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Not the G1 Sparkler. Nor the G3.5 Sparkler. Nor the G4 Draft Sparkler. Nor the Winningverse Sparkler (even though she's awesome).

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FUCK! THIS IS GONNA BE HOT! I love futa, and I love futa OC's! Favorited already! I just hope there's no drugs or heavy alcohol. Always ruins a fic for me.

Well that was pleasant. :twilightsmile:

Damn at this rate I'm gonna lose the contest!

Nothing in this fanfic really warrants a mature rating. You could probably lower it to teen no problem.


Sorry to disappoint, but there won't be much hotness here... because it's complete!

The contest imposes a strict 4,000 word limit, and that means taking a knife to dialogue, scenes, and idea to make it fit. My initial sketch included filly Lightning Bolt asking about the birds and the bees; a scene of Lightning Bolt and Sandstone having an adorably terrible first time; Lightning Bolt skipping prom due to imagined reactions to her frilly tux/dress (espeecially because that scene alone could have taken me over 4,000 words); and, well, Pinkie Pie being helpful as only Pinkie can. But all that got ruthlessly chopped thanks to wordcount pressure.

So I eschewed the more mature material and the fluffier filler, and just made something bittersweet, like a Norman Rockwell painting. If Norman Rockwell wrote. About ponies. And if said stories had the moral that 'It gets better.' Okay, I'm belaboring the metaphor, but you get my point.

Also, I have to tell you... she's not an OC! She does a joyful barrel roll in front of Twilight's balloon right in the show's opening, and goes on to become a trainee in Wonderbolt Academy. Lightning Bolt is canon best pony, baby!

Ah! I've never really seen her, but awesome! I'll still read it because, as you may know, Futa is my fettish, mainly.

This is pretty heartwarming. I hope you write a little more in the future about her, even if it's little slice of life drabbles like this.


Your penance shall be to write 1000 words each of adorkable futa Chickadee Peachbottom. Chop chop!

You should probably change the rating. It may lead people to believe they're about to read something else entirely.

What you have here is great, but you don't want to be accused of false advertising.


I'm trying and my fic will be over 1000 and if I put the clop in it will be over 4000 and I can't have that. I wish I could.

You know, I was going to do a Lyra/BonBon fic...:unsuresweetie:

But now, I'm thinking maybe a Peachbottom/Harshwhinny on a midnight train ride.:rainbowkiss:
Excuse me, gotta go rewatch an episode.:eeyup:

I liked it. Simple and heartwarming. Sorry I can't really say more than that till after the contest is over. But I like where you went with it.

Remember guys, it's a 'soft cap' of 4000. A little over (like a couple hundred or so) is perfectly fine.
I would like to see you continue this later though.


Almost finished just about another thousand or two should do it... Maybe.

Nice. But lets not fill up the comments of Sparkler's story with contest chat, alright?
Lets just say that I look forward to all these great tales.

2886869 (Sparkler)

After the contest ends, would you consider lengthening the story and giving the story more depth? You could just put the original entry at the end and rename it from "Entry" to "Entry (Original Story)" if you need to separate the entry from other chapters.

Gotta admit, good work! Can't wait to see more, whether or not you work on this story some more!

This isn't illegal for someone underage to read; mark it teen.

And I'd remove the "sex" tag.

Might want to remove the Sex tag and make the rating Teen... or Everybody really I mean there is not even rude vocabulary in here so there is no reason for the current rating at all.

I have just read your fanfic and I think it's a very interesting story and I hope you do more like it's about the character and I don't really read many fanfics but after reading these I definitely will read more

I found this on reddit a week back. This story was very very sweet and not many look into themes like this and I very much loved it. Thank you. :twistnerd:

I don't suppose you'd consider writing a special extended version with the deleted scenes? I think a lot of people would enjoy it.

I would love to see a continuation.

This is cute...I like this.

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