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Banded together from the remote regions of Equestria, the Legion of Gloom seeks to do grave harm to the Mane 6! How they will do this without killing each other first is beyond me.

Chapters (3)
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Great. Pinkie Pie has competition in being aware of the fourth wall.....:pinkiehappy::derpyderp1::rainbowlaugh:

My mind = :pinkiecrazy: That was a pretty funny story. Good job

I laughed so hard I think my called the funny farm.

This is comedy gold my friend, monty python-esque stuff!


I agree with everyone here, this is golden!

Oh my Celestia...what did I just read? I think I'm about to suffer from a seizure, due to laughing too hard. Derpy making her usual cameo...Pinkie's random items "talking" and everypony being confused...Owlowiscious being just as emotionless as he always was...the perfect in-character-ness of all the characters...brilliant! Simply freaking brilliant. This is so hilarious! :rainbowlaugh:

Trixie being with Blueblood just freaks me the hell out...but, other than that, once more incredibly hilarious. From start to finish, it kept the story going, but never failed with the comedic jokes and puns. Derpy was cute, Pinkie's role fit her so well, for some reason I find Photo Finish to be beyond funny, and everyone else fit in just perfectly, too. :twilightsmile:

Like the others have said, this was pure gold! Derpy just completes the whole thing...breaking the fourth wall in all pureness! But, she has a point; the whole "it was only a dream" cliche is beyond aggravating, so I'm with Derpy there. But, man...everything...it was just so perfect! The characters, the actions, the dialogue...all perfect! This was seriously beyond hilarious. Great job! :pinkiehappy:



Wow, I don't think that story could get any more meta. Mildly amusing.

Okay, I didn't expect the turn to meta-fiction in the final chapter, though Derpy's earlier comments should have tipped me off.

The inclusion of Pinkie Pie's imaginary friends--err, imaginary foes--is the cherry on the cake. :rainbowlaugh: A cake iced with evil, of course!

Derpy, you make a delightful running joke!

I like how everyone, Legion of Gloom and otherwise, is absolutely horror-struck at the Trixie / Prince Blueblood pairing. :trixieshiftright: :rainbowhuh:

Too funny!

I think my favorite part was Fluttershy telling the animals not to claw out eyes or chew off limbs "this time" . . . but the whole fight scene was faaaantastic! And then the ending with Derpy . . . comedy gold! :derpytongue2:

Oh my goodness, that was completely amazing. I loved it. Every single big of it. Every. FREAKING. BIT.

Yeah. I think I laughed too loud just then :P My mom came to investigate - and when I told her I was reading something about ponies she was just like, staring at me.

:rainbowlaugh: But still, best. Freaking. Story. Ever.

Blueblood + Trixie = perfect comedic pairing.

Epicness. In spite of it being All Just a Dream.

I loved reading this story a second time around.

I really need to say no more.

Bloody brilliant my friend.

:heart: I see what you did there. Meanwhile at the Legion of Gloom.

All just a dream or was it?! dun-dun-dun

This is BULLSHIT! Why was CHAOS not invited?!:trixieshiftright:

Chaos wasn't gonna read this. Then Trixie x Blueblood and FAVORITED!

I have no idea why I hadn't read this story in its entirety until today. Personally, I blame the bucket of turnips, the pile of lint, the bag of flour and the stack of rocks. It was all their fault, I know it!

This definitely deserves a spot on my favorites list. It's just too funny and silly not to!

I believe I've skimmed through the sequels to this before, but I think it's time I read them properly. Till then, marvelous work! I know for a fact that you've only improved from these earlier days!

I loved how no one knew why the inanimate objects were at the table. :rainbowlaugh:

443441 do you mean Discord? All the villains are from season 1 :ajbemused:


I forget this story. What were they invited to?:rainbowhuh:

Oh hey.
I've read this before.
But it was on Google Docs.
I didn't even know it was here.
Lemme just favorite this for ya.

Ew...Trixie and Blueballs? ewwww :raritycry:
Lol, this is hilarious so far.

Ha, totally called Owlowiscious being a double-agent the moment he was mentioned :ajsmug:

:trixieshiftleft:Yes, he is quite perfect...
:raritycry: He was completely awful!

Pinky :pinkiehappy: breaks the fourth wall the running gag was amusing, but Derpy :derpyderp1: does not

Pinkie vs. Sir-Linsalot & Co. sold it for me. :rainbowlaugh:

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