• Published 11th Jul 2013
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Wolf In Pony's Clothing - Ardashir

Ardi the wolf is hiding out in Ponyville from an angry dragon and enraged ponies. Oh, and he's disguised as Rarity. AND a fear of Changelings and other monsters pretending to be ponies stalks the land. What could possibly go wrong?

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Epilogue: Ponyville

Epilogue: Ponyville

Above Ponyville, Celestia’s sun sank towards Red Dragon Peak and the Everfree; Weather Patrol pegasi moved clouds in preparation for tomorrow’s scheduled rain. Even at altitude, they could hear the party sounds coming from Sugarcube Corner. Especially Vinyl Scratch’s magically-amplified “Bass Cannon”.

“Another party, Pinkie?” Twilight neighed over the blasting music. “What about yesterday?”

“That was the ‘Welcome to Ponyville Ardi’ party,” the bouncing pink earth pony bubbled as she balanced another plate of cupcakes on her poofy mane. “This is the ‘Welcome Back Real Rarity and Cheer Up Sweetie Belle’ party!”

“Yeah. Whatever.” The purple unicorn looked across the semi-crowded banquet/party room. Applejack riding herd on the Cutie Mark Crusaders, Derpy riding herd on Dinky, Spike pigging out, Berry Punch sneaking one right from the punchbowl, Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon under the grim gazes of their mothers, and one exhausted-but-no-longer-demented white unicorn and overwhelmed yellow pegasus in the corner by the door.

Twilight sent a spark from her horn towards Rarity and Fluttershy; when she’d gotten their attention, she gave them the same signal she had when they’d fled the Gala, and two unicorns and one pegasus made for the outside door.

The old well outside where the street branched was far enough from Sugarcube Corner that they could talk, but close enough so Pinkie wouldn’t come searching for them.

“Thank you so much, dear, for getting us out of there. At least here it’s quiet…”

“I like quiet,” Fluttershy near-whispered.

* * *

Afternoon shadows slid across the street as the three ponies talked away by the well.

“So my, I mean our, costume idea worked better than we thought,” Twilight Sparkle said over the remaining party sounds, nodding at her two friends. “Oh, the thesis I’ll be able to write for this!” Rearing up, she clapped her hooves. “No way to make polymorphs permanent? Hah! All I needed was Equestria’s greatest designer! Hmm, I may need another copy of that suit when I make my presentation though. My old professors in Canterlot will never believe me without a working example. Oh, and by the way Rarity, congratulations on getting your designs in with Finest Silk.”

“Thank you, dear,” the white unicorn said. “But really, another copy of that suit? Of moi? Admittedly, there can never be enough beauty and grace in Equestria, but,” she shivered, a ripple passing along her purple mane, “Perhaps we can make one of, oh, some other pony?” Her eyes seemed to sparkle. “Perhaps Rainbow –”

A frightened gasp and neigh interrupted her; Fluttershy eeped as the other two turned to see. The three Flower Ponies coming out of their shop stood frozen like statues in the Palace Gardens, eyes wide, staring at Rarity. Lily reared back in terror, ready to run.

“Not again! Look…” The white unicorn opened her mouth, wrinkled velvety lips back to reveal the flat teeth of a pony, with the fangless gap between incisors and molars. “I am NOT That Wolf!”

Lily dropped back onto all four hooves; the three earth ponies left, casting nervous looks over their shoulders as they trotted away. As they disappeared past Sugarcube Corner, Rarity grumbled, “How long am I going to have to be doing that? Half the town seems to think I've ALWAYS been a wolf!”

“Oh, not too much longer. I mean, you can if you want to.” Fluttershy shrank back under Rarity’s dirty look. “You’re not still angry about me hiding Ardi as you, are you?”

“Dear, that did bother me a bit, especially when I saw That Wolf pretending to be me with your and Spike’s connivance.” Rarity shook and settled herself. “That said, I am pleased that Princess Celestia stopped off here with him on their way to Stalliongrad.”

That had been the day before. The Princess at Town Hall, reading her proclamation to all Ponyville with an uneasy white wolf at her side. Everypony happy except maybe for Lotus. Everypony decamping to Sugarcube Corner for Pinkie’s “Welcome to Ponyville Ardi Party” while Celestia left “to pay another state visit” to that dragon in the Everfree.

In true Pinkie Pie style, the party had lasted until Celestia set the sun, its guest of honor staying far away from the pink party pony the entire time, hiding out with Fluttershy and the CMCs. Twilight grilling Ardi on lupine social structure and culture until Fluttershy had to threaten her with The Stare. Ponies spilling over from the bakery into the street, most of them trying to get a look inside Rarity’s mouth to prove she was still a pony until the frustrated mare finally bit one of them. Then at the end, the Princess returning for Ardi and Lotus’s teary cider-fueled goodbye to Captain Longspear and his wolf tails. And Sweetie Belle’s even more teary goodbye to Ardi, the wolf sporting a CMC capelet with obvious embarrassment.

“Um… How is Sweetie Belle taking it?”

“She cried a bit.” Rarity smiled, the smile usually reserved for dreams of meeting her Prince Charming. “I had to let her into my bed and snuggle her – her and her Wavedancer plushie – until she finally went to sleep. She misses ‘her wolf’.”

“Did you tell her what the Princess said?”

“Do you think that our young wolf is never going to return to Equestria? His folk will need an ambassador, and better to deal with the one who had the nerve to come among ponies peacefully.”

“But of course. It didn’t help.” A momentary pause as half the Weather Patrol landed in the street and entered Sugarcube Corner, then Rarity turned back to Fluttershy.

“You do know, Fluttershy darling,” Rarity purred to her friend, “Now that I have that arrangement with Finest Silk, I would like the loveliest and most graceful mare I know of to model my designs for her. And pegasus models are all the rage this season. Last year’s sensation, the famous Fluttershy, now appearing exclusively for Carousel Boutique!” At Fluttershy’s almost inaudible squeak, she quickly added, “I am not Photo Finish! I wouldn’t put you through that again. Just a couple walks down the runway in House of Rarity creations. And you are my junior partner in the Boutique. Though if you don’t, then hmm…” She rubbed her chin as the “IDEA!” smile slipped over her face. “Twilight, you want to make something like that old costume. And if that wolf Ardi can be convinced, then maybe you can do your Archmage’s Thesis even while I show my work…” She stopped at a frightened gasp from Fluttershy.

“Oh, please, Rarity, don’t! Wasn’t there enough trouble the first time? And I think Ardi got tired of looking like a mare.”

“I don’t know, Fluttershy,” Twilight added. “It’d be a great way to show how good my work and Rarity’s is. If we can convince Ardi or somepony else to play along, that would make for one great way of showing off just what my and Rarity’s magic is capable of.” She looked at the dismayed Fluttershy and the hopeful Rarity, afternoon shadows creeping across them all. “Anyway, it’s great that everything has gotten back to normal.” Both Rarity and Fluttershy looked at her. “At least, as normal as things get for Ponyville.”

“Still, I do wonder about some things,” Rarity said, rubbing her chin. “It’s been such a pain having to apologize to half the mares in town after Ardi’s little performance; where did that wolf ever get the idea of how to act like a mare? Certainly not from anything he found in my home!”

Fluttershy hid behind her mane, looked down at her forehooves; Twilight rolled her eyes skywards. Both of them knew about the pile of “Merry Mare” saddle-rippers Rarity kept by her bed; every year she tried to give her surplus to the Library without success.

Then a poofy-maned pink blur popped into the midst of the three. “HI EVERYPONY WHAT ARE ALL OF YOU DOING OUT HERE BY THE OLD WELL?”

“EEEEEEEEP!” Fluttershy went airborne before she knew she’d spread her wings.

“PINKIE!” the two unicorns chorused as they reared back.


Then the sugar-rushed Pinkie herded the three of them back into Sugarcube Corner. Fluttershy landing as they crowded through the door into the banquet/party room.

No sooner did they get inside between two of Vinyl Scratch’s sets when Lyra and Bon-Bon closed in on Rarity, both wearing broad smiles as they trotted up.

“Those two seem more pleased then usual with me,” Rarity observed as the sea-green unicorn and cream earth pony approached. “What exactly did I, or Ardi, do to them?”

“Oh, umm, I think I know.” Fluttershy blushed as her two friends looked at her. “You see, Ardi is very fond of me, and he, well, wolves are rather open about their affection, a-and, other things…” Her voice grew quieter as her cheeks grew redder. Rarity cocked an eyebrow.


“Well,” Fluttershy gulped as she leaned in close to her oldest Ponyville friend to whisper in her ear, “For one thing, they think that we’re...” She whispered the last two words.

"(from Lesbia...)"

“Oh! Well if that’s all, I’ll just explain that it was Ardi…,” Rarity began before Fluttershy cut her off.

“Well, not really,” she said in a weak voice. “Er, uhh, you see, it turns out Lyra and Bon-Bon have a little secret that they share with Rainbow Dash.” Rarity was about to ask her what it was when the two caught up with her.

“Close your eyes, Rarity!” Lyra called out. “It’s a surprise!”

They pulled her into what had to be one of the private-party side rooms where she smelled something awful. She opened her eyes to a scene of horror. Between ready trays of rainbow-iced cupcakes and Derpy-esque muffins, a massive plate hovered before her in the pale green glow of Lyra’s magic, covered with a bloody, dripping piece of – meat? Speechless, her mouth working without a sound, she looked at them with wide shocked eyes.

Both mares smiled at her like wolves. They sported cloth bibs covering their chests, stained a truly dreadful red-brown that wasn’t clay. Both bibs bore the pictures of a smiling griffin setting a haunch down before a pleased pony along with the legend:

Sky Dive’s Barbeque Pit

Wherever there are Griffins in Equestria

We Serve Ponies!

The mares locked gazes for several seconds, two delighted and one stunned. A third, identical bib floated up before the stunned unicorn, aglow with pale green.

“We never knew you had it in you, Rarity!” Bon-Bon looked at her almost dreamily.

“Yeah, it’s so great finding one more meat-eater in town! Hey, maybe you can make fashions for us all that won’t show off the stains!” Lyra added, hopping for joy.

Vinyl’s next set blasted through the side room, drowning out Rarity’s one-word objection, her opinion of meat-eating ponies, and what That Wolf had done to her reputation:


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Comments ( 113 )

2897163 Thanks for all the praise; I am delighted that you like the story.

I also hope some folks like that little bit at the end with Rarity discovering Lyra and Bon-Bon's little 'secret'.


2897404 I'm assuming this is referring to Rarity's little discovery at the end... :pinkiehappy: Glad you like it!

2897068 You're welcome. :)
But if I see the phrase, "...and in a bright flash, Chrysalis and the Changelings were gone." ONE more time, I'm going to punch a kitten! D:<

Also, I read the epilogues. Loved Blueblood's karma--that was brilliant! :D

Bravo for the great story. Maybe next story can be when Shy meet Ardi. I this story alot.

2898092 It just felt SO right for that to befall Blueblood.

2899240 Thanks! I don't know if you've looked yet or not, but you might enjoy checking out some of my other stories here.

And I'll have to think about more stories about Ardi and the ponies in the future.

NOW THAT"S A STORY!!:pinkiegasp: Care to take a look at mine?:ajsmug::derpytongue2:

2905708 I certainly will be taking a look; might be a few days before I can comment on it, though, given what all is going on with me. Thanks for the comment and watch!

2909031 No, wolves are more like the ponies; they can go bipedal briefly, and their paws might be better at manipulating small objects (save for unicorns), but they're much more comfortable in a quadrupedal stance.

And thanks for commenting!

2915159 No, scat means 'crap' or a somewhat stronger word for same.

2919063 :pinkiehappy: I didn't even think of that connection until now! :raritywink:

From Lesbia?

2921251 Sorry, but I figured that's how Fluttershy would say it, seeing how painfully shy she is.


I am ashamed of all of you! Why must I be the only pony to think of this!? Celestia forgive me, for this is something that cannot go undone.


~I'm Ra-rity,

Yes, I'm the real rity,

All you other Ra-ritys are just imitating,

So won't the real Ra-rity please stand up,

Please stand up,

Please stand up.~


Good sir, you win the Internet for today!

The real shame here is that you've had so few likes, and aren't in the feature box. I found this story through some significant digging, and it deserves to be seen. It is a skillfully assembled story with fun characters, great adventure, some terrific comedy, and a wonderful protagonist found in Ardi.

I'd also like to commend you on the artfully done lore building. There are some nice "old stories" here just waiting to be expounded upon. I hope to see more like this in the future! Honestly, stories like these are why I come here. Well done. :twilightsmile:

2941634 Thank you very much for the watch, the comment, and the fave! I'm delighted that I earned all this from you.

And yeah I wish more folks read my work, but I never expected to get as many people reading it as I did. And I've been getting more readers such as yourself as time goes on. Slow but steady and all that.

2954068 - You are welcome! Hopefully, slow and steady will win the race in this case. Plus, now that your story is finished, more people will pay attention. I had a handful of viewers while I was writing "Of Clouds...," but once it was done, it began to take off. Now it has thousands of views, and tons of comments, and I consider it my "worst" work, as it was my first fanfiction ever, and there are a slew of sloppy mistakes in it (I really need to go back and edit it).

I have to admit I'm the same way. I usually wait until a story is done, then I read it. I average about 3 or 4 books a day, so I read quickly, and waiting week upon week to see a story get finished drives me nuts. :rainbowwild:

So yes, please continue, and I hope you get inundated with positive reviews and comments soon. You've earned them!

2906489:raritystarry: ok then, though i haven't been there in probally weeks: i have a life to attend to, and it's very complicated.:rainbowhuh::rainbowwild::twilightsmile::rainbowkiss::applejackconfused:

2954738 Thanks again for the praise and I'll remember to go and look at your story sometime.

I like it!
Parts of it could definitely use a bit of work, mostly on the prose. The story itself is good and indeed stays true to the show in all of it's lightheartedness.

3072560 Thanks for the praise. And while I agree that the prose does get clumsy in spots, it was the best that I could do with it. I personally think it's better than the ones I've done before, and whatever I do after this will show even more signs of improvement. At least they'd better!

3562733 Thanks, I'm just glad people like it. And thanks for the fave too!

BY the way, you might want to check out my Diamond Tiara story. It's (sorta) related to the Pony POV series. More specifically, to what happened in one of the worlds seen in the Pool of Truth by Liarjack. I tried for a 50's-style Invaders from Mars feel. It'd be interesting to see if you think I managed it.

Alright! :pinkiehappy: This was just the right amount of humor, awesomeness, and running in fear! Great work! =D

3748623 Thanks for the praise! Glad you like it and commented on it.

3749082 No problem! If I wasn't so sleep deprived right now I'd reply with some more compliments, but I can't really think well enough to provide such a glowing positive review, as this deserves!

Hey, wait, I think I kinda did it accidentally! Yay~!

3810552 Thanks, glad you like it!

What a twist! This story cracks me up. I'm surprised you have so few reviews. Keep up the good work!

3904284 Thanks very much, and glad you like the story! And I will keep writing, if slowly at times. Dealing with the Pennsylvania winter is more time consuming than normal this year.

Thank you for this great story. Why become really poor writen, streamline and thousend time copied fanfics more reviews and approvel as this fine, unique and wonderful work of art? :raritydespair:

My advice? Put this story in more groups!
Unique Transformation
Changelings Need Love Too
The Changeling Federation
A Wolf Among Sheep
The Wolfpack
The Wolf Empire
Wolves in Equestria
Ponies Eating Tasty Animals
Underrated fiction

How i found your story? I was looking for fanfics with "Changling", Completed and minimum 50.000 words. Sure this is not a Changelingfic, but i am realy glade that i found your wolfstory. :rainbowkiss:

I would love to read more about Ardi, like his first visit in Ponyville.

3961251 How i found your story? I was looking for fanfics with "Changling", Completed and minimum 50.000 words. Sure this is not a Changelingfic, but i am realy glade that i found your wolfstory. :rainbowkiss:

Thanks for the praise! It's always good to know that folks are liking my work. And I'll see about putting this into those groups; I didn't even know that half of them existed, so thanks for the list.

I would love to read more about Ardi, like his first visit in Ponyville.

Well, I'm working (very slowly due to the very, very rough for Pennsylvania winter) on a sequel to this one that focuses on Queen Vespid and half the Mane Six looking for Changelings in Manehattan in-between helping Rarity at her first 'real' fashion show; and the friend who helped me with this and I have been thinking about a one-shot focusing on Ardi getting his diplomatic clothes from Rarity and meeting the Ponyville ponies out of the maresuit for the first time. As for his first visit to Ponyville, who knows?

Thanks again and so sorry this took so long to respond; again, I've been mostly shoveling snow and helping the family for the last two months and things have only just started to slow down.

I just find and read this fic.
Only 40 likes? seriously? :facehoof::moustache:

4023329 Thanks for liking it and for the praise.

You already answered that, remember?

No, scat means 'crap' or a somewhat stronger word for same.

Loved the fic! Glad I stumbled onto it. :pinkiehappy:

4130730 D'oh! Very sorry to be so forgetful.

4136369 Glad you liked it enough to comment on it! Thank you!

3961251 I finally took your advice, joined most of those groups, and sent WiPC to them. Thanks for your help and sorry it took me this long to get about it.

4200522 Thanks for the comments; and yes, she was a reference to Nyx. My editor who helped me with this is a big fan of the little filly, and he wanted to use her here.

4202577 I can accept that.
Also, I'm reading your story on my e-reader, so expect to hear more from me when I go further.
And when I'll finish, (unless there'll be some major transgressions; in which I doubt) you'll get fav as well.
I don't do that earlier to not clutter my fav box with reminders on unread chapters. :raritywink:

4203077 Thanks and I'll be looking forward to hearing your comments on later chapters.

4206861 All I'll say about 'Tia is that much remains to be revealed in this story about her, and the ponies' attitudes about wolves and changelings. Don't worry, this doesn't end in mass mayhem.

And I agree that psycho murderous 'Tia isn't good 'Tia.

4227061 Thanks for the comments and the faves! I hope you like the revelation about Celestia's real plan for the Changelings, and how she did deal with both them and the wolves in the end.

4227073 Luna and Celestia wanted Vespid's swarm to be living somewhere where they could keep an eye on them, mostly to make sure that the Changelings stay out of trouble. Remember, they just learned that Chrysalis wasn't the only Changeling Queen in Equestria, and her swarm weren't the only Changelings in Equestria. Those other Changelings might not be very happy to know that Vespid and her swarm have revealed themselves to ponykind.

That and by doing this, Celly and Luna are very publicly saying that Vespid and her people are considered trustworthy citizens and subjects of Equestria by the princesses themselves, and if you want to make trouble with or for them, then you are going to be offending said princesses. It's a quiet but effective way of warning would-be troublemakers off.

And lastly, I just thought that having Vespid and her hive end up inside Bluebood's ancestral castle (or at least a wing of it) was kind of funny given how much trouble he caused.

4227075 yes, it was good. I suspected that the whole thing was whirlpool of misunderstandings. I know that was for the sake of the story, but peaceful Equestrians hunting for wolves were a bit OOC, although I can live with that.
Nice thing with the checking Rarity's teeth, I loled. :rainbowlaugh:

“Er, uhh, you see, it turns out Lyra and Bon-Bon have a little secret that they share with Rainbow Dash.”

You got me there for a sec. I hate lesbian Dash, so I'm happy how it turned out. :rainbowlaugh:

I know that this story didn't get views it deserves, but I would love to see a sequel. Maybe not necessarily continuous story (although that would be nice), but collection of short stories. Ardi/wolves vs. ponies, Vespid/changelings vs. ponies, Rarity vs. meat eaters. Those shenanigans, it would be glorious! :rainbowlaugh::yay::trollestia:

4227100 true, but didn't they already found dead queens of other hives, that Chrysalis raided? Also it was Chrysalis who revealed their race, Vespid was first to try peace talks, so I would rather say that after invasion fiasco, other queens would be at least interested in this.
And with Blueblood it was funny, but I think that after ponies got accustomed to them, they would rather return to their original home.

4227121 I can say that there are plans in the works for more works, some short and some long (though hopefully none as involved as this one) involving Ardi, Vespid, the wolves and the Changelings. And the ponies of course. As to when, that's up in the air.

And thanks for the comments, they're very appreciated.

4200522 She was, but there are two more references as well -- Professor Bastion Yorsets and Archmage Spell Nexus. And thanks again for reading the story!

Fun and entertaining story. Also, why people think Celestia is capable of committing genocide: she is capable of risking an entire nation that was lost to time for a test her student has to fail, she throws her student to Ponyville without telling her anything, and she willingly ruins 5 ponies lives with the chance that it's permanent unless her student can do something that the greatest spell-caster of the past, Starswirl, was unable to do. Also, she also risked all of Equestria's safety based on that belief her student could fix the problems as they did not have the Elements of Harmony available for any crises during the time of the spell. Celestia then forces her student, without any consultation, to become both an alicorn and a princess. Ya, that manipulative and carelessness about individual lives makes me wonder what she's really capable of. Even though everything turned out well, there was always a chance, and in the case of the Crystal Empire a very good chance, that her plans would fail.

4296883 I should point out that neither Dash nor AJ believed what some other ponies did (about Celly planning to kill the Changelings) since, like Twilight, they know her. And they didn't send a message off to her because (a) things were going a little too fast and (b) they're both a bit overconfident, Dash especially. Despite her little fantasy they were convinced they could handle the dragon if need be.

And thanks for the comments.

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