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Starswirl Academy - Original Rainbow Dash Route - wolvenfire86

The former RD story for the upcoming VN Starswirl Academy

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18 - Study Session 2

Study Session II

Description: You and Rainbow have a second study session. Things once again do not go as planned.

The sky was heavy again by the time class ended. Depressing, dismal. Yet Twilight was skipping as we walked back to her room.

“Let me guess. You got a good grade?” I asked her as she started whistling.

“How’d you guess?”

“Just a hunch.”

“Hehe, you're right! I got an A and a compliment from the teacher. The whole class glared at me afterwards. I bet they were jealous.”

“Um...yeah. Jealous. Totally” A gust picked up. Twilight caught her skirt. I pretended not to notice. "I wish it would just rain already and not tease us. It’s been cloudy all week.”

“...hey ___.”


“...I have a question. About Rainbow Dash.” Twilight blushed a little.

“Um. Okay.”

“...do you...like her?”

“Yeah, she’s nice.”

“I...no, I mean...do you...”

“Oh, you mean like that? No. I don’t like-like her.”

“It would be okay if you did, really, I me-mean it. I mean, I don’t…uh…I just don’t think you two have a lot in common.”

“We don’t. We’re just study partners.”

“Okay.” Twilight looked relived.

I dropped her off at her dorm room and rushed back to the library.

The librarian gave me a nasty look as I walked inside. Guess he was not the ‘forgive-and-forgive’ type.

Rainbow wasn’t there yet, like she warned, so I made myself comfortable. I read through Lazlo’s work and highlighted the parts of his theories that sounded important.

Several minutes later, Rainbow Dash came into the library and was greeted by an equally sinister look from the old man. She noticed his angry eyes as she walked passed his desk…then walked back to his desk.

“Good afternoon sir~!” She spoke loudly. “And isn’t it lovely afternoon?”

“Please keep your voice down and be respectful of the other students.” He grumbled. He knew what she was doing.

“Sure thing sir. I’ll be quiet as a mouse. You won’t even know I am here. Promise. Not a peep. No sound out of me. As silent as a sunrise and as quiet as a-”

“SIT DOWN!” He shouted. Rainbow skipped away.

“Sup!”’ She said to me as she jumped in the chair next to mine

“I’m sorry sir. She isn’t usually like this.” I tried to explain.

“I’m usually worse.”

“Shhh!” The librarian scoffed. His head crept back behind to his newspaper.

“You don’t need to egg him on like that. He’s just doing his job.” I nagged her.

“So am I. I’m being awesome.”

“Uh huh. How is the pay for that ‘job’?”

“Not good, but the perks are great.”

“Can we just study?”

“Sooor-ry. What crawl up your butt?”

“I just don’t want the librarian to kick me out. Again.”

“Fine.” She stretched, reaching for the sky. I shook my head and turned back to my notes. Rainbow’s hand grabbed my textbook and she pulled it to her. “What are you reading?”

“It’s for my psychology class.” I pulled the book back to me, and she pulled it to herself again.

“You picked psychology?”



“Headmistress Celestia said I could pick any class I wanted and I thought this would be interesting.”

“Celestia said you could take any class in the school, and you didn’t take an easy one?”

“That’s not the point of school.”

“…I don’t think I’ll ever understand you Egghead-types. Why go for the complicated classes when you can go for easier ones that are more fun ones? I’m in shop class, and it’s awesome!”

“You’re also in advance math. And if you want to get into that Air Force Academy, you should get studying.”

She rolled her eyes. “Yes dad.”

---time passes---

For a while, there was nothing to say. Rainbow Dash made a genuine attempt to learn the concepts in her math book. The library was filled with a comfortable, welcoming quiet that admittedly felt odd with Rainbow in the room.

The stillness was broken only occasionally by the librarian’s cough or the crumpling of a page as it turned. Other than that…silence.


“…” Long, peaceful, silence.

“…you used to play basketball, right?” Dash's shrill voice broke the peace like a rock smashing through a glass window.

“Uh, yeah. Freshman year.” I answered without looking up from my book. I didn’t like talking about my brief time in sports.

“Why didn’t you keep playing?”

“Didn’t we talk about this already?”

“I don’t know, maybe. But whatever. Why didn’t you keep at it?”

“I’m not a huge sports fan.”

“So what? You don’t have to like professional to like basketball. Plus, exercise is fun.” I heard her knee bouncing, woodpecker-ish again. That quirk reminded me of Pavlov and his dog. Maybe the mere thought of sports might have been connected to Rainbow Dash’s increase in anxious energy.

Speaking of Pavlov, Rainbow Dash also reminded me of a word a female dog.

“I guess, I don’t know. It wasn’t for me.” I confessed.

“Do you play video games?”

“Not often.”

“I hate sports games! They are for fat people can’t go out and play with a ball, but have no problem playing with their own joystick. Wink-wink.”


“That was a joke.”

“Yeah, I got it.”

“Tough crowd. What do I need to do to get applause, a cartwheel?”

“Please don’t. I’m still jittery from the ones you did yesterday.” She stuck her tongue out, then chuckled. “You’re in a weirdly good mood today.”

“And you’re in an extra crabby one. Seriously, what crawled up your butt?”

“What crawled out of yours?”

Can’t a girl be happy once in a while? Maybe I am just happy to see you.” She grabbed my cheek and pulled on it the way my overweight aunts used to do when I was seven.


“Shhhhh!” The librarian hissed again.

“Sorry sir!”

“Lighten up Newbie," Rainbow laughed, "I’m just playing. Speaking of playing, wanna go find AJ and get a basketball game going?”

“We have to study.”

“We can study more tomorrow.”

“You said that yesterday.”

“The court is free right now. Derpy told me it’d be unlocked too.”

“I think this is why your grades are bad.”

“Darn! Looks like you figured out the mystery Professor. That psychology-learning is paying off.” She kept her grin on. I didn’t like it. She was just being nice. I think. She wanted me to play basketball, to have fun.

I looked at my textbook, then at her. And quickly grew frustrated with her lack of focus.

“We...really need to study.” I lifted the book up and covered half of my face.

Rainbow blinked in disbelief. Her smile vanished. She was, for a minute, unable to process that rejection.

“…tsk. Fine.” She crossed her arms and looked away.

She didn’t study. Or speak to me. Or turn her head. She looked outside and watched the clouds.

Rainbow’s leg stopped bouncing. I felt the temperature drop.

No, she’s just trying to make you feel guilty. Don’t give in.

But then again…she was happy to see me. And she got upset when I turned her down. Was she looking forward to hanging out with me?

Nah. She just wanted to play basketball and needed my permission to leave early. That must have been it.

Moments passed slowly. RD eventually leaned back in her chair, balancing on one leg, and grunting whenever I looked at her.

I fiddled through a few pages, pretending I was working, but I kept losing focus as empathy filled my head.

How would I feel if I wanted to hang out with someone and they refused me? How would I feel if someone else treated me the way I had treated RD?

An echo of my own voice popped up in my head…“I promise I’ll have fun, later.”

“Urrr. Fine! I’ll play basketball.”

Rainbow jumped up, caught her chair with her foot as it was falling, and poked her face inches from mine. Her smile reappeared.

“You will? Really?”


“Awesome! And don’t worry, we’ll study tomorrow.” She grabbed her books and darted out the door before I could say ‘wait up’. As I stood up, Dashie poked her head back in the library... “Well, hurry up!”...then left again.

I stared at my psychology work for a few minutes, thinking of my research paper.

“….I’ll do this…later.” Wherever she may have been, Twilight growled. I knew she did, I felt it.

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