• Published 19th Jul 2013
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Starswirl Academy - Original Rainbow Dash Route - wolvenfire86

The former RD story for the upcoming VN Starswirl Academy

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Description: Rainbow Dash finds you after talking with Applejack.

They predicted rain all weekend and through Monday. My alarm clock stayed silent on Saturdays. After this week, I needed a day of rest.

My blankets shielded me from the cold air in my room. The mornings were getting chillier. Snow and icicles were only weeks away.

I enjoyed the safety of my warm, cotton cocoon and I listened to raindrop splash on the window in peace.

But then…a knock came at my door. Heavy, rapid, obnoxiously loud.

“...ugh. Why now?”

I knew Dash was on the other side of the door. These things always happen when you are most comfortable.

I counted to three, jumped out of my bed and folded my sheets on top of each other, hoping to preserve the heat. The bitter cold air pinched my skin and woke me up in seconds.

“Hang on.” I was just in my undershirt and shorts. I threw a hoodie on and pulled the door open. “What is it Das-”

Dash was dripping wet, shaking, eyes filled with sadness. Her hair was stringy; drops of rain fell off her bangs down to her mud stained sneakers.

“What happened?” I asked, worried.

“I....I...got caught in the rain.”

“You’re soaking wet. Get in here.” I pulled her in and grabbed a bearby bath towel for her. “Jesus, you’re a mess. How long were you outside?”

“...a few hours maybe?”

“What? Why?!”

“I needed to clear my head.”

“Outside in the rain?”

Rainbow Dash dried her hair off and rubbed the black circles under her eyes. Maybe Applejack’s exhaustion was contagious.

“I saw AJ.” She said coyly.

“....you did?”

“Yep. Late last night.”

“Take your hoodie off. You’re going to get sick.”

She rubbed her nose and obeyed. Her thin undershirt was so wet that it was see through. I didn’t stare, but I also didn’t mention it.

“We’re okay.” A limp smile appeared between her dimples. “She wants to be alone for a while but....we’re okay.”

“That’s a relief. What did you tell her?”

Rainbow shook her head, telling me their conversation was private and both girls wanted it to stay that way.

“I was really scared.” She gulped.

“Of what?”

“That she hated me. That she’d never want to speak to me again. That I’d lose years of great memories....” Dash scratched her head. “…I mean, years of decent memories.”

“Always a wiseass comment, huh?” I ruffled her hair with my palm, doing it on her for once. She smiled.

“AJ told me what you said to her.”


“I think.” She took a minute to think. “T-thank you.”

“Dash. It’s okay.”

“It’s...” Dash sneezed. More raindrops fell off her.

“Um....let me hang this up.”

I folded her soaked hoodie over my arm, trying to keep the water from dripping on my floor, failing. I hung it over the shower curtain in the bathroom.

“How long were you outside?” I shouted, but she didn’t answer. “Dash? How long were you outside?”

Still no answer.

I stepped out of my bathroom…and Rainbow has fallen asleep on my bed. Her energy had finally run out.

She curled up into a little ball with her knees near her chest and her arms on top of each other. Her eyes were closed so gently, and her breathing was very slow. Almost the way a cat sleeps.

I pushed a twirl of wet hair off her face.

“…Applejack…” Her leg twitched as she talked in her sleep. She looked cute. She didn’t normally look like this. It was refreshing…though it would have been nice if she didn’t act that way on my bed.

I decided to let her sleep. I pulled my cozy blanket over her shoulder and tucked her in. I grabbed my keys, my umbrella, and went out to get some breakfast.

“…mm!…” I thought I heard her say something, but when I looked back at her she was still asleep.

---times passes---

When I came back an hour later, with some coffee and an egg sandwich for her, she was not there. Her clothes were gone and so was my umbrella.

I looked out my window, towards the track field, half expecting her to be jogging with an umbrella in one hand. But she was not there.

“I was hoping you’d stay longer…” I sighed in disappointment.

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