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Starswirl Academy - Original Rainbow Dash Route - wolvenfire86

The former RD story for the upcoming VN Starswirl Academy

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21 - What did you do?!

What did you do?!

Description: You and Rainbow Dash have an argument.

Two hours or so after I started working, I heard a loud banging on my door.

I hoped it was Twilight, and hoped I could find out what was bothering her.

“Open!” A funny voice came from behind my door.


“Open!” I unlocked the door. Dash flew inside before I could fully turn the handle. “What did you do!?”


“What the hell did you do!? Giving up and calling it quits is not the same thing? It’s okay to admit when you’ve bit off more than you can chew? When did you suddenly become a life coach?”

“Stop yelling, calm down!”

“Applejack told Fluttershy about your little ‘pep talk’.” She quoted with her fingers. Her squeaky voice mocked me. “What the hell is wrong with you? Telling AJ to give up on helping her family?!”

“I didn’t tell her that.”

“You might as well have. Applejack is actually thinking about it now. You don’t know what that store means to her family.”

“If it means that much, why is she there all by herself? She can’t handle all of that work alone. She’s still a student.”

“She’s the hardest worker in the whole world and you told her it’s okay to quit. That’s like telling your Twilight friend that she’s weird for reading all the time. Shows how well you know your friends.”

“Applejack is exhausted! Lord knows what all this stress is doing to her grades or-”

“The grades! Again with the grades and the homework!” Rainbow Dash was shouting now, and without meaning to I started shouting just as loudly.

“Those are important and you know it! Stop telling me I’m wrong for thinking that. AJ should be taking care of her school work and worrying about her classes, not a job that an adult should be doing for her.”

“AJ should do what she wants to do!” Rainbow Dash stamped her foot hard.“And she should have the support of her friends while she does them. She shouldn’t hear that ‘it’s okay to quit’ B.S. She should hear stuff that motivates her to do everything, because she can it and has done it and she can do it again.”

“You always make fun of her! And challenge everything she does!” I started yelling now.

“That’s what I do! All that poking and prodding gets her off her ass and makes do awesome stuff! You don’t improve when someone tells you you’re fine the way you are. You improve when you know you can do better.”

“You are putting pressure on her!”

“And she kicks ass when she’s under pressure! You can't force someone to change. They have to want it, and that's how I remind AJ that she wants it.”

“Not everyone thinks like you do!”

“Well maybe they should!”

“Well maybe you shouldn’t waste your time yelling at me. Maybe you should do something about your friend’s problem, since you’ve done such a great job so far.”

“Well maybe I WILL!” The painting on my wall wobbled as RD slammed the door on her way out. She took my peace of mind with her when she left. Again!

God, what an infuriating girl.

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