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I'm eighteen, I'm in OPP, I live the thug life, I smoke weed every day, I don't take shit from nobody, and I write fanfiction for a show about magical ponies.

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Interseting i wonder if Gordan Freeman will make an apperance. Tracking

gordon would be like:-WHAT THE FUCK face-
and the ponies would be like : HE GOTTA CROWBAR RUUUUN!

237348 then pinkie will be HI!,!,!!!


then gorden + crowbar+pinkie = mangled pink mass

Dude, this story is awesome! please make more chapters!

Just lil' ole tip:

Make them act like normal humans who have minimal experience in handling of firearms and military level tactics.

238509 Well they're eighteen, and nineteen and they've been using firearms and weapons almost their whole lives, so yeah. I do have another story that I'm writing where the kids are much less practiced with them. But I will try to have them slip up more often, thanks for the tip!

238509 Well they're eighteen, and nineteen and they've been using firearms and weapons almost their whole lives, so yeah. I do have another story that I'm writing where the kids are much less practiced with them. But I will try to have them slip up more often, thanks for the tip!238309Thanks man! I'm really liking the feedback from this site! :yay::pinkiehappy:


And if this takes place during the events of Half Life 2, the submachine guns guns they are using should be MP7, this gun. http://images.wikia.com/half-life/en/images/b/bb/MP7_HL2.jpg

238852 I like to imagine the resitance having a wider variaty of weapons. I mean, if MP7's are around, then that means the Combine couldn't have taken or destroyed ALL terestial weapons right? So yeah, I gave them AK74's and other weapons.

240466 Yeah, both of those weapons are used by my characters in another story, AND since they were cut weapons, I think they fit right in! And I agree, HL2/MLP fics are few and far between.

241507 *snickers* Be careful, CAPITON will eat you!

Lawlz! Epic story man! Be sure to make another chapter soon!

Yeah, whoops sorry about that mistake. :twilightblush:

wait Lyra was a human? Here is what I am looking forward 2

1. Gordan Freeman
2.Gordan Freeman
3.Gordan Freeman
4.Gordan Freeman VS captain Spear Head

I can't tell whether The Freeman will be involved, but Our Mutual Friend, will play a signifigent role.

The greatness has been doubled!!!!!:pinkiecrazy:

243825 please bring gordan in this

Why are the ponies flipping out so much about the consumption of meat? Griffions eat meat. Dogs eat meat. Pigs are omnivores. Horses have been known to eat small animals from time to time.

260026 Again, this is based off Jasonthehuman's Antrhopology (I really really REALLY suggest you read it if you haven't already) And while horses might eat small animals every now and then, and dogs and pigs are the same, this is Equrestia. Dogs eat dog food, pigs eat their slop, and the ponies are all herbivores. As for griffons, I'm not sure, but I'm going out on a limb here to say that maybe they don't? Who knows? It's Equestria, where all animals are sentiant. so eating a mouse or something is like eating a pony becuase they're intelligent. And griffons don't seem like they would be so aggressive to not care about that. Same with dragons, I mean, they eat gems! So griffons could eat like, I don't know... clouds?:rainbowhuh::derpytongue2::twilightoops: Well, I've done my philosophical reasoning for the day!

Fluttershy was shown feeding fish to some ferrets If I remember correctly. And I refuse to believe that gryphons are anything less than omnivores.

260221 Do you know the episode where she did that? Because, it would help a lot.

No, But I have seen the screencap. I'll go look it up.

Interesting, very interesting...


I vant moar, but I require more violence...

So, I've always wondered... What's with the whole Lyra and humans fad? It's not that I find it annoying, just curious. It seems like in every HiE fic, there is at LEAST some sort of reference to Lyra and her obsession with humans. Where does that come from?

Also, in regards to the chapter, :rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss:

I am looking forward to reading the next chapter.

261820 Oh don't worry, there will be :pinkiecrazy:

261820 Oh don't worry, there will be :pinkiecrazy:261843 Not sure, but I know it got boosted by Anthropology

Dude if fucking rainbow mouthed off to me I would have been pissed the only thing I hate about her is her massive Fucking ego



Good story.

Good stuff old chap!

no but really, keep up teh good work.

cool....i was doing something like this but excepty, its just me, and i helped gordon with a captured heli, then the darkmatter explosion thing then i got universe-teleported to equestria.....

"Could be worse. Could be better to, but still, could be worse."

Sounds like something straight out of Half-Life 2.... Now all we need is a reference to the incredibly powerful AR3!!

Awesome! Really good so far. Godspeed and goodluck!

266107 if rainbow makes a bad move she will be riddled with bullets

4271878 Oh god, people are still reading this. Sorry, dude, this story's been dead for decades. Although, if you enjoy the lighthearted mood, I have a couple more stories like this, so feel free to check them out! Only one of those are dead!

Yeah, I know that these 4 characters is probably based off of some people.

But is this like an alternate universe where the combine never had the "anti-pregnancy" field (which was on for 20 years?)

Funnily enough, they weren't based off anyone. I wrote this so long ago, I think at the time I just didn't know the amount of time between hl 1 and 2. I'm curious of what you thought of it, though, considering it's one of the first stories I wrote. (Pretty sure it's really bad, I'm just too afraid to re-read it lol)


Well it's a bit cheesy otherwise it's a read lol

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