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Adaptation of Bizet's Carmen.
Place: Ponyville, and surrounding countryside.
Time: After the pilot episodes, roughly same as "A Bird in the Hoof".

Philomena, the enigmatic, playful and somewhat arrogant Phoenix had made her presence known in Ponyville. How will the musicians cope with this most unusual bird? And how will they straighten out Fluttershy, who was smitten by her?

(This work is actually meant to be completely sung through. Playing the musical pieces while reading is highly recommended)

Scored to Cadanceverse !

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Amazing work. I have to admit, I'm not very acquainted with Carmen or opera in general, so I was reading this while watching the real Carmen at the same time :facehoof:. But seriously, what an awesome idea for a fic! I hope you will continue to write this, and that loads and loads of people will read it :twilightsmile:.

Thank you. Each chapter corresponds to one act, so there will be 4 in total. I am hoping that the audience won't be forced to lock OC characters to the roles defined here... in fact, about the only dead-set casts would be Fluttershy and Philomena. Everything else can be made variable :twilightsheepish:

The original submission was mostly script with accompany musics (and narration in quote.) That wasn't allowed under submission guideline!

Did you make your own cover? It looks quite nice :twilightsmile:

My Marching Band played the Music of Carmen for our latest field show, so I have an attachment to Carmen.

I'm one of the clarinets

Thank you! It was DIY, but I didn't do the vector on that Philomena. I will have to acknowledge the author. Oelderoth on Deviantart was the one that did the tracing.

(I used to play Tuba back in high school concert band, so I do appreciate the Sousaphone bros as well. I play Clarinet too... for fun)

BTW, Listen to this man. Mate Bacavac doing Sarasate's Carmen fantasy meant for Violin. He's practically putting his teeth against the reed to hit up the c8 and up in controlled squeaks! His glissando techniques also... nuts. Nevermind how he managed to bridge the break as if they don't exist...

Marching band doing a random act of culture! That's really sweet. The trebles did not get slaughtered! Using Xylophone's highly novel! Although not the best choice for Habanera, but in the Toreador song part...! And then the change in scale was delightful too. The medley on that video actually had the Entr'acte of act 1-2. That's not something I hear that often.

I got goosebumps when the Gypsy song came up. Christ that Percussion section solo... odd that the prelude's actually put to the back of the medley though.

Well that's fairly unique and took a bit of getting used to but once I sorted it out in my head it was good.
Its a shame it couldn't be kept as pure stage as I think that might have worked better than the duplicating of section in prose and then song.
Like swirlstar I'm not acquainted with the opera so I don't know the story and have something to look forward to.
I like the march of the crusaders bit.

One or two faults I picked up on

You will search for my son, my Flutters, my child.

I think this could translate better unless there is something about Fluttershy we don't know

Also Philamena and Opel are referred to as pulling each others hair, presumably the bird doesn't have any but I guess there's no other way of wording that.

translation error. French was mon fille, so it's girl... :fluttershyouch:

This was pretty cool. I had sort of a hard time either keeping up with the music or leaving it behind, but that's a personal issue. Outside of a couple of plural errors this was pretty well-edited.
One thing though,

That's that's all around them, so watching the ponies make sense.

I'm really not sure what you meant to say for this sentence. It confuses me. Sorry. :twilightblush:

Corrected. Thank you! I got the feeling that it would be hard to follow the operatic passages to be honest. It's hard to visualize it if you haven't gone through the entire Carmen suite first.

It'll be interesting to see how Celestia affects the prank, if she does. It seems like something she'd do. Oh, and by the way, "The alicorn was very giddy when she answered to the ponies next to her." seems kinda off to me. I think there was one more thing, some where in the song lyrics, where a line was the wrong color, but I can't really remember where.

Corrected! I don't know what I'd do without your input!
There is this one line done in red over L'amour! L'amour! L'amour! That was done on purpose!

That one was fine, it was one of Fluttershy's lines where the French was blue instead of black. ^-^

yes, he dies! Ah, I am a widow and I inherit!

Ah, Rarity the gold digger. She's not coming out of this well.

Something that's growing in this is that isn't not very Cadenceverse like really the c-verse mane 6 (apart from Fluttershy) don't do much in it, particularly this chapter Its Fluttershy, Dash, Pinkie and Rarity doing everything. It might be because we haven't entirely settled the relationship between the mane 6 or just that you don't feel the c-verse characters fit the roles well but it does seem a little ... off.

Tell me about it. The c!mane six were basically left in the dark about this entire thing! I mean... I did try to see if they can be cast to these musicals, but they are just not the right personalities! :raritydespair:

We wind up with a terrifically fluttercentric story that might be even fitting to be in mainverse... jeez.

There is actually something that I have in my mind to be honest...
The C!six being involved in the production of this opera as an epic of sorts.
"Acting out a true story, folks!" kind of a deal.


I certainly would say it was bad, it a very brave attempt to try and fit the opera into a fanfiction and you've done some great work with it, but yes I'd say it doesn't match the C-verse well. I'd certainly look forward to more of the similar in future.

It does seem to fit the m-verse better, Rainbow Dash as the strutting 'aviator' fits marvellously.


That might work better with the c-6 doing the more background work to the other ponies being on stage. I'm not sure about based on real life though.

You can then have a story about the problems of putting on a show, maybe being sabotaged by a overlooked or fired actor. Then you can pick specific numbers and scene's to show 'on stage' rather than having the whole story in this format.

I can definitely see Dash auditioning for her part in this, "There's only one pony awesome enough for this role, me!" although Lyra might be able to fill in in a pinch.

I just typed up exactly what you're saying over brainstorming!

This was astonishing, and I am left speechless. Bravo, sir, Bravo!

Thank you.
This thing had been horrifically difficult to do by the time the story moved to the mental plight of Fluttershy. It was one week of roller-coaster ride that made me just "what did I sign up for..."

Well, done, I can't say I understand all of it but if nothing else the idea of Rainbow Dash fighting in a tournament caught my imagination.

Got to say Philomena doesn't come off well toying with Fluttershy like that she could have mentioned the immortality part.

Overall something very out of the ordinary which didn't work perfectly but needed to be tried.


Yah, Red Tape gets an appearance.

for her Lordship, the mayor!

Should this be ladyship?

Thanks. will edit this now.
Several elements remain unsettled in this story (The original prank that Pinkie and Dash had in mind, Fluttershy and her mother are the two that really sticks out,) but I decided not to do a postscript, and allow this drama to end in four acts as it does according to Bizet. The last final bit about the animosity between Vinyl and Red Tape also leaves the audience with "so, what's between them?"

Anyways, thank you for putting up with reading this!

Philomena is definitely open to interpretation. She is... a bit darker than the main!Philomena, a little fatalist even, and her actions can be called "innocent malice." This is a fiery, feisty bird that deals at her terms, and she ended up getting her point to Fluttershy in a very hurtful way.

Although honestly, the drama ended up resting on Rainbow Dash and Flutters' totally different view of how to be a friend when it comes to the bird, while the bird pressed on her independent will throughout the whole thing!

Ok Planetarian, I haven't read the previous chapter but since I helped you I should at least read this one. With the parts about Celestia you did good on, I saw nothing objectionable in her character. I, Celestia's Paladin, do hereby declare this fic...

I'm a huge fan of opera and I love this!

I am more than a little amused at the idea of Angel Bunny in the role of Micaela.

It came to me when I tried to look at the dynamics of Micaela and Don José. It was not a fiery relationship at all, and honestly... about the only problem with Micaela was that she's a more of a prim and proper stereotype, which Angel Bunny is anything but.

Angel Bunny makes the first act really weird in a way. (Zuniga was kind of hitting on Micaela!)

I very interesting idea for a story. Opera, ponies, and an odd shipping couple. I liked it. This should get more reads just to show that there are wonderful ideas that have not been touched. That it's a good story too just adds to the appeal.

My jaw was hanging at the sheer effort alone this took, and such high quality too!

I honestly with I had words to express how awesome this is/ :rainbowderp::pinkiehappy:

*Whistles slowly* Pretty damned good, here. An awful lot of effort went into this, and it shows.

If I were an opera fan, I probably would have appreciated how this story was designed better.

But I'm not, so I don't, and most of the fancy stuff flew completely over my head. Still I got the gist of the plot, and give you credit at least for your hard work.

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