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The world was left without magic after the Discordian wars. Twilight, a budding new student of Princess Celestia, manages to form a spark, the first magic in two thousand years. With Celestia's training they hope to bring magic back to every unicorn in Equestria.

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I was going to include technology at first, but I decided it clashed too much with how I wanted the stories atmosphere to feel.

Also in my head canon Equestria doesn't have the resources to create technology to the point that we have today.


I know,

Without Magic they might go up to the Late Medieval (Around 1400s- 1500) to the Early Colonial Age (1500s- 1600).

Also, if they have constant wars, then their technology would go up to us today. But they don't cause all of this "Harmony".

2907401 They have video games, stereo systems, some sort of complex computer thing Twilight has, electric lamps, and movie theaters, and that's just in Ponyville. That kind of tech is definitely beyond the Early Colonial Age.

I really liked it. It's an interesting twist on the canon story, and having a third sister who has "vanished" (or, gone into Twilight, I'm guessing) was handled reasonably well.

I'm hoping you decide to do some more stories in this universe. There's a lot of potential in this world you've built to do all sorts of interesting things - including possibly a parallel to the season 3 finale with Twilight. Or maybe a different way to return Magi.

I may return to this universe later, but for now I have other ideas that I really need to get down on paper.

I'm just glad someone enjoyed it.

I enjoyed your story but the ending was a bit abrupt, it feels like you reached the halfway point in the story and then it stops. I hope there will be a sequel sometime soon.

Interesting idea... Without magic, their world must be a very different place. It sort of clashes with the MLP world as it is portrayed canonically, since almost everything seems to be at least vaguely magical in some way or form.

Hmmm... Not bad, I've certainly seen worse. It did feel a bit rushed, though. But overall? It was pretty good.

A good story, mostly well written, with the only noticeable flaw being plenty of cases of Lavender Unicorn Syndrome.

I loved this story and hope to read a sequel if there is one???

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