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I'm pretty uninteresting. I also can't write or draw, but I do both anyway.


Joel, Breeze's older brother, leaves for a Weather Convention in Las Pegasus, and sticks Breeze at home with a sitter...who just happens to be Joel's more than willing marefriend.

Now, with two weeks and an empty schedule, the two will have to fight off boredom, chores, and...feelings? What?


Original Idea and Written by Lord of Nothing (Me, woo.)
Edited and Written by Flame Scepter

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embarressment* google says its a double R
Whole* just search for whoel and you'll see it Ctrl+F

Good concept likable characters


Thank you very much, and may I ask what the rest of the cmment means? I'm almost positive that it's something to do with the story, but I'm not sure.

2989823 the storyline and plot is good
And the characters are easy to like


Oh, thank you again, but I was wondering what the "R Double Whole" thing was.

2994518 embarrassment is written with two Rs hence double R


Oh, now I get it! I was reading your comment all wrong. Thanks for pointing this out.


again dude.you stopped anthor brilliant fic .why dude

My collaborator and I didn't have schedules which lined up, and the interest eventually faded. Again, sorry about that.

ok, still, I have a love-hate for stories of infidelity

Oh, it would never have been a story of infidelity. The younger brother would have developed a crush on the older brother's girlfriend, and - at worst - she might have caught on and teased him a bit, but she was never going to cheat on the older brother. Infidelity isn't my cup of tea either.

phew , same here brother, i hate stories of infidelity .i mean why do you cheat. if you not happy the break up .why cheat. just break up one time

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