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Starswirl Academy - Original Rainbow Dash Route - wolvenfire86

The former RD story for the upcoming VN Starswirl Academy

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7 - Aftermath

Description: You go to class the day after being beaten up, and encounters a pleasant surprise from a new friend.

Twilight gasped when I met her in the hallway the next morning.

Twilight: “___!? What happened!?” Twilight touched my black eye before I could tell her that it was a freaking black eye!

“Ow! Don’t touch it!”

“I’m sorry! But, what happened!”

“Oh, just…uh…I kinda of…got beat up?”


“It was that Dumbbel guy. It doesn’t-whoa, what are you doing?” She ran behind me and pushed me with all of her strength. I tripped over my feet a few times. People stared at us.

“Hey! Twilight! Cut it out!”

“Get to Headmistress Celestia’s office now! She needs to know bullying is happening!”

“Twilight, calm down. Just-”

“Don’t tell me to calm down! You need medical attention. Do you need CPR? I read about CPR!”

“I don’t need CPR!”

“Stints! Uh, bandages! Antacids?”

“Twilight, I’m fine!”

“Get to Celestia’s office, right away!”

“I’m not going to tell Celestia.”

Twilight aburptly stopped pushing me. "Why not?”


“Would you like to explain why it is so complicated?” Twilight crossed her arms and gave me ‘the look’.

Ugh. I got like that tone from my mother when I misbehaved as a child. I didn’t blame her for being worried after so many years of her acting like a mother, it was getting annoying.

“Heya ___!" A random student shouted at me as he walked by. "Why to go man! Great job yesterday. He deserved it.”

“What was that about?” Twilight asked.

“I don’t know.”

“Nice work ___. I didn’t know you had it in you. You’re cool in my book man.” Another student said something to me as he rushed down the hall. Twilight grew more annoyed.

“What did you do yesterday?”

"Nothing!" I said, "I got my ass kicked!”

“Hiii ___~!” A group of giggling girls passed by and simultaneously waved to me.

“What. Did. You. Do?” Twilight shot me a…well “furious” doesn’t quite describe the look. If volcanoes had faces, they make a similar face like that right before erupting.”

“I swear, I don’t know what they are talking about.”

Suddenly the whole hallway went quiet.

The bullies walked inside. Score in front.

“Oh no.” I tried to cover my face. If I acted like I didn’t see them, maybe this would blow over.

“HEY! YOU!” Twilight screamed.

“What are you doing?!”

Twilight pushed me again, this time towards the refrigerator-sized jocks.

But they didn’t look so tough now. Their leader had a white clump of bandages and gauze was taped to the brow of his nose. The brim of his nose was very swollen too. His two accomplishes had a few cuts on them but weren’t as bad.

Twilight didn’t care. She pushed me in front of them, them marched in front of them and hissed.

“What is your problem!? You can’t just go around attacking people or making fun of them. The student handbook states on page thirty, paragraph two that violence and disrespectful acts like bullying are against the rules!” The one with the broken nose pushed Twilight aside and approached me. “Don’t ignore me! I’m explaining to you what you did wrong!”

“You…” He cracked his knuckles. I forced myself not to flinch.

“What is it?”

"I’ll leave you alone. And you leave us alone. Deal?” He held his bulbous hand out in a sign of peace. The other students gasped. Not one to question good luck, I ran with it.

“You leave Fluttershy alone too, okay?”

“Fine.” I shook his hand without looking away from him. He squeezed hard…extra hard…but that was fine. “Okay. Well…see ya.”

They left. One glanced over at me as they headed down North Hall.

“Good. They’re gone. Now let’s go tell Celestia!” She tried to push me again.

“Twilight, no. I’m not going to rat on them.”

“Of course you are! You have to! It says so in the book!”

“What book?”

“The student handbook. Haven’t you been listening?! Bullying needs to be reported immediately.”

“You heard them just now, they made peace. Everything is okay.”

“Okay? Okay?! It is not okay! They broke the rules and parts of you!”

“Calm down, you’re making a scene. Just relax. I’m not going to tell the Headmistress if I don’t need to.”

Twilight looked horrified, like she received a B on a test. Oh, the horrors! “…why not?”

Yeah, why not? At this point…Honor . I guess? Because I am a man of my word? Because Rainbow Dash thought highly of me now and I was proud of that? Something told me that no reason I could give would make Twilight understand.

“Just let it go, okay? For me?”

“Uh…I…I think you should tell on them.” Twilight flinched.

“I know. But it’s okay.”

Twilight’s face told me it was not okay, that she was not okay.

“If you say so.” She said with a huff.

The bell rang Thank god.

Everyone glanced at me when I walked into math class. One guy nodded at with respect.

Rainbow Dash was sitting near her window, looking up at the clouds. By herself. I approached her calmly.


“Hey.” She spoke without looking at me.

“So...Score has a broken nose.”

“Yeah. You hit him really hard. And everyone in school knows that you did.”

I looked behind me. The other students were well within in ear shot. “Thanks.”

“Don’t mention it.”

The teacher entered the room. I rushed to my seat.

Author's Note:

Twilight “Don’t ignore me! I’m explaining to you what you did wrong!”

God, that line is SO Twilight.

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