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Shortly after Twilight Sparkles coronation King Strong Hooves of Uniconia hears about her Ascension and contemplates why Equestria is so blessed with fortune while his kingdom struggles to survive and grows smaller each generation. When his son proposes sending a diplomatic party to Equestria to congratulate the newly crowned Princess and idea forms in his mind; is it possible that his kingdom could have an Alicorn Princess and the benifits that arise from it?

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I just realized that I did not describe Gallant heart or Dark strider So I will be changing this to include some more descriptiveness :twilightblush: sorry!

hello xcedra I would like to tell you that your story has great potential and as a reviewer of stories I would formally like to give you a 10/10 this story is very good I look forward to seeing more of this story:twilightsmile:


Thanks :) its starting to get exciting and chapter five is the longest so far, So much happens in it! I appreciate any comments People might have to help me improve it :pinkiehappy:

Please kill me.

2886985 just followed you! Amazing and loved! Thumbs up. :twilightsmile:

if this is your first fic story it is very good. My sister, sweetiedash20, made a fiction "rose petals" And it was very hard to create. But we got through it, this is amazing! :raritystarry:

I think its a tad dull dear, but its very good! Strong plot and Vocab. I will read on! :twilightsmile:

still reading! This chapter was my favorite so far:trixieshiftleft:

Just two typos! And an he were spelled h e and ad. Sorry I am a perfectionist! :facehoof:


Thanks :) re-reading through to find them I found some missed punctuation and capitalization errors, so that's good.

I do not mind being corrected, comments that help me improve are encouraged :twilightsmile:

I can't wait to see what happens next

you better have twilight kill stronghooves and not get pregnant. that's all I will say

Hmm i will only be satisfied when strong hoof meets a horribel demise and it must be by Twilight hoofs, also i seem to have stumbled across a plot hole Spike is a living mailbox why not just send letter to celestia instead of going there personally its quicker just a thought

You need proof-readers, dear.

This is hilarious, and it deserves way more likes and no dislikes, I like Gallant so far, he's really nice. :twilightsmile:

Well, for improvement, you might want to get a proof-reader :twilightsmile: There are a lot of mistakes in grammar and spelling, but otherwise the plot is good and I really want to read more.

So I probably should :rainbowkiss:

Poor Gallant :( They should all go back to Equestria and just ignore Uniconia! :yay:

Nooooo! But Twilight's friends would know if she was dead, though, they just would. :pinkiecrazy:

can't wait for the next chapter

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