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During a storm Rainbow Dash hurt herself and crashed into the Everfree Forest. When she woke up she found herself in a cave where she met a pony named Shiron. Who is this pony and why does he live alone in a cave in the Everfree Forest? Moreover is he a friend or an enemy?
A new adventure for Rainbow Dash and her friends begin that will change their lives forever.

edit: This story will take part between season 2 and before the end season 3. That means things like the cutie mark of the CMC, the return Gilda, alicorn Twilight or anything after season 3 will not happen or will be different

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This is the first English story I ever wrote because usually I write German stories. None of the chapters had been fixed my by pre-readers and I fear there are still some grammatical errors :fluttercry:
Anyway I hope you'll like my story :pinkiehappy:

BTW I’m searching for a better name for my story. If you have any good ideas please post them^^

Interesting story that I will keep track of! Can't wait for more chapters! :pinkiehappy:

Thank you :twilightblush:
I'm still working on the fourth chapter. I won't want to spoil but I can tell you that the fourth chapter will be the biggest chapter so far.

BTW I fear I need a new pre-reader because my first pre-reader is too busy and my second pre-reader is inactive for two week now :fluttercry: If anyone want to be my pre-reader please leave a comment:twilightsmile:

i really enjoy this fic and i was like :pinkiegasp: when it said he was a alicorn keep up the good work :twilightsmile:

Thank you:twilightsmile:
The new chapter is almost finished and I'm sure I can publish it this week:yay:

:rainbowhuh:Say what now. He didn't lose his memories!

Well, it's a sad story about the life of an alicorn. I won't spoil anything but when you'll read the fifth chapter you'll understand why he said it.
Unlike all the other OC alicorn stories my alicorn will be different. He isn't the powerful and godlike pony like Celestia or Luna although he is having the same potential. He has problems with being an alicorn and with his past.

Can't wait for the next installment! Great work! Yes there are a few spelling errors but it doesn't break the flow for me at all.

hey if you need a pre-reader just message me ok :twilightsmile:

and ill start reading the rest of the story lol


I hope you'll like the other chapters :twilightsmile:

:ajbemused:A painful amount of errors are making this hard to read....might want to proof read and fix your grammar, punctuation, and SPELLING. Seriously, this writing has a SERIOUS lack of commas. :facehoof: Other than that, interesting piece here. keep em going! :pinkiehappy:

I hate you.... you just had to end with a cliff hanger.... MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAR!!!!:flutterrage:

sorry^^ but I'm working on the next chapter :scootangel:

I just wish that equestriadaily would give my story a chance instead of rejecting it for a rule that doesn't even exist :fluttercry:

60568 its probably the rule where no matter what rainbow dash's wings can never be hurt.... i remember when they put that up ....... think they said something like rainbow dashs wings cause of ep 3 season 2 can withstand a nuclear rainboom its impossible for her to hurt her wings... I really don't get why they implemented that rule in the first place.

the mane 6 feel kinda out of character

but it is interesting and the chapters are long which is a good thing

no, it was something with " do not shipping with an oc alicorn". I mean there are tons of shipping stories with oc ponies and alicorns and there are stories with oc alicorns (Nyx). So why not shipping with an oc alicorn? I checked it and this rule doesn't exsist on EqD

This is my first real pony fanfic so I still need to improve my skills^^ However I'll try my best to keep Rainbow Dash in character since she is a main character in this story (unlike the other mane six)


omg...LE GASP, cant wait to see what happens nextr

I think this is very very good! It's a great storyline and is enjoyable to read!
Soemtimes the flashbacks of previous episodes aren't really necessary, but other than that I think this is wonderful! I'm excited for more! :D

thank you^^ I already work on ch3 but I’m not sure if I can finish it before Christmas.


thank you^^

I’m sure you’re talking about the cockatrice flashback and the flashback about the medical herbs. To be honest I added both flashbacks later.

However I can tell you that I haven’t planned more flashbacks except for ch3, ch6 (although it’s not a real flashback) and the climax of the first book with important flashbacks

74770 You don't seem to understand they mean "no shipping with alicorns DIRECTLY" They never said a ship story couldn't have alicorns in it, just not shipped.

I am on your side though. The EQD rules are fucked up. I love this story and i want it to continue.

Celestia is a stalker or psychic :trollestia:!!!! I can smell a lot of chapters and really good ratings! THUMBS UP!!!:pinkiehappy:

i need chapters!!! MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:pinkiehappy:

Well, for EQD shipping with Celestia, Luna, Nightmare Moon or OC Nightmare Moon is fine but they are anti oc alicorn.:fluttercry:

thanks. I don’t really understand why they are against alicorns. As long as they are well develop an oc alicorn story can be interesting. Luckily fimfiction don’t have rules like EQD:pinkiehappy:

thank you^^ I’m still working on the next chapter:scootangel:

Sorry, but there won’t be any Trollestia or something similar:twilightsmile:
thanks. yep, there will be many more chapters (11 more chapters for book 1 and many more chapters for book 2 and book 3)

Don’t worry, I work as fast as I can:raritywink:

Can't wait for more, it's AWESOME:moustache:


The new chapter is finally finished:pinkiehappy: After my pre-reader fixed all errors I’ll publish it:twilightsmile:

nice new chapter! looking forward to seeing some more Shiron/Dash romance soon. :)

Looking forward to romance but this story is amazing enough already But keep increasing the awesome levels.

How is it possible that you guys commented on this chapter 14 weeks before I did when it only appeared today?

I’m glad you liked it^^

thanks. I already started to write the new chapter. Why do you think it’s Shiron/Dash?

thank you. The romance will have to wait a bit but with every chapter the romance part will grow:raritywink:
I’ll try my best to keep or maybe even increase the level:pinkiehappy:

that’s my fault. Some weeks ago this fanfic was called “Tales of Equestria” and although it had the same plot it had a different structure. For example Chapter 2 (now chapter 1) was split in two chapters. The old comments for this chapter had been for the old chapter 4 (now chapter 3).

sorry for the confusing :pinkiesad2:

This story isn't too bad, and you did draw out rare personality for an alicorn. I shall track this story and give four stars.


When I saw alicorn I was dissapoint, however you actually managed to create a scenario where it was cool. ALL MY INTERNETS TO YOU SIR

I hope english isn't your first language, because it's pretty weird to read.

I'll try my best to avoid any kind of the typical clichés about OC alicorns (like being over-powered)

thank you. I heard a lot bad comments about OC alicorns but I'm glad you give my story a try. I'm trying my best to create a well-written alicorn and although he has the strong alicorn magic like Luna and Celestia I'll mostly try to write about his life as being an alicorn; the good and the bad parts.

English is my second language and this is the first fanfic I write in English:twilightblush: I started with stories in German and asked friends to translate them into English but since I'm a brony I write in English and send new chapters or fanfics to pre-readers. Sadly even the best pre-reader can oversee mistakes

What things do you find wierd to read?

435187 I'm responding to this like 7 hours after I last read this fic so idk any details, but I remember about the "Male" pony thing. I mean... wtf? It was Pinkie or something who was like "What is she doing with that male pony", where as it should have been "What is she doing with that colt..?" I don't know man but in most scenarios all human words(boy, guy, man) should be simply put as 'colt'. I hope this makes sense, since I'm not sure if I'm making any.

It makes sense to me and I'll fix it.
thank you^^

When is the next one gonna come out!? :flutterrage: i am going :pinkiecrazy:

this one is my favorite! a little tiny bit of romance, a sonic rainboom, her best friends care, and rainbows past life!

I’m very sorry that it takes so long to finish the next chapter:fluttercry: I have a very bad writer’s block right now but I nevertheless try my best to finish ch4 as soon as possible

thank you^^ I’m always happy when someone likes what I write:pinkiehappy:
I’ll promise that there’ll be more of Dashie’s past in later chapters^^

? did you change something? or what couse it says it updated and I don't see anything.

yes, the whole 4th chapter is new although this version only is a preview.

I would never forget this story:pinkiehappy: Sadly RL issues have caused a very bad writer's block:raritycry:

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