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Starswirl Academy - Original Rainbow Dash Route - wolvenfire86

The former RD story for the upcoming VN Starswirl Academy

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3 - Confrontation


Description: Fluttershy gets bullied. You choke.
Note: This chapter was a collaborated piece written by me and Seanessy (www.fimfiction.net/user/Seanessy). He’s a cool guy; you should go read his fanfics....after mine.

“Sheesh, where to now?” I ask myself after I leave the library. Twilight was pretty upset with me. But if I leave her alone with a few books and a few hours, she’ll be fine.

Suddenly with free time on my hands, I walk down the campus breezeway. A beautiful hand-crafted wooden frame over polished stone. This school has such an old feel to it, like the whole thing was imported from Europe and given a modern update when they reassembled it.

This place, though it made me feel like a strange, had a charm to it that wasn't in my last school.

Just before I start to reminisce down memory lane, I see something come from around the corner.

A tiny white blur runs my way. A little rabbit darts between my legs and circles my ankles several times before hiding by my shoe. I pick the little guy up and it buries its face in my armpit

“Angel! Angel, where are you?! Please come back!" Fluttershy shouts as she runs around the same corner. She looked worried and exasperated, like she had been chasing the scared animal for a while.

When she spots me next to her pet, she fearfully looks down. A clump of her hair covers half of her face.

“Uh, is this yours?” I ask, trying to be kind. She nodded, not making eye contact.

“Please don’t hurt him…” She whispers coyly.

“I…wasn’t going to hurt him. Why would I?” She responds with a timid squeal. “Okay, okay, here. Take him.” I stick my arms out and present her pet the rabbit. Her doe eyes glance up at me, then back to the ground.

Eventually, the fragile girl reaches out.

“Th-thank you.” She takes her pet…and in a flash she becomes a different person. A glowing smile, a gentle voice and a bright eyes appear from the scared child who was there a second ago. Her bunny nuzzles its nose on hers as she speaks to it. “Who’s a good boy? Don’t run away from me again Angel. I don’t have fast wittle feet like you do.”

A moment of happiness comes and goes. Angel fidgets and squirms, struggling to get free. A rough voice hollers for it.

“Come back Angel! Where’d you go?!” A rough voice calls out.

Fluttershy squeaks again. She tucks her head between her shoulders. The rabbit squirms and slips out from her grasp, then scampers through my legs again. This time he darts away. Fluttershy runs after him…but freezes in horror before she can get far.

Three burly jocks approach us, pounding their feet and dragging their knuckles. I knew these kinds of guys. I had seen their type before, in my old school. Slow, lots of power, and hard to stand up to.

The shortest one of the trio had messy brown hair covering both his eyes. He appeared cruelly holding Angel by his ears.

“A pet on campus? I think that’s against school rules, ain’t it Dumbbell?” He tosses the helpless rabbit to his friend, the most muscular of the three. His vest was a size too small. His slick gray hair and casually covered eye made him look like a grade-schooler on roids.

"Yeah, it is Score. As good, helpful students, what do you think we should do?” Dumbbell tosses Angel to Score, the second tallest. I could tell he was a lackey. His black hair also covers most of his eyes, probably to mimic the style of his comrades.

“Maybe we can introduce the little guy to the lunch ladies. Cook up some rabbit stew. Whattaya think Hoops?”

“I think that sounds like a great idea! Fluttercry, don’t you think that’s a good idea?”

Fluttershy looks at the ground, still frozen. The bullies wait. She says nothing.

But she does a glance towards me.

“You lookin’ at something kid?”

Oh god, they are focusing on me now. I feel my eyes widen as two of them step towards me. I want to say...something, anything! But my tongue dries up.

“I…I um…I…”

“Oooo, a man of many words!”

The three of them laugh. They continue tossing the poor bunny between themselves. Fluttershy trembles

I know needed to do something. Fluttershy needed someone to help her. But...I couldn’t. I was scared.

Suddenly, BAM, I was on my knees. Someone shoved me from behind hard and pushed me off my feet without giving me time to react.

Rainbow Dash walked up to the bullies, not flinching.

She was barely half their size and weighed probably less than what they ate on a daily basis, but that didn’t stop her from grabbing Hoops’ shirt, pulling him down to her level and shoving her nose right in his face.

Leave her alone. Ugly.” She ordered. I heard him gulp.

“Or what?”


“Just leave these chumps alone man. They aren’t worth our time.” One of them says to their leader.

"Yes I am. I’m sooo worth your time. Come on Ugly, let me show you how much my time is worth.” Her grip tightened. I heard her knuckles grind on each other.

The two followers looked at their leader, waiting for him to do the work for them. Angel took that opportunity to leap out of their arms and hustle back to Fluttershy.

“…forget it. Let’s get out of here.” Score tried to pull himself from Rainbow Dash’s grip. She didn’t let go and he couldn’t budge. “Come on, let go of me.”


“I said let go.”

“I asked why.” She pressed her forehead to his and a villainous grin appeared under her nose.

“Um…Rainbow Dash…could you…I mean, if it’s not too much trouble…could you, um, let them go?”

“Are you serious?”

Fluttershy nodded, still unable to move.

“They, um, aren’t…n-not that I’m ungrateful but…fighting is not worth it. They aren’t worth it.”

Rainbow Dash stared at her friend, the gears turning loudly. She pulled ‘Ugly’ back down and poked his chin.

“You got lucky this time. Don’t let me catch you picking on my friends again. Ever. I’m gonna be watching you.”

“Yes ma’am.” His voice squeaked. Rainbow finally let him go. The trio tried to act like that confrontation didn’t bother them as they marched off.

“Um…th-thank you.”

“Yeah. Sure.”

“No really. That was…”

Rainbow Dash: “Shy-girl, it’s cool. That’s what friends are for, right?”

Fluttershy fidgeted…then threw herself at Rainbow Dash, smothering her with a big hug. Rainbow Dash groaned and softly patted her on the back.

The ordeal shocked and impressed me. Rainbow was a featherweight and still scared those bear-sized guys like she was the bear.

“Rainbow Dash. That was amazing-hey!” Before I could finish my compliment, Rainbow grabbed the collar of my shirt and pulled me close to her face as aggressively and threateningly as she did with Dumbbell. Her violet eyes stabbed through my heart. Anger oozed off of her.

I tried not to flinch as her…but it was hard not to with those hard knuckles grazing my chin.

She let me go after a few seconds, then huffed. And shoved me again. She walked away.

“What did I do?”

“I’m sorry. Dashie just-”

“Leave the loser alone Fluttershy! He’s not worth it, remember?”

Fluttershy looked at her friend, then at me. She rubbed both her pointer fingers on each while she hesitated.

“S-s-sorry___:.” She hurried off after Rainbow.

I looked around. A few kids were staring at me. Some looked concerned. Some gossiped. I turned my head and left.

I couldn’t blame Dash for being upset with me. I was upset with myself.

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