• Published 31st Jul 2013
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The Way You Lie - ThaStrangr

When Blueblood arrives at her cottage, Fluttershy offers to help the prince with his romantic issues. But what are the stallion's true intentions?

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Just Stand There

Fluttershy was humming a cheerful tune as she fed all of her animal friends. Angel hopped up to receive his breakfast directly.

"Oh, good morning, Angel. You hungry?" She asked rhetorically, before reaching onto her table and grabbing a plump, fresh carrot. Angel's mouth watered at the sight, and he extended his paws, desperately grasping at it. Fluttershy giggled at this endearing display, and sat the carrot down in front of him. He worked at the treat immediately as Fluttershy scratched him behind the ears, earning a content smile from the little rabbit. Fluttershy opened her front door and glanced out. The sun had just begun to ascend over the horizon. The fading shadows of night cascaded beautiful pink hues across the sky. It truly was a gorgeous morning.

With a quick glance to the sky, she saw a cyan blur dashing through the air. Rainbow Dash was busy pushing clouds this way and that. Fluttershy called to her but, knowing just how quiet she was, was not sure if her friend could hear her. Clearly she was loud enough, as Rainbow bolted around and caught sight of her friend.

"Hey, 'Shy. Been workin' on your volume control, I see."

"Yes, Rainbow. Thanks for teaching me. So, what are you doing?" Rainbow scoffed and waved a hoof.

"Some newbie forgot to move some clouds yesterday, so now I have to clean the mess up. I tell ya, some ponies."

"Well, I'm sure you could have let a few clouds go." Rainbow chuckled at this.

"What, and ruin a perfect day like this? No chance! Besides, I'm Rainbow Dash, the fastest pony in Equestria! I can get this cleared up in ten seconds flat!" And she proceeded to do just that. She darted back to the clouds and, methodically, bucked each one into nothingness. *Oh that's why she was moving them* Fluttershy thought *so that she would have them assembled for this. I guess she wouldn't be Dash if she weren't showing off a bit.* Fluttershy chuckled to herself at that last comment. As Rainbow came back down, Fluttershy noticed that there was still one cloud in the sky. She already knew what it was for.

"Another day of napping planned, Rainbow?"

"Hey, moving clouds is tiring work." Fluttershy simply laughed. For some reason, she continued to laugh. Eventually, Rainbow Dash joined in as well. Soon enough the laughter became near guttural roars. They didn't know what was so funny, but they didn't care. They were enjoying themselves too much. After a few minutes, the laughter silenced, and they broke down to simple smiles.

"All right, 'Shy," Rainbow began, "As good as it was to see you, that cumulus is calling my name!" Fluttershy stifled a giggle.

"It was good to see you too, Dash. Enjoy your nap." With that, Rainbow Dash said her goodbye and practically tackled the cloud before dozing off to a peaceful, albeit noisy, slumber.

Fluttershy playfully rolled her eyes at her lifelong friend. *Who else but Rainbow?* She then turned to Angel.

"Angel, I need to go into town for a little while. Keep an eye on things for me?" The little rabbit snapped to attention and saluted his care-taking officer. She chuckled and gave him another scratch behind the ears, which he accepted gratefully, before closing the door and walking towards town.


Many words could be used to describe the town of Ponyville: small, old-fashioned, friendly. Quiet was not among these. As Fluttershy walked through the market, she brushed past lines upon lines of ponies, saying a pleasant "I'm sorry" here and there as she collided with them. Halfway through the market, Fluttershy noticed a familiar apple cart being run by an even more familiar orange earth pony. When Applejack noticed Fluttershy, she smiled and waved her friend over.

"Howdy there, sugarcube," AJ greeted, "What brings you into town today?"

"Rarity asked me to help her with a few designs. She wants me to model to see if they're proportional."

"Well, that sounds like a nice time. Have fun!" She managed to utter the final word just as a large crowd of ponies gathered at her cart. Applejack face-hoofed. Clearly this was not a day to work solo.

"Applejack... um, I could help, if you want."

"Ah, couldn't ask ya to do that, sugarcube."

"You didn't. I offered." Fluttershy smiled, and AJ couldn't help but smile back.

"Well, I could sure use the help. Thank ya." Applejack hugged her friend and they set to work. After twenty minutes, the line had been cleared.

"Well, you certainly seem to be doing well today," Fluttershy began after a large breath, "What's going on?"

"It's just that this is prolly the nicest day we've had this year. Everpony seems to think that means they need to stock up fer the winter." Applejack sighed heavily. The day had clearly taken its toll.

"I can stay and help if you want. It's probably pretty tiring, doing this on your own."

"Nah, Ah couldn't take any more of yer time, you got plans. 'Sides, I'm prolly just gonna pack up. We've made plenty of bits today. And don't think Ah forgot 'bout yer contribution." AJ hoofed over a small bag of bits.

"Oh, thank you, Applejack. But, I couldn't..." AJ gave her a dead-panned look, eliciting a small gulp from the pegasus.

"Yes, you can. If not fer you, that last crowd would've eaten me alive. You helped me, this is your money."


"The only 'but' I care about is yours takin' this bag and goin'." Fluttershy sighed in defeat and took the money, but AJ wasn't finished.

"Look, sugarcube, y'know Ah love ya. And Ah know you love me and the other girls, and that yer willing to do anything for them. But sometimes you should expect ta get a lil' something in return for it. And y'know, sometimes it's more rude to turn down somethin' a friend offers than it is to take it. What Ah'm sayin' is, ya gotta stop bein' all give, no take. Ponies WILL take advantage of that." Fluttershy nodded and gave her friend a smile, who exchanged it for a hug.

"Now you best git goin', 'fore Rares finds a new model." Shy gave a look of realization as she remembered her plans with Rarity. She darted off to Carousel Boutique at a speed that would make Rainbow Dash's jaw drop.

"ThanksAJgottagobye!" She yelled to the earth mare, who just gave a light-hearted chuckle.


"Hmm. Could you turn to the left a bit, darling?" Rang the voice of Fluttershy's closest friend and Ponyville's designer extraordinaire, Rarity.

"Oh, um, sure. How's this?" Fluttershy was always nervous being observed, even by her best friends.

"Perfect! Oh, Fluttershy, I simply must thank you again for agreeing to assist me. I don't know what I'd do without you!"

"It's nothing, really. Anything for a friend."

"It most certainly isn't nothing. I know you keep yourself preoccupied with your animals. You hardly ever have time for yourself. I just wish you would let me give you something. Business has been slow as of late, but I'll gladly spare what I can."

"That's really not necessary. I don't mind helping you. No charge. But now that you mention it, I have been wondering lately, what do you do with all of the money you save?" Rarity's face gained the slightest shade of pink to it.

"Well, I was hoping to keep that quiet. But you are my closest friend, Fluttershy. So, I'll show you what I've been doing with my money. The next is in three days."

"Next?" Fluttershy questioned. Rarity winked.

"You'll see."


Fluttershy stepped into her house and breathed deeply, the strain of the day's events finally taking it's toll. She decided to feed the animals their dinner and get some early sleep. Just as she set out her final dish, however, an unexpected knock sounded on her door. She was a little nervous at this, as she didn't get many visitors, especially this late. She had considered just pretending she wasn't home, but curiosity got the best of her. She quickly trotted to the door and opened it. However, the answer to her original question simply raised others. The most confusing of which: why was the Canterlot prince on her doorstep?

Author's Note:

Alright, finally getting around to writing on this site! Constructive criticism requested.
I was listening to the song "Love the Way You Lie" one day while browsing some pony pics of dA. All of a sudden, I got this idea of Spike and Rarity featured in the song, but I figured, "Nah, Spike wouldn't do that." But, for the heck of it, I started to mull over the idea. I could only think of one character in the series that could do something like described in the song, but Rarity would never give him the time of day after the gala. RD and AJ would buck him into the Everfree, Twilight would teleport him to Celestia knows where, and Pinkie... let's not start on Pinkie :pinkiecrazy:
So that left only one option... my favorite pony, Fluttershy! I'm done talking now, bye!!