

Although Big Mac, Aloe and Lotus will make appearances soon, they are really meant more as placeholders for any number of stallions/mares that are lesser known characters. But there's only so many tags one can put on a story. I won't spoil who else will make guest appearances, but I'll say this much: It's not just ponies who can't resist Velvet's charmes.

Chapter 1 is currently in the process of being rewritten and purged of spelling errors and will be posted later today.

Oh boy, here we go.:raritystarry:

I have to ask, will Night Light be making any appearances? Is there going to be any confrontation between him and Velvet due to her doing Ponyville? I'm a sucker for that kind of drama.:duck:

Spike is really that naive that he believes Twilight when she told him M means 'Mares Only'? I see yet another story with Spike being shat on. Everybody knows M means 'The Good Stuff'

Probably, but that'll have to wait for the later chapters. There's a lot of other stuff I've planned for now.

*Gasp* Heart Attack!

How did I make it on the featured page?:derpyderp2:

This is nice! All sorts of good. I hope I can write at this level some day.

so will this end up in her being shiped with big mac/ who ever esle or just like a bit of fun then going back?

I love this fic, but writing about Big Mac's ''hands'' instead of hooves is a bit disturbing. :raritywink:
MOAR :flutterrage: Ummm, if you don't mind. :fluttershyouch:

If I told you right now who she's going to end up with, you'd have no reason to read the story, now would you?:duck:

Thank you. And thank you everyone who has helped me get there.:pinkiehappy:

Don't worry, sometimes cliche works. Here, it works.

you know I come from south alabama and for the life of me i can't write a southern accent... sure if you heard me you would most likely call me big mac for as much of an accent as I have.

In my opinion, things become cliche because they work, so don't feel bad if you think you're using such things.

Good work so far, MILF Twilight Velvet is best Twilight Velvet.

2906111 Well we'd have the sexy time stuff to read.

This is great. Can't wait to read even more.

2902749 Oh that's probably one of the best comments I've ever read... bravo.

Ok. I gave it a read and I like what I read so far.

You have my interest.

~Skeeter The Lurker

DAMN. That happened QUICK.

And it was quite the read, too.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Why did my mind go to a perverted place when Velvet said love was her special ingredient? I had the oddest imagining of Twilight's mom masturbating over the food knowing full well her daughter and what basically equates to her nephew were going to eat it.

To be perfectly frank, your Apple Dialect is by far the best I have ever read. Everyone else overdoes it to the point of absurdity.

I may or may not be watching you right now... Bu I will... Later:trixieshiftleft:

Don't worry, my mind went to the same place as well. *sigh*

Shame on you both then.

Actually I kinda did that on purpose to see how many minds would go there. :pinkiehappy:

But as an official statement: No, she didn't do anything of the sort to the pie.

Well, it's Anthro. They usually have hands.

You sir... or madam, are a devious bastard... and I love you for it. Here's looking forward to the next chapter.

It's always weird to compliment clop, but fuck yeah, Velvet is a MILF and a half.

" She may get a lot more than she had bargained for, however, as Velvet finds out that being the mother of Equestria’s newest reigning princess brings with it a serious upgrade in her MILF status"
oooh fuck yeah that's a must....

only anthro pic i have of velvet is of her holding on to shining armor naked , presumably having sex , can't just do a character search on deriborru?......

Good news on that front, actually. Someone has agreed to make a custom cover art for this fic. Should be done in 1 or 2 days.

There should be a Milf group...


Also, who else is she putting out for? All of Ponyvillie's stallions, or OCs as well?

Ah, Twilight Velvet. Good ol' MILF. Faved and upvoted.

No OCs. Mainly side characters and guest stars from the show. But again, not all of them will be stallions in the traditional sense.:yay:

short but it makes want to read more

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