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Starswirl Academy - Original Rainbow Dash Route - wolvenfire86

The former RD story for the upcoming VN Starswirl Academy

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26 - Apple-fight


Description: Applejack and Rainbow Dash have an argument.

My chest and arms ached when I woke up. Putting my clothes on hurt.

Twilight was not waiting for me. Odd. Maybe she overslept? Nah, that doesn’t sound like her. She probably went to class early.

I left without waiting for her. I wasn’t sure why, but something told me she wasn’t coming.

I had to fight to stay awake as I walked to class. My sore bones made walking a chore.

“Hey…” Rainbow slowly walked next to me. She looked as exhausted as Applejack did the last time we saw her. With her shoulders hunched over, her hoodie pulled up and two cups of coffee in hand, she looked like she was nursing a hangover.

“You look tired.”

“…I am.” Her voice sounded raspy. She coughed softly, then handed me one of the cups.

“I hope it’s the way you like it.”

: “You didn’t have to get me this.”

“I know that.” She pouted briefly. “…last night was…so…ugh, man, I need a nap.”

“You and me both. Everything hurts right now.”

“I think you’re a bad influence on me.”


“If you had refused to help me, I would have given up and gotten a good night’s sleep.”

: “Oh yeah right. Like you would have given up just because I didn’t want to help.”

“I would have man, I would have so given up. But you put so much pressure on me…how could I say no?”

“Yeah, all that studying and math I tell you to do…how ever do you put up with me?” I figured it’d be more fun to playing along with Rainbow Dash’s teasing instead of arguing. And I was right.

“…haha. You should keep that.”

“Keep what?”

“That smile. It’s a nice change from your trademark mope.” I reached up and touched a grin. I was starting to smile around her without knowing it. “…um…so, I’ll be there today. Studying…”

“What in the heck were you two think’in!?!” Applejack yelled at us as she stormed up the walkway, stamping her boots loudly, fuming like an angry bull.

“Heya cowgirl. How goes it?” Rainbow Dash sipped her coffee.

“Ah asked you what were you two think’in?!”

“You mean right now or sometime earlier this week or…what?”

“I knows it was you last night Dashie! Ah can’t believe you’d think ah’d be alright with this!”

“I have to tell you, I don’t know what you are-”

“Stop it! Stop it right now! Ah didn’t think ah needed ta tell ya’ll not to steal my property!”

“Someone stole your stuff? When?” AJ looked so mad that I thought she was going to cry. Rainbow acted so casual about this that it seemed to make it worse.

“Dash-” I spoke up, but then Applejack turned to me!

“And YOU! I didn’t expect you ta be the breakin’ and enterin’ type! I wish ah could say I was surprised by this from Dashie, but ah’m not. Guess you can’t trust anyone, can ya?”

“Hey, hey, don’t pick on the new guy.” Dash stood up for me. “He didn’t do anything.”

“Be quiet!!!”AJ’s voice echoed. Other students looked at us. Yikes, she was angry. I had never rage like that in someone before. “There is absolutely no…ah don’t wanna any excuse! You both went behind mah back, just like that and….and…I know you talked ___ inta this!”

She pointed at Rainbow, who finally flinched. But the tomboy still stood her ground and batted the finger away.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Dash said to Applejack. “Maybe you should remember to lock the back door to your store before you fall asleep on your couch.”

Oooooh god.

“I knew it! I knew you did it! If it weren’t all them peoples tellin’ me they liked my new employees, it’s dem dang gloves you left laying in mah driver’s seat!” Applejack pulled one of RD’s long board gloves out of her pocket. Rainbow kept her guard up. “How can you just lie ta me like that?! How can you put yourself in danger and think I’d want you to do that?! I was this close ta callin’ the police when I woke up.”

“….gloves. So what? It’s not like I made those. You know how many thieves and burglars shop at the same fashion outlet?”

“Dashie, ah swears, you’re drivin’ mah patience so bad that a could….ah could….ah can’t even think straight right now!” Applejack pulled on the edges of her hat. I heard her teeth grind.

“AJ, calm down!” I begged her.

“Don’t you be tellin’ me what to do!! If I tolds yas a hundred times, you both wouldn’a listened ta me! You know what could’a happened!? Ya’ll could have been arrested!! What if a police office just happened to drive by and see two teenagers in a truck that wasn’t theirs?! What if they pulled you over?! Or if someone called the police cause the person who delivered their stuff weren’t me?! I wouldn’a been able to help either of you!!”

“AJ, stop yelling. People are looking.” I pleaded with Applejack as her eyes started swelling up with water.

“Let ‘em look. We didn’t do anything wrong.” And Dash stubbornly made the situation worse.

“How can you even…Dash, you don’t ever do this ta me again!” Applejack gritted her teeth. “You can’t just…you can’t just do whatever it is ya’ll feel like! Ah trusted you not to do something and you went and did it anyways!”

Dash narrowed her eyes and growled out a response. “Stupid. Riiight. Cause making you four thousand bits for you in a few hours is stupid. And making sure you can keep your stupid store just so you can work yourself even harder, yeah I admit that part is stupid.”

“Dash, maybe your should-” I tried to get them both to calm down, to now avail.

“This ain’t about mah store. It’s about you and that messed up head’a yours. I told yous I didn’t want ya to do anything.”

“You don’t always need to ask for a favor from a friend. Especially one that makes you richer.”

“AH! DIDN’T! WANT! YOUR! FAVOR!!!” Applejack screamed. She threw the glove to the ground and turned redder than a cherry.

And that was all as much as her eyes could handle. She started crying, only a little but tears came.

“What part of that don’t you get?!” She whimpered. Her normally strong attitude had been worn down to the bare bones.

“But you got it what you needed anyway. You’re welcome.” Rainbow Dash crossed her arms, like Applejack had offended her.

“Dash, seriously. Stop it.” I knew this was going to get worse.

Applejack: “Be quiet. Fur once in your life, be quiet!” Applejack ordered. Rainbow Dash ignored this command.

“I’m sooo glad this thanks I get for helping you something you couldn’t do yourself. This is my praise for wasting my night so your get to stay in school, so you don’t get sent back to the farm, back to that darling redneck family you like so much and-”

Applejack’s open hand swung at Rainbow’s face and cracked against her cheek.

Rainbow finally stopped talking.

AJ trembled. Her emerald eyes were burning, her tan skin pulsated with redness.

“You stay away from mah store…and mah family…and yous stay away from me. Ah don’t want nuthin’ do to with…with…” Applejack covered her face with her hat, then furiously ran off.

Rainbow stared as she left, her own eyes filled with bewilderment. Her fingers touched the pinkish mark AJ had left on her cheek. The rest of her face was white as a ghost.

“Dashie?” I didn’t know what to say. Or what to do. Or what to think. Rainbow bent down and picked her glove off the floor. She was shaking. “Dash?”

“Uh huh?” She dropped her glove and had to pick it up again.


“Yeah. What?”Her voice was weak. I heard her foot tap up and down.

“…I….are you….um, that…”

“Hey, that’s great! Listen, figure out what you wanna say. Write it down. Mail it to me.” She patted my shoulder and left. Everyone stared at her.

This was another time when a teacher would have been great. And once again, there was none.

Rumors spread in minutes. Applejack and Rainbow Dash were both called into Celestia’s office to discuss the outburst.

I had to sit through homeroom and listen to the slew of gossip. Some girls said AJ punched Dash and the two had a full blown fight. Others said it was a lover’s quarrel.

These rumors made no mention of me. I wasn’t sure if I was grateful for that or is was bother by it.

Math class felt so much longer than usual. The professor taught Binomials. I didn’t take notes. Dash didn’t either.

She stared at her blank notebook with her pen limply in hand. Her face looked like a broken mirror, like a shattered reflection of her real self.

I spent most of class watching her, worrying, wondering what she was thinking. That frown didn’t belong on her face.

“…psst…” I tried to get her attention, but she didn’t move.

“Do you have anything you’d like to add?” The teacher caught me.

“Uh, no sir.”

He went back to teaching and I went back to worrying.

---time passes---

The lunch bell rang. For once, Rainbow Dash didn’t run to the door. She didn’t even get out of her chair. She sat like a lifeless doll with no one to pull her strings. Even the teacher noticed and raised an eyebrow.

The students whispered as they left, spreading more gossip.

I went to her before others could.

“Dashie…” I put my hand on her shoulder.

Rainbow Dash: “Yeah!” She sprung up out of her chair and grabbed her books. A grin popped back on her face. “What’s up?”

“Are you okay?”

“Fine. How are you doing?”

“You don’t have to pretend…”

“Pretend? Who is pretending? Come oooon. It’s Rainbow Dash you’re talking to. Let’s get lunch. You’re buying.”

“…yeah okay.”

She led the way. Her chin was up high. Her eyes looked hollow.

Rainbow Dash: “How boring was that class today? Bi-what-i-als? Why can’t he ever talk about sports?” She bit her carrot in two and chewed loudly.

“You seemed pretty out of it.”

“Yeah, cause I’m sleepy. And bored. Coffee only lasts so long. You gonna eat that?” She point to my brownie and grabbed for it before I could answer.

“…do you want to talk about it?”

“Nope.” She ate half of her chocolate treat in a few quick bites and rubbed her stomach. “Why is all the best tasting stuff so bad for you? I wish they made vegetables that tasted like chocolate.”


“You know what? We should do that. I bet we could figure out a way. We could mountain of cash if-” She stopped. Her face went pale again.

Applejack walked by us with her own lunch. She stuck her nose in the air and huffed, refusing to look at us. Rainbow Dash looked crushed.

: “…you know what? You’re right. A celery stick that tastes like cotton candy, why didn’t I think of that?” Rainbow Dash nodded limply. “We could ask Pinkie for the facts. She knows everything about sweets.”

“…she does.” Rainbow faked another smile. “I’ll be right back. Bathroom.” She tripped on the leg of her chair. “I meant to do that, I meant to do that! I’m…I’m….I’ll be right back.”

---time passes---

She didn’t come back. Lunch ended and her tray still had food on it. I took my brownie back.

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