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Silver Spoon prides herself on being the best at everything. She's the richest foal in school, and the prettiest, and the wittiest, and the smartest... and if you don't believe that, you can just ask her. However, when she overhears Sweetie Belle singing to her sister, she quickly realizes that her own musical efforts are inferior to that of an annoying blank flank. There is only one thing for her to do -- before Sweetie Belle's debut, Silver Spoon must surpass her in music! It will be a wild adventure, and while Silver Spoon might not quite be able to achieve the virtuosity she desires in two short days, she may well learn a few things regardless... and she might just make a few friends while she's at it.

A story of the Cadanceverse, but it does not require prior knowledge of the verse.

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Awww! Rarity and Sweetie bell are really good together, I'd like to think Rarity cancelled her meeting when she saw her sister was down.
Is Rarity raising her sister as it seems like their living together and having the song refer to sister rather than mother suggests that.

I'm not sure about Silver Spoon, she doesn't seem to horrible just an over achiever although her reaction to Sweetie's talent was fairly poisonous, at least her plan is to improve herself rather than drag Sweetie down.

It'll be interesting to see Silver and Diamond together, in the m-verse Silver seems to be Diamonds minion, is it reversed here? Are they more equal or is it the same just without Silver necessarily seeing it.

Eagerly, awaiting the rest of the story.

Hmmmm... :moustache: I always like a good Silver Spoon story!

Newspaper boat bit. Hehehe.

"Aww....""No, ti was.

one correction to make here!

This was great. Sing, Sweetie, Sing! Sing and prove to them all that you are great at it! :unsuresweetie:

Appraisal...? More realistic than what I did with her... I made her "special talent" playing the spoons. Spoonmare!

Ah the curse of a massive ego. You can't let anyone be better than you. At least Silver is trying to rise herself up instead of dragging the competition down. An admirable drive, just taken a bit too far.

Grats! You hit feature box!

This is so adorable! I honestly love what you've done with both Silver Spoon and Sweetie Belle here.

I really like your presentation of Silver Spoon as smug and overly competitive, rather than just plain malicious. It gives a nice depth to her behaviour, and plenty of motivation. Clearly she's had her ego boosted to ridiculous proportions by her family (and by being pretty talented, of course), but I'm starting to see a sadder side to it - she idolizes her father a great deal, and believes that she has some pretty huge horseshoes to fill. And the conspicuous absence of any mentions of Silver Spoon's mother doesn't bode well. (I do love "Sterling Silver" as a name for Silver Spoon's father, and I wish I could remember where I first saw it. It also seems highly meaningful in this context.)

And Sweetie Belle! I love "Mockingbird". It's really adorable that Rarity cheered Sweetie Belle up by asking Sweetie to sing for her. I think this story has a lot of potential for both of them - Silver Spoon to learn some humility and compassion, and Sweetie Belle some confidence.

Hopefully, this will end for everypony.:twilightsmile:
When one is lacking in one area, they must realize that to accept that fact is paramount.:twilightoops:
...you cannot be respected if you do not respect others in kind.:ajsleepy:

Awaiting further releases.:fluttershysad:

What's great about C!verse is the fact that the healing power of music is very real, and music is magical. This is the underlining of C!verse. I think that It'll be a great ride with Silver Spoon.

2879443: I think I inadvertently got Sterling Silver's name from you, actually. You used it in your LNEPD fic, and it stuck in my head. I can add an AN stating such if you'd prefer.

2876384: DT is sort of a secondary character in the C-verse so far, unlike SS, who will be one of the 3 foal characters (we'll meet the other two in the upcoming chapters, although they had a short scene in Music of Ponyville as well). That said, I'm optimistic that their relationship (between DT and SS) will get fleshed out in more detail.

As for Rarity and Belle, while I have no plans to kill off their parents, I do like the idea of showing Rarity doing actual sisterly things in cases other than 'it's the Rarity-and-Sweetie-learn-to-love-each-other episode!'

2876558>>2876683>>2876972>>2877424>>2877704>>2879769>>2876169: Glad you all like it! I'm hoping to release chapters every few days, though me being on vacation now will decrease the update rate a tad. Though, on the plus side, seeing all these museums is giving me all sorts of inspiration! *zips off to Brainstorming thread*

But yes, I definitely plan to keep going with this, and I'm glad you're all along for the ride!

2882348 Oh, not at all. I can't claim credit for it - I saw in a story ages ago and haven't been able to track it down. I'm glad that other people are using it!

It also occurs to me that there are very few stories out there that are about Silver Spoon, which don't focus heavily on her relationship with Diamond Tiara (for better or worse). It's great to see her get the limelight as the central character in her own right.

:twilightoops:That is a very special piano.

Silver's just as sharp as a pin isn't she. I like her relationship with her father, she's spoiled but not entirely so and she certainly respects her old man.

Shame she's to impatient I think she'd actually be a good match for Octy as a student, I think she's doing to end up with Bluenote anyway or maybe Lyra she at least understands being driven to do something even though their goals are very different.

Bebop doesn't seem to be getting much love, she's got passion if nothing else.

I want to see her being eaten by a piano, she deserves it for thinking the world revolves around her, when the world actually revolves around Celestia and Luna, since...they are the sun and moon

Appraisal? Huh. Okay.

There's a very interesting contrast here between Octavia and Silver Spoon. They're both perfectionists, but Silver Spoon thinks that she's already perfect and just needs to maintain her position ("nothing else would allow her to reestablish her place as the best foal in town"), whereas Octavia knows she's not even close to perfect and is going to keep striving for perfection forever ("I am still a student myself"). And of course, Silver Spoon only cares about the end result of being seen as perfect by the rest of Ponyville, rather than the music itself. I think they would be a good match for each other if Silver were actually super serious about learning music. Octavia does need to take a page from Bluenote's sheet music, though - there are very, very few foals who will put up with not actually playing any music for a year.

I think it's clear who her teacher is going to be, based on the character notes you've published, but I will be very interested to see how she goes with the other Element bearers.

I like Sterling Silver, too! He takes Silver Spoon very seriously, and encourages her in whatever she's doing. Sure, he's probably a bit overly indulgent, but I think she's going to do very well in life with his support. Just as long as she can curb her attitude.

Yep, a piano that can eat a pony is an evil instrument

I have to wonder how the heck she got in there, seeing as the keys are supposed to be outside the piano. Seriously, Silver, just ask Bluenote already so we can get this thing over with.

And this is why you completely read the instructions before putting anything together.

2914084: I think it's safe to say that she wouldn't be very good at IKEA-related activities. :-)

Oh good, she finally noticed that her house already has a piano in it. I don't know how she managed to get tangled in the strings - that's Crusader levels of fail right there.

And Rarity is classier than both of you two put together, girls. Show some respect!

Loved the IKEA based instrument

However, this ...

"But..." Medley shut her eyes for a moment. "I don't have time to set it up today. I have to watch my shop, and then I have a meeting with Lyra, Lily, Rose, and Daisy. We're trying to make an instrument that can be played by sunlight and... anyway. I won't be able to set this up for a couple of days. You won't be able to use the instrument without assembly--"

Sounds fascinating, given the ponies involved maybe something plant based? Flowers opening or turning towards the sun create sound in some way? Maybe something a bit more magical?

2917506: I had an idea that magic could be used to make flowers that turn towards the sun in much less time than it usually takes, or perhaps opening and closing when the sun is there and not there, respectively. The flowers could be connected by thin strings to mallets or something else that could actuate pitched pipes or bars (maybe by using pulleys or other mechanisms to decrease the amount of force needed to move the mallets). By putting that outside on a day with wind and clouds, the sun would appear to go in and out of the clouds, and the flowers would move appropriately, playing something in time with the wind and clouds.

I dunno... maybe it needs some more work. But it sounded cool in my head. :-)


Well some plants can move quickly like Fly traps or Mimosa pudica and some like bamboo or some brambles can grow quickly enough to actually see, more or less. I wouldn't be surprised if their wasn't something in the Everfree which could probably play an instrument by itself, although it would probably eat ponies.

Of course, it will turn out that Sterling Silver doesn't actually care if his little filly is the "best foal in town". I'm definitely getting that sort of vibe from him; his daughter is amplifying, so to speak, the well-meaning advice and instructions he gives her into something much more imposing (and negative).

I really like the idea behind this, mainly because I'm a fan of the foals of Ponyville getting their own stories in fanfiction.
As a plus, the way that it's been put together is fairly entertaining. :pinkiesmile:

Who are Medley and Bluenote?

2919865: Two background ponies from the show. In this story, Medley runs a music shop and builds her own instruments. Bluenote, also called Beauty Brass, is the tuba player at the Grand Galloping Gala in the show; here she tutors foals in music.

Oh course, Silver Spoon is overlooking the obvious: Does it matter is Sweetie beats her right then? Nopony will actively be comparing her to Sweetie at the time, and she can take the time to become better on her own.

At first I thought Blue Note was Noteworthy.

I like the parallel with canon!Applebloom in Call of the Cutie. "I want it now!"

Poor Silver Spoon. Her anxiety is really starting to show here. I hope she and Sterling can have a talk about this soon. I agree with 2919833 - it sounds like she's so accustomed to her father's praise that the thought that she might someday disappoint him is terrifying for her.

Lyra would be a pretty cool music teacher, I think. Her methods put a great emphasis on creativity, as compared to Octavia's focus on technique, for example.

what does tootsie mean by the other elements? Are the mane 6 not the elements of harmony in this universe?

It seems that Silver will still be the best, just not at everything. Her father will still be proud. :scootangel:

2922835: Nope. The Elements are all musicians in this universe -- Lyra, Vinyl, Octavia, Fluttershy, Medley, and Bluenote.

This is what I don't understand, how is fluttershy a musician?

2923036: In the first episode of the show (and also the wedding episode), she conducts her birds to perform music for the various celebrations. She can be considered a musician who uses her birds as her instrument.

It just occurred to me where is Silver Spoon's mother? Dead, separated from her father? Or just not about at the moment?

It's a good thing they don't have modern devices in Equestria. I could see this Silver Spoon trying to hook up an HDTV and a PlayStation. Even the smartest kids in my class when I was younger wanted nothing to do with stuff like that, and that was back then!

Whooo! Great story!

Awww, I love when Silver gets some humanization (er ponyization? Whatever). This was a really great story. *Hugs Silver Spoon* It had a really nice, warm ending and, yeah, I'm glad you didn't do that scene you described. Would've been...well, not the sort of thing adults should do to kids.

But Cadanceverse is shaping up to be really awesome. Congrats and best wishes!

2949152: Glad you like it! And, yeah, I'm glad I turfed the Rarity scene.

The story isn't over yet, actually. Gotta bring the foal trio formally together. :-) And, technically, Silver Spoon still needs to pick an instrument and teacher. We're definitely in the home stretch, though.

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