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Starswirl Academy - Original Rainbow Dash Route - wolvenfire86

The former RD story for the upcoming VN Starswirl Academy

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1 - Enter Rainbow Dash

Track Star

Description: After meeting Applejack in the cafeteria, Twilight stays in the library while pinkie continues the tour. The two then meet Rainbow Dash, the school’s coolest athlete.
Note: This chapter, while written by me, was also a collaborated effort whereby the whole Starswirl team gave input, their revision and feedback.

Summer is not going away fast enough. I wipe the sweat off my forehead as Pinkie's much longer hair flaps around wildly. She skips happily as she leads me outside, unphased by the heat.

Maybe Twilight had the right idea staying in the library. I'll bet it was air conditioned. Then again, she'd probably be in there for hours just staring at the books without actually reading any. I can imagine her, browsing shelf after shelf, making mental notes of which ones she wants to check out later.

If Twilight was nothing else, she was predictable.

“Like, wha'cha thinking about?" Pinkie stopped skipping and tilts her head as she asks me a question.

“Uh, nothing."

“Well...it doesn't really look like you are thinking of nothing."

"I was just thinking about my friend."

“Really? What a co-wink-e-dink. Cause I was thinking about my friend too. But I have a bamillion friends so there's not much else to think about. Except maybe candy. And songs! Want to hear another song?"

"NO! Thank you, but no."

“Okie-dokie-lokie. But Twilight'll be fine. 'Member how happy she was when we got to the book-a-torium? Oh, wait. Like, of course you do 'cause you were just there with me. But some people have really bad memories. Did you know goldfish only remember things for like a few seconds? I read that on a website once so that means it’s gotta be true"

Does this girl ever slow down?

“I... didn't know that." I say to her softly.

“Didn't know what?"

“I didn't know that goldfish have such memories of a few seconds."

“They do? How do they remember each other's names, then?" She rubs her chin and thinks about it. I can't tell if she is kidding or not."Oh well. Forget about goldfish. We're here!"


“Here! I mean, we're always here, but now here is not where we used to be and we are in a new here. Like, here-here." Predicting that I wasn't going to get a straight answer from my bubbly tour guide, I took a look around myself.

We were on top of the small hill overlooking a large sports field. It had a track field, a soccer field and two posts at both ends for football. There were a pair of school banners hanging over two football goals and the track's lining was freshly painted.

A few leaves leaves were spread across the bright green grass. A cross-eyed girl with the gray sweater vest raked a few leaves into a small pile, whistling loudly to herself as she did. Guess some people enjoy manual labor.

I see the track and field team sitting on the benches and listening to the coach as he delivers a pep talk. I can't make out what he was saying.

“This here is where everyone plays sports." Pinkie starts up again. "They practice even when it's cold out, like in winter. Brrrr! Can you imagine running in short-shorts in the snow for hours and hours and hours and hours and hours and hours and-"

“Is the track team good?" I stop her before she hurts herself.

"They aren't bad. But Applejack and Rainbow Dash are the best."

“Who is Rainbow Dash?"

Pinkie gasps. "You don't know Rainbow Dash? Like, really? Like, really-really?"

“I'm new here, remember?"

“I thought everyone from everywhere knew Rainbow Dash. She brags a lot so it's hard to not hear her. She's super-fast and totally awesome, so she kinda deserves to show off a bit. OH! Pinkie bounced in front of me and points down to the track. “Lookie! Lookie lookie lookie! There she is now!"

I follow her pointing finger. The coach is still giving his pep talk. I heard him as he pointed. "Okay, this is for you new recruits! Pay attention! You can all learn a lot from this young lady!" He directs the crowd's attention to the second lane of the track.

I spot a girl with... Seriously? Rainbow colored hair?! I rub my eyes but...nope, I'm not seeing things. Her hair looks like it belongs in an 80’s metal band.

And even though we were a good ten yards away, I could see a bold grin under a pair of focused eyes.

"Ready, Dash?" The coach askes

“I was born ready." Her smile widens. The coach takes out his watch, blows his whistle and...

“Here she goes!”

Like a bullet flying out of its chamber, she fires down the track field faster than my head can turn. She finishes a full lap in seconds and abruptly stops herself by grinding her soles into the ground. I think I saw some smoke puff out of her heels as she came to a sudden halt. The younger track members applaud her.

She bows and shakes her fists victoriously in the air. Then bows again.

“Thank you! Thank you! The rumors were true. I am as awesome as you heard.” The crowd swoons and she bows a third time.

“See?! Isn't she fast?" Pinkie is clapping too, and whistles once.

“I didn't think people could run like that." I confess.

“Come on!" Pinkie grabbed my wrist again. “Let's go meet her!" Pinkie tugs me down to the field and shoves me on the field. “Daaassshie!"

The runner rolls her eyes, puts on a fake smile and nods at us.

I can get a better look at her now that I am close. She's very thin and kind of short, but in fantastic shape. Her legs are firm, her waist is trim, and her frame is sleek. She catches me staring. But instead of looking uncomfortable or embarrassed, she grins, like she knows she's in great shape and knows that I know. Her eyes, which are an exotic shade of violet that shimmer in the sun.

“Okayokayokay." Pinkie clears her throat. "Rainbow. This is ___. He just transferred here with his stuffy, book-wormy girlfriend."

Girlfriend? Who, Twilight?

“Uh, Twilight's not my-"

“And, ___...this is Rainbow Dash. The coolest gal around!"

“Sup?" She pushes her fist forward. I hesitate before bumping it. Her knuckles are like rocks.

“H-hey. Nice to meet you."

“Hehe, yeah. It is nice to meet me."

“Where’s Applejack? Did she come to show off to the freshmen too?"

“Nah. She’s probably just scared I’ll show her up again. Plus, I don’t show off. ‘Showing off’ implies that I need to try to look amazing." Yikes. Talk about an ego. Her pride takes me me off guard, but not as much as...

“She's been training super-duper hard, ya know?”

“Let her train all she wants. She’s not out Dashing me in this lifetime.” ...her voice. Wow.

“But Applejackk always beats you in the field sports, doesn’t she?" Pinkie tilts her head again.

“Well, uh, yeah. She beats me in those ‘cause she’s got lumberjacks ancestors or something."

“Haha." A laugh escapes from my throat. Rainbow's eyes glans at me quickly, then she continues.

“AJ's brother is proof that her family is part-tree. But I, as a compact and travel-sized sportswoman, have a more spunk than she does."

“Travel-sized?" Pinkie puts her finger on her chin and gets lost in thought.

“Haha-" I cover my mouth. Rainbow glares at me again.

“You better be thinking about something funny that happened earlier, small fry." Small fry? Yeah, says the one half my size. I try I stifle my laughter before continuing.

“I'm sorry. It's just... It's nothing."

“It don't sound like nothing. It sounds like something. Come on. I want to hear it. Tell me. What is sooo funny?" She aggressively calls me out. My instincts tell me she's the kind of person who'd be more upset if I did not tell her the truth.

“It's just... It's your voice."

“Yeah? What about my voice?" She suddenly looks genuinely angry. Perhaps I hit a soft spot? She takes a few steps towards me and I move back.

“You sound-"

“I sound...yeah? What?"

“You sound kind of funny."


“...uh, your voice is all. It’s a little squeaky and high-pitched and...”

“My voice isn't- cough-cough- My voice isn't squeaky." She tries to deepen her tone. I try not to laugh again.

"It's a little bit squeaky."

“Back of bub! I don't need to sound awesome to be awesome!"

“I believe you. I saw you run. You were really good." I try to change the subject. She keeps glaring. “Are you the star athlete I’ve heard about?”

“If you heard about a star, it must have been me." She points a finger-gun at me and fires with her thumb. "I'm as fast as a bullet, but a hell of a lot deadlier. So watch it with the insults.”

"Uh...right. My bad." I force myself not to gulp. I have a feeling that this girl wasn't one to give empty threats.

“So...you're new huh?"

“Yeah. This is my first day. Pinkie is showing me around."

“Pinkie? Pinkie is your tour guide? Oh God, I'm so sorry." She teases her friend, but Pinkie is still lost in thought.

"She’s been helpful and all. But…she can be a little…"

“Dude, trust me. I know what you mean. I’ve known Pinkie for years. Triathlons are less exhausting than listening to Pinkie explain how stuff works." She looks at Pinkie, who rubs her chin and keeps thinking about...something. "Haha, ask her where babies come from sometime. If you want a good laugh."

“Ooooh! I get it now. I get it! Pinkie suddenly snaps out of her contemplative trance.

"There, the lights are back on. What’d you get Pink?”

“What you said earlier about being travel-sized. I figured it out!"

“You're a quick one, ain't ya?" Rainbow rubs the brim of her nose.

"You were talking about your boobs, right?"


“Yeah, they’re travel-sized. Right? Isn't that what you meant?”

“What the hell Pink?! What the hell?!" Rainbow crosses her arms and blushes. She looks at me like she’s worried I’ll suddenly start judging her. Yeah, like I didn't notice her chest was small until someone else pointed it out. “We can't all be stacked bimbos like you!"Rainbow leans close to Pinkie, trying to intimidate her I guess. Pinkie just smiles widely and doesn't break eye contact.

“I'm not a bimbo. I'm a cheerleader."

“Tom-ay-toh, tom-ah-toh."

“I'm not a tomato either, silly. I'm more of a cupcake! Or a cake. Oh! Or a cake covered in cupcakes!" She giggles loudly again.

“I've- I've- Ugh. Never mind. I'm taking my travel-sized everything and hitting the showers." Rainbow walks away, embarrassed and annoyed. "Later ___. And watch yourself."

“Uh, yeah. Bye." I limply wave to her.

“Rainbow! Rainbow! You didn't say bye to me! Raaaainbow!" Pinkie waits for Rainbow to turn around, but she doesn’t. “…BYYEEEEE!"

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