• Published 30th Jul 2013
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Progress - suijin

A tale of some not-really friends trying to work together to save the world. They're not even acquaintences, really. WARNING: Sequel.

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Heart of Darkness

"Ow! Okay, seriously, give me a warning or something next time you do that!"

"Do what?" As Flim pushed yet another branch out of his way, he once again failed to notice said branch swinging back to hit his companion on the nose.

"Ow! That! Warn me before you move one of those stupid trees!"

"I don't think that I can move a tree, but thank you for the flattery. Oh, and there's another branch in the way," Flim responded.

The dragon moved one of his arms up to block... and then got hit in the shin. "Ow! I hate that!"

"Hey! I think I found something," Flam called from slightly farther ahead.

"Excellent. It's good that we didn't run into any trouble out here. There's probably all kinds of nasty things in these woods. So, what did you fi-?" As Flim trotted up to his brother curiously, he saw a cave on the other side of a small clearing, and in the side of a large hill. The mouth was small, with some kind of moss growing along its edges, but something about it seemed... off.

"Well, are we going in, or what?" asked the red reptile after several moments of silence. Looking at his two companions, he noticed that neither seemed very eager to proceed. "Hmph. Shoulda' known you ponies would just be a couple of pansies. Whatever, I'm headin' in."

Flim and Flam glanced at each other, each took a deep breath, and then trotted after the dragon.

The inside was dim, barely letting in any of the already soft light from outside. As they walked, the two stallions drew up beside their larger companion, using their magic to illuminate the immediate area...

And revealing a white alicorn right in front of them.

Flim and Flam leapt backwards, jumping behind their draconic ally, who held his claws at the ready. However, after several seconds had passed with nothing happening, the three realized that the princess was asleep, and snoring quite loudly.

Whispering, Flam asked, "What's she doing here? And why is she asleep? She should be trying to take over the world or something, right?"

The dragon examined her as closely as he dared, confirming that she was, in fact, out cold. "Maybe she set off some kind of trap. Something Sombra set to make her fall asleep."

Flim started scanning the area with his magic, his brother soon joining him. "I don't sense anything. If their was some kind of trap, it's not magical."

After carefully tiptoeing their way around the sleeping princess, they began making their way deeper into the cave. As they walked, the dragon's keen eyes spotted something deeper inside. "Hey, I think I see the-"

Before he could finish his sentence, a black streak flew in front of his eyes, knocking him off balance. The two unicorns tried to find the unseen assailant, only discovering more shadows beyond the light of their horns. Suddenly, they heard a crash as the dragon fell, first to the ground, then into a deep slumber.

As Flim rushed to check on him, he never noticed the mass of darkness flying over his head. Soon, his mind went numb as he felt his consciousness slipping away, laying down next to his already silent brother. The last thing he heard before his world went completely black was an unfamiliar voice, whispering into to his ear.

"Bitter nightmares."

Author's Note:

Curse you writer's block!

I'm very sorry that it took so long to get you guys such a short chapter, and I'll try to be better in the future. Once again, sorry!

Anyway, we've officially established where all of the protagonists are at right now (along with one antagonist). I imagine most of you can guess what happens next: the meat of the story. Yay! Finally! Why are you people still reading this instead of something from an author that's actually good?!