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1000 years ago, a war scarred the world and nearly wiped out all traces of magic. The unicorns that had previously been stewards of the world faded into obscurity, and the earth ponies rebuilt the land with the help of technology and determination. There is a storm brewing, however, and it threatens to use magic to destroy the very order that has been observed and appreciated for centuries.

Based on the Pony Fantasy VI hack of Final Fantasy VI.

Chapters (7)
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Comments ( 28 )

I'm looking forward for this. FFVI is my favourite FF. :-)

Well, then I hope I do the game (and the hack this is based on) some justice for you. :>

I'm not terribly good at narration, so I'll definitely have to practice this as I go...

Very interesting. I know the entire story to the ff6 game so I'll be interested to see how we'll you do. Looking forward to the next chapter.

2906939 Pretty much everything with FF6 is interesting in a good way for me. Pretty much.


Excellent. I hope I do not disappoint, then!

Welp, I sure saw that coming. EqD rejection. Oh well, I tried.

2926469 Give yourself some credit. I know you seem to enjoy bashing yourself, but your writing is quite good. They have hundreds of submissions every day on EqD, and the vast majority will be ignored. Hell, a few of the ones that now rest in the "top ten ever" list were originally rejected! If this is your practice, I can't wait to see your full out writing.

2927384 I didn't really have the time to properly respond to this last night, so I'm doing it now instead. Thanks, I really appreciate the support.

I already knew there was a slim chance I'd get published, but even then I got my expectations too high. Figured I'd at least receive a "revise and resubmit" response, but game crossovers seem to be an auto-reject genre for them. Outwardly that really doesn't surprise me, but the way it was worded it really felt like I was being rejected for something without even being given a chance. A little unreasonable perhaps, but I was only gonna take the one night off from writing.

Your comment came as I was just about to go to sleep, and it really helped me rest easier that at least someone appreciates what I'm doing. So I know this probably sounds pretty sappy by now, but thanks.

2928276 No problem, my friend. As for getting featured, yeah, EqD is like that unfortunately. Just write this anyway and then you'll build up a following so that when you do your own original story, you might actually get featured there anyways. :twilightsmile:

Hey, this is pretty good. As a fan of both FF6 and the PF6 mod, I approve of this fic.

I do have to point out a few things. I know random encounters are boring and purely for the sake of padding the game, but it feels like nobody is fighting, which feels kinda weird for a fic based off an action RPG. Maybe you could reference the random encounters in dialogue more? Or maybe have one of your extra scenes take place during a battle? Just a suggestion. :twilightsheepish:

Speaking of extra scenes, I'm really digging your creative interpretation of the script. I'd definitely like to see more of that.


Hm, I may or may not. My primary concern is that I don't want to fall into the trap of padding the crap out of a script with just random encounters when there's so much more to the game, especially dialogue-wise. But I do agree. I've alluded only a bit to the fact that they've been fighting throughout, and I think at least a passing reference now and then might do some good.

Also holy butts I have been so busy this weekend! 10-year high school reunion and it was more of a blast than previously anticipated. I am so wiped, haha. The next chapter is underway, however!

I was wondering who you would choose to follow first when they split up.

Also, this fandom needs more drunk Celestia.


Yeah, it was primarily because of the nature of the split. Luna's is going to take a good deal of 'splainin', and Twilestia's is gonna be, well...really short, heh.

You were nice enough to comment on our work, so I'd like to return the favor.

Looks like you've gotten through a good deal of the game. Right on!

I tell ya, I miss having hands for my characters to work with. Having to work around the lack of fingers in a world like this is tricky.

Descriptions are a little lacking, but that will get better as you write more. I didn't see anything overly bad grammar wise.

I know there's a lot to this game, but keep at it! A little writing each day makes the whole load a little easier to bear.


Wow, thanks for the comment! It does mean a lot.

I'm trying to account for the whole "hooves" thing, but since I'm basing this on a romhack where they stand upright on two legs and wield weapons in much the same manner as their human counterparts, it's not very easy sometimes. I've somewhat relied on the show's "magic limbs" philosophy with regards to, say, earth ponies manipulating objects. It is admittedly a hard concept to write around. I may rewrite some of the older scenes when I have a better handle on how to describe it.

Really, more than anything, this is one long practice run for me to beat out all the bad description habits. I have confidence in my ability as a writer, but I lack the experience. I can see myself improving, but especially after reading what you've got so far, I've got a ways to go. I do feel like I have somewhat of a style, but there's so much more I can do, and I'm gonna write for as long as it takes.

Hey, you're back! I'm still enjoying this thing. And now Applejack has joined the fray! Awesome. Can't wait till you reach the Veldt!


Cue hot drum rhythms. Awwww yeah~ :pinkiehappy:


Great chapter, man. I was kind of hoping that the trio would come across that ghost that temporarily joins your party, but whatever. The entire Phantom Train sequence was incredible regardless. Keep 'em coming!


Hahaha, I figured someone would like that. I couldn't not do it, especially considering the actual hack is made in such a way that makes it disingenuous. Screw the rules, I have Luna.

Well, the hack has definitely made Final Fantasy 6 extremely hard, because I know what changes has been made to the Phantom Train.

1. Phoenix Downs will no longer OHKO any undead bosses
2. Fire attacks from AJ's Bushido is still effective but will charge a nasty attack from the train
3. The train casts "raid" as a counter-attack to whoever suplexes it.

Either way, I love Final Fantasy 6 and I'm looking forward to see Luna and AJ (with the exception of Fluttershy...) heading to the Veldt and going to Ponyville! And how can I forget? Pinkie Pie!!!!


Yeah, none of the old standby methods for beating the Phantom Train work in PF6. In actuality, most of the bosses pre-WoR are exactly the same, but the Phantom Train explicitly stands out as abnormally difficult.

I'm glad to hear comments from others! I'm a slow writer and I'm bogged down by midterms, but the next chapter is underway!

Well, this is slightly awkward, being one of the members of Wyld Stallynz... Part of me wants to read it to see if YOU change up anything, but then that might compromise our version...

I think... I'll add this to my Read Later list, for now. I'll come back and read this once we're mostly done with ours, how's that? :duck:


Hilariously, another member of your team seems to have checked mine out a little. I did notice your guys' stuff but for similar reasons am trying not to read too much of it. It was merely a coincidence that I finally finished the latest chapter when you guys got featured, but I'll gladly remain in the shadow of giants if it means we both get to finish our stories.

Of course, the first thing to do is to conquer time and get more hours in the day to write. I am painfully slow at this, haha.

Pinkie/Gau is so well done. I wish I could favorite this more than once.


Now I really am going to blush, haha. :twilightblush:

I feel so bad having left this one dangling for so long. I think I'm gonna try to get back to it sometime within the next few weeks.

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