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"Same meat, same bone... but so very different."


"Twilight... are we worthy to walk among gods?"
"I don't know, Fluttershy... but we can try to keep up with them."

When Sunset Shimmer breaks into the Crystal Palace and steals the Element of Magic, Princess Twilight Sparkle and her friends must give chase and follow Celestia's former student into an alternate dimension... a dimension where they must walk among the mighty heroes of the DC Universe!

Thrown into a world beyond their comprehension, Twilight and her friends ally themselves with the Justice League of America to put a stop to Sunset before she can cause any more damage. But when destruction rains down on Metropolis, the JLA are held accountable and forced into exile. Without Earth's protectors at their side, the Elements of Harmony must assemble a new team of heroes before one of the greatest evils in the Multiverse is brought to Equestria's doorstep...

This fan fiction features re-imagined takes on various characters from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (and a few OC's) made exclusively to fit the DC Universe.

This fanfic is part of the "Nobleverse."

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Green Arrow and Captain Atom vs Parasite? Not bad at all.
Sunset Shimmer using a Boom Tube? Pretty good indeed.
I like where this is going.

3224351 Thanks! I have a lot of stuff planned so I hope you stick around! :pinkiehappy:

Wow, that was a quick reply.

Don't worry, I'll be right here for the next chapter.

P.S.: Put the Justice League International here and you will gain a very happy fan.

Equestria Girls in the DC universe eh......Well just one very Important question............Joker? Maybe? :pinkiehappy:

3225016 Shh! You'll spoil what I have planned! :trollestia:

Interesting. There is very little to go on at the moment, but based on the description, I have to wonder: how on Earth is Sunset Shimmer any sort of threat to the likes of the DC Universe?

The DCU is a superhero universe; powers and threats that would reduce Equestria and everyone on it to stripped atoms are routine there. You could take every powerful entity from Equestria (Celestia, Luna, the Elements, Chrysalis, hell, throw in Discord), put them all together - and they still wouldn't qualify as anything more than a minor nuisance by DC standards. How is one unicorn with one Element going to make enough waves to get the entire JLA exiled?

I'm guessing it has something to do with her 'associates', but still... Going to be hard to pull that off in a credible fashion.


Let my try and come up with an answer to that. One possibility is that Sunset Shimmer has brought very powerful magic from another universe and is using it in very corrupting way. Upsetting the space,time continuum.:derpyderp1:

Or given that she used a boom tube. She might now be in a alliance with a certain 4th world character:rainbowderp: and given that the elements of harmony have some sort of personalty altering ability:pinkiecrazy:.


That's just it; what sort of magic could she possibly bring with her that isn't utterly insignificant compared to the shit that the DCU deals with on a regular basis? Her own magical powers as a unicorn (assuming she retains them as a human) are not even worth mentioning. As for the Element of Magic (only one out of six), yay, you've just been upgraded from 'naught' to 'gnat'. Same with brainwashing magic, also a dime a dozen in the DCU.

We're probably thinking the same thing about who's waiting for her on the other side of the boom tube, but I can't for the life of me figure what she could possibly have to offer him.

3227586 I appreciate your concerns with what's been established. However, do not fret! All of this is building to something and I think you'll be pleased with the next chapter once that is ready for publication! :raritywink:

Like i said the elements were able to remove Luna's hatred and sunset's arrogance so one could say they change one's personalty. And if used correctly they could be the answer to certain "math" problem he has.

3227586 just thought i would say this, superman isn't perfect, and he is the strongest hero in the DCU. he has been beaten by the joker (yes, you read that right) and despite his vast(ly stupid) amount of power, he has a 0% Resistance to magic. sure i don't think the mane 6 are as capable as most DC heroes, but strength isn't everything.

also, discord could beat superman in a fair fight, not 100% of the time but still.

Justice League and ponies? WHY DIDNT I KNOW ABOUT THIS!:flutterrage:


I shall follow this with great interest.

The first few lines felt a bit off, but all in all it's a decent start. Though keep in mind that crossovers can be a bit tricky sometimes. You've got two different audiences to cater to, one slip up plotwise and you'll lose half your reader base. So basically, don't have Superboy Prime punch reality :raritywink:

Hope to see what you've got in store ~

Sunset is playing a very dangerous game, I don't know how long she's been in the DC universe so I don't know how well she understands the danger that is Lex Luthor. She's not just playing a Game of Thrones against Celestia and the Justice League, LL is another and more dangerous player in the game. Not to mention what other players may catch wind of this.

3343053 That's actually kind of the point I was trying to get across. This isn't like Canterlot High in EqG. This is the DCU, here! We're talking some major players! Not just with people like Lex but also with new characters like Grave Shot (who's one of this stories OC's, by the way).

Luthor of course planning to stab his allies in the back as soon as he has what he wants. Sunset Shimmer is playing with fire here.

Love Grave Shot by the way, he reminds me of Slade from Teen Titans for some reason.

3343198 Again, that's actually intentional. Grave Shot's biggest influences were probably Deathstroke and Bane when I first came up with him. He's not the only OC in line for this fic, but he's definitely one you'll want to pay attention to. He's going to be the Boba Fett of this story. I think you'll like him!

3343210 So he makes a room cool by just standing in it.

3343272 Yes... only he has more of a backstory going for him. I'm planning on having chapters devoted entirely to fleshing out the backstories for most, if not all, of the OC's in this fic. So look forward to that! :raritywink:

An excellent chapter. I had a feeling Lex Luthor would be involved, he's always the go to villain for big DC crossovers and I really hope Sunset Shimmer has something really evil planned. Although I hope somewhere in the background of both Lex's and Sunet Shimmer's evil plan, a certain someone is manipulating all the events of the story to make sure that it ends.....WITH A NICE BIG SMILE! :raritywink:

Also so, Grave Shot is basically Sunset Shimmer's Bob? (Batman 89 reference)

3344043 Well, I don't want to spoil it, but I think you'll like the characters that'll show up in this fic. :ajsmug:

As for your second question, I wouldn't necessarily go that far (hell, I think even comparing Grave Shot to Boba Fett is kind of underselling him). Though I will say that Grave is currently Sunset's "Number One Guy" so to speak. I think you'll like where he goes character-wise!

I think we all can see that Shimmer will suffer for trying to outsmart Luthor.
And this new guy, Grave Shot, for me it seems like a mash-up between Deadshot and Deathstroke, he seem promising.
I can't wait for the next chapter and there is only one thing to say:
More Villains!

3344618 Now that you said that I kind of want to here this line in the fan fic.....No matter how bizzare it will sound in my head. :pinkiecrazy:

Graveshot reminds me more of Taskmaster from Marvel U.

Which DCU are you going with? There are so many different continuities these days it's hard to keep up.

As for the power comparison people keep complaining about. Magic is a serious game changer in the DCU. A sorceress really only needs to worry about Dr. Fate or Zatanna as heavy hitters (yes there others but they tend to be B level or lower heroes.) As for say, the Specter, he's not likely to get involved unless it's a Crisis level problem. The only person who would be a problem for an overpowered Sunset Shimmer would be Batman, simply because he has contingencies for magic users. In fact, as long as Sunset Shimmer keeps her head down and works in the shadows the Justice league (not counting The Batman) probably won't even know she's there until it's too late.

She's really more of a Question, Blue Beetle (Ted Kord), Booster Gold kind of villain.

3529355 Well, to answer your question regarding continuity, I like to think that it takes place in its own canon. However, it has elements of various influences that make it recognizable enough for everyone to jump right in without knowing 75+ years of stories (and I'm not just talking comics here).

I'd like to talk about this more in depth on my blog here, but some of my biggest influences for creating the DCU for this fic were the DC Universe Online MMO and the various animated shows (Justice League Unlimited and Young Justice, especially). Those elements will still be there, don't get me wrong! Any reader familiar with the DCU or any of its incarnations will spot these influences a mile away (the nod Pinkie gives to Arkham City, for instance)! It's just that this is easier for readers that aren't as well-versed in DC's canon. So don't worry! Trust me, I know what I'm doing! Superman will still be the Big Blue Boyscout and our dear Princess Twilight will be as adorkable as ever! :twilightsmile:

As for Sunset Shimmer, I won't spoil what I have planned for her. But given that she has people like Lex Luthor and Grave Shot at her side, it's going to be a big deal... hence why the Spectre would call upon our girls and dragon to their world! I think you're all going to like it!

Man, this comment was long-winded, wasn't it? I'll have to expand on it in a blog soon. :raritywink:

Well, hell. Specter showed up with dire warnings. Shit has reached Crisis level of bad. A Flash must die... please let it be Flash Sentry :rainbowlaugh:

I loved Pinkie Pie Arkham City reference. (I actually read a fan fic where they did go there) Now I'm interested to see what Sunset Shimmer going to do, I mean what door she's going to open. Not being to familiar with the DCU (Mostly familiar with Batman, Superman and The DC Animated Universe, and Arkham) I'm going to be surprised. Can't wait to see the worlds collide and the characters you introduce.

How is it such a big game changer? There's a metric buttload of magic users in the DCU, both heroic and villainous. What makes Sunset Shimmer so different that a heavy hitter like Luthor would give her the time of day? Setting yourself up as queen bee in a high school is one thing, but these are the big leagues, no pun intended. I'd really like some explanation how she pulled that off, right now it just comes off as authorial fiat (aka Because The Plot Says So).

Speaking of heavy hitters: two pairs of glowing red eyes. Uh-oh. Daddy's coming to town. :twilightoops:

3531646 Well, if it's something so critical that the Spectre needs the ponies' help, it's gotta be a big deal, right? So maybe Sunset has bigger plans than just being Queen of the high school. Especially with Lex secretly funding whatever it is she has up her sleeve.

Wonder if they will keep their respective strengths when in the DCU. IE: Horns/Wings/Magic

3531692 You'll find out in the next chapter! :raritywink:

My point exactly. She got out with the Element of Magic and herself, just like in EQG. From that starting point, and with two years to work with, becoming top dog in a high school is perfectly credible, no need to explain how she did it. But what she's accomplished in the timeskip here is one hell of a lot more ambitious.

Where did that 'big deal', whatever it is, come from? And how did she get Luthor on board, especially if she didn't even tell him what the plan is? A bit more explanation as to how she got there is needed to keep things credible, in my opinion. If she's going to be promoted to 'cosmic threat', some justification is needed, or it'll just fall flat.

At least, that's how I see it.

3531768 Well, you'll be pleased to know I have that planned in later chapters. Everything will make sense as you read it, trust me.

Bloody hell, you're fast.

At replying anyway, if not necessarily at writing. :trollestia:

Btw, do you have any idea why part 2 never showed up in my updated list? I didn't know this had even updated until part 3 showed up there.

3531787 Hrm, I don't know. Perhaps the fic wasn't in your favorites list? I think there's a difference in "Following" a writer and "Favoriting" a particular story on this site. It's weird like that, I guess. :derpytongue2:

I don't follow writers at all, I just use the favorite list as a way of tracking stories for new chapters (since the site doesn't have a proper follow or bookmark function). But sometimes a particular story update just doesn't show in the "favorites with unread chapters" list. It does seem to turn up in the feed, I think.

In fact, I had a case of that today; the chapter was password-protected, so it didn't turn up in my list, but the update did show in my feed. Did you password-protect part 2 at any point maybe?

3531834 Hrm... maybe. I'll have to look into that. Thanks for bring this up!

3531732 Curse you and your cheeky wink sir! :moustache:

This was awesome, now I want to see what happens now (I can't be the only one who noticed Raven at the end).

Mane 6 vs Teen Titans.


Ah a classic first meeting. Confusion, fighting, then finally teaming up.

Please tell me it was Rainbow Dash that decked Gardner!?

3663324 Well, it's not exactly the timing I find weird about the episode, my friend. I'll explain about that more when the next chapter comes along.

I'm not exactly up to speed on the DCU, but isn't Guy Gardner a Green Lantern? I'd think it would take more than a few freshly humanized ponies to put him down for the count.

Please please please, tell me that Guy went down with one punch.

3666391 Mmmmmmmaaaaaaybe~ You'll find out in the next Chapter! :raritywink:

By the way this seems like a mash-up between the comics and the animations, whose characters will play a mayor role in further chapters?

I would enjoy the EG body main6 in the power pony costumes, can someone get to fan art-ing that. The power ponies name's have to many pony-puns and the main6's regular names work fine as super hero names for me.
It would be adorable if puppy Spike was in Humdrums over sized cape, I wonder how much of a fan of the power ponies he is at this point.
I'll give my take on the main6 + Spike, there basic powers and there power pony power ups, and how well they'd fair as superheroes

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