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A brony that is into Steampunk


Robert Anderson is your average Jo. By day he works for a respectable Video Game Company as an animator, is into Steampunk and owns a small apartment where he lives alone. By night however, he is Violet Runner a fan of My Little Pony; Friendship Is Magic (despite the fact that the show has been canceled for the past 4 years and most Brony activity has gone underground) and finishes and sells scraped pony games (such as Fighting Is Magic) as well as Animated Fanfics.

Since the shows cancellation a lot of Bronies have become out laws do to the government thinking the New Lunar Republic and Solar Empire are dangerous gangs and that some Bronies have even broken into Hasbro's headquarters around the world in order to try and find unaired episodes.

It was after one of those raids that a Brony by the name Crescent Sliver disappeared after releasing information that alluded to something called The Maretrix. And it is this question that keeps Violet up at night, searching for an answer.

What Is The Maretix?

A Matrix Crossover with all OC characters.

Chapters (14)
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Comments ( 52 )

Want an editor? I can help with that since I'm not in this... :raritycry: hopefully in the sequel...

Crescent as the first to vanish. It suits him, the old academic.

Yea, I see how his attitude could land him in that role. I look at it as the world's most hilarious irony. :rainbowlaugh:

Tat's so weird, I saw The Matrix for the first time last night! :pinkiehappy:

2963579 Wow. so what do you think of my fanfic in comparison?

This is a great premise, but you really ought to find an editor to fix all the grammar.


Are we going to see some griffons OC and Minotaurs OC and maybe diamond dogs OC.
The Architect=Discord
The Merovingian=King Sombra?
Persephone=Queen Chrysalis?
And please don't do a copy and paste of the movie. Try to make some original parts Okay.

3126176 I'm planning on putting Griffons, Minotaurs, Zebras and Diamond Dogs in the sequel.

As for the Architect I was planning on using Bonnie Zacherle because she created the original My Little Pony.

and don't worry I'm putting in my own little twists. Like the Maretrix being a hivemind (Like Unimatrix 0 from Star Trek Voyager) and using Airships and old Diamond Dog Tunnels instead of Hovercrafts and sewers systems.


Kid=a young Minotaur or griffon OC
Niobe=a griffon or a Pegasi OC

Interesting. I will read this! :rainbowdetermined2:

I stopped counting (at a dozen) the spelling and grammar errors in the synopsis alone. And it's been months since the original publish date! Please get an editor. :facehoof:

3337521 Sorry, no. I do comment on the stories of a couple of friends of mine, but I don't really want to work on a story when I have no interest in its premise...

3337805 then don't complain about the grammar/spelling and saying I need an editor.

3337822 Sorry, no, that's not how it works. I don't want to spend many hours editing your story, mainly because the synopsis is so bad that it's killed any desire to even read any more of it, never mind edit it. However, I can spend a few minutes telling you that it needs drastic improvement. Just take this in the mildly charitable way it's meant, and get some help, please?

3338466 I just find it really annoying when people contently tell me I need an editor but aren't offering to be one. Editors don't grow on trees you know.

The Matrix is the world that has been pulled over your eyes, to blind you from the truth.”

Simple typo.

Also, you might want to throw in a bit more of your own ideas, so far it almost feels like an exact copy of The Matrix.
But I'm only on chapter 3, so what do I know? :derpytongue2:

He swallows his scream, as it seems to stare at him.

Le wild tense change appeared.

“The body cannot live without the mind.”

If a human/pony can't live without being able to think...
Then what are politicians? :unsuresweetie:

The largest problem that I can find is that you constantly change between present and past tense.
You might wanna look it up.

3338573 Understood. I'm sorry I've annoyed you, and will refrain from posting anything else here now that I've said my piece.

Hey um, not trying to offend you or anything, but BTW, you keep changing from human universe to pony universe considering how many 'hands' in this story are replacing 'hooves'... I would suggest you fix that some time. :twilightsheepish:

3362854 The Maretrix is Human and the real world is Equestria.

3364009 OH! Maybe i should have read more... Sorry.

3340807 Slugs that stumbled into a more permanent version of the polyjuice potion

No offence but this reads more like an RP log

Hmmm, I gotta say, this is a unique idea for a fanfic, though its not the first one. I am writing one in the same sort of style (IE, using the same script and situations as a movie/TV show, but inserting ponies to fill the character positions). Anyway, its a good story so far, looking forward to seeing if you diverge from the story at all.

Hot dog! They had better get moving if they want to get em!

you need to change some things up, I will read more when you have fixed the parts that belong in Role Play, not in a story.

yes yes this is the matrix we've seen the movie. some point in writing all those words?

Comment posted by Violet Runner deleted Jul 12th, 2014

4683567 You are only on the second chapter. Keep reading and you will see that I've changed and added some stuff.

Is there a sequel?

5324737 I'm thinking of doing one. But I'm having trouble finding the script for reloaded to make writing and slightly changing it easier.

5327255 This is the internet! You can use the search box to look for Reloaded's script.

5328094 I have been doing that but all I can find is the original unedited version or versions with only the lines and non of the actions.

I have no idea what is going on!:twilightoops:

7494784 have you ever seen "The Matrix"?

7495723 Then you aren't going to really understand anything that's going on.

You should really find and watch the Matrix Trilogy. They're really good.

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