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The Psychopath

I adopted the name of my beloved creation and have been spreading the word of the Illogic since. Tell me, are Illogic and chaos the same thing? https://ko-fi.com/theworldofillogic

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2860380 Tis but science. YOU DARE DEFY IT?!

2860441 I was going to make a second one of those, but I lost my idea once I started it.:applecry:

Did you forget about Fluttershy? I thought she was the element of kindness

2860472 True, but it would've been too obvious.

The fuck did I just read?

~Skeeter The Lurker

2860530 Science is what you read.

I had many laughs. PEACE HAS BEEN ACHIEVED WITHOUT VIOLENCE! :twilightsmile:

You AXEd it! :D
It would help if you shoot not only straight...

First guess was "no way that is fanfic with ponies and the peacekeeper game" xD

2879951 What a coincidence! I made a story with Twilight explaining science.

Ah, I remember playing The Peacekeeper for hours on Kongregate. SO MUCH PEACEFULNESS!

Beautiful. I made it to wave 69! :P

It's.... So beautiful.... PEACE! :twilightblush:

2861020 My thoughts exactly :twilightoops:

10/10 would PEACE again.

I must say when they were making axe jokes, I thought they were going to throw cans of Axe body spray at her.

Sanity is overrated --Vergathos

5120446 [youtube=XhI0OVs_zj0]

What the peace did I just read.
I peacing love you.

May I introduce the most ironic story on the internet....

6362246 Irony? I don't...I don't know what you're talking about.:coolphoto:

6362246 Irony? I don't...I don't know what you're talking about.:coolphoto:

6363584 oh... I'm pretty sure you do. :trixieshiftright:

6364067 Nooo...I...I dunno what yer talking about...

I... I have to read this now. The description alone reminded me of Power Thurst.

...I am left dazed, confused, yet awed.... I look to the sky and voice the One Question, that I am allowed within this life of silence I have taken, to the Hevens, and even, the Underworld, which to this day still echos through those cold lifeless tunnels (Forever Annoing the bugger out of poor Hadies) and that Question is: "What Have I just Read?"....

6898843 Peace talks without violence.

its so peaceful its sickening, im a modern man, i need violence in my fiction.

I’ve played the game before.

Quite a long, long time since someone commented on this story.

Usually don't get responses to comments now.

Eh not that long of a time.

Well, considering feedback is far and few between nowadays.

Hah. I remember that game. And I remember this fic from ages ago because of the crazy cover. :rainbowlaugh:

Your profile picture says otherwise

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