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Bizet Carmen - a Ponyville Production (or the Philomena Fantasy) - Planetarian

An opera, where ponies in Ponyville find themselves with the prima donna that is a phoenix... who had somehow tempted the heart of Fluttershy!

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Acte III - En vain pour éviter

The next day came in a blur.

The pranksters had decided to plan things out over Carousal Boutique, since that was a most unexpected of venues to prying eyes and to the hearing ears of ponies to the pranksters' left and right.

Pinkie Pie was on edge. She felt that there was a conspiring air of mischief in the air, and it was something that this party had to take caution against.

"Keep a low profile, my little fillies!" She chimed. "I think there's more than just us ponies that's got something cookin'... hehe. Cooking! It's about time to cook too!"

The others didn't bother to question Pinkie Pie's words of wisdom. They confined themselves within the spacious interior of the Carousal Boutique, with Rarity being very accommodating the moment she caught sight of Fluttershy and Philomena.

(Cue Choir)
(Cue Orchestra)


Écoute, écoute, compagnon, écoute,
Listen, friends, listen.
la maison est là-bas, là-bas,
house is over there, over there.
mais prends garde pendant la route
but take care along the way
prends garde de faire un faux pas!
and watch your step!

Écoute, écoute, compagnon, écoute,
Listen, friends, listen.
la plaisir est là-bas, là-bas,
house is over there, over there.
mais prends garde pendant la route
but take care along the way
prends garde de faire un faux pas!
and watch your step!

Notre métier est bon,
Our calling is a good one,
mais pour le faire il faut
but to follow it you must
avoir une âme forte !
have a stout heart!
Et le péril est en haut, il est en bas,
There's danger up above, and down below,
il est partout, qu'importe !
it's everywhere - what of it!

Rainbow Dash then valiantly pointed to the skies above Ponyville from the confines of the boutique, as she defiantly talked of how she shall proceed with her flight plan as well as the great prank to be made.

"So yea, I want to get on with this. I think that I can get the weather team to change the schedule so that the storm won't impact visibility whatsoever..." Rainbow Dash mused aloud, while Scootaloo nodded enthusiastically at her idol.

Nous allons devant nous
We go forward
sans souci du torrent,
without worrying about the torrent,
sans souci de l'orage,
without worrying about the storm,
sans souci du poneys
without worrying about the ponies
qui là-bas nous attend,
who's waiting for us over there,
et nous guette au passage -
and keeping a sharp lookout for us -
sanssouci nous allons en avant !
we go forward without worrying!

Écoute, compagnon, écoute, etc.
Listen, friend, listen, etc.

Pinkie Pie's eyes orbited around her eye sockets. "Well-" Pinkie continued the aria.

Reposons nous une heure ici mes camarades ;
My comrades, let us rest here for an hour.
Nous, nous allons nous assuré
And then we, we shall go forth
Si le chemin est libre,
when the coast is clear
Et que sans algarades
and if without issues
La farceurs peut passer.
The pranksters may proceed

The group solemnly nodded at the party mare's command. If they were to hold their position for an hour, then an hour they shall stay in the Carousal Boutique.

Philomena had noticed that Fluttershy hadn't mischief on her mind at all.


Que regardes tu donc ?
What are you looking at?

Je n e dis que là bas
I was thinking of what
Il existe une bonne et brave vieille
There is this good, brave and old
jument qui nie croit honnête poney
mare, who believed that I was an honest pony.

Fluttershy was quite downcast when she continued with her self-admission.

Elle se trompe hélas.
Alas, she's mistaken.

Qui donc e t cette femme
Whoever can she be?

Ah! Mena, sur mon âme ne raille pas —
Ah Philomena, the thought is not difficult for her-
Car c'est ma mère.
she is my mother

The bird was rather puzzled by what the mare was saying.

Eh bien ! va la retrouver tout de suite
Well, you had better go to her this instant
Notre métier vois tu, ne te vaut rien.
the task here doesn't suit you
Et tu ferais fort bien de partir au plus vite.
and you would be happy to leave this place.

Fluttershy was despondent, when she asked of Philomena about leaving the bird to her fate while she headed off to visit her mother.

Partir, nous séparer ?
To go far from thee?

Sans doute séparer.

By this point, Fluttershy's melancholy had transformed into rage. Her total rage at Philomena's lack of concern of its own health was simmering, and the buttermilk mare was not going to yield an inch over the plight of the bird.

Nous séparer, Carmen ?
And leave thee, Carman? (placing hoof on a table)
Ecoute si tu redis ce mot.
Don’t you say that to me again.

(Fluttershy angrily snorted at Philomena)

Tu me tuerais peut être
You can just kill me.
Tu ne réponds rien
Have you no answer?
Qu'importe après tout le destin est le maître.
I shall die if fate wills it.

This stormy exchange between Fluttershy and Philomena went unheard by the rest of the ponies within the store, while Philomena promptly broke contact with Fluttershy and waltzed her way to where Pinkie Pie and Rarity sat.

The two meres were flanked by the Crusaders, as they sat over the inspiration room, which had ponnikins being adorned with dresses off to their side. Pinkie Pie was playing Tarot card with Rarity.

The two of them were divining on what’s in store for them in the future romance wise. Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom were moderately interested, but Rainbow Dash and Scootoloo frowned upon the exercise.

Fluttershy stared at the trope bitterly. She was utterly furious at the way how these ponies were ignoring the deteriorating physical conditions of the phoenix before her.


Mêlons! Coupons! Bien, c'est cela!
Shuffle! Cut! There! That's it!
Trois cartes ici, Quatre là!
Three cards here, four there!
Et maintenant, parlez, mes belles,
And now, speak, my beauties,
de l'avenir, donnez-nous des nouvelles,
of the future, give us some news,
dites-nous qui nous trahira!
tell us who will betray us!
Dites-nous qui nous aimera!
Tell us who will love us!
Parlez, parlez! Parlez! Parlez!
Speak! speak! speak! speak!

dites-nous qui nous trahira!
tell us who will betray us!
Dites-nous qui nous aimera!
Tell us who will love us!
Parlez, parlez! Parlez! Parlez!
Speak! speak! speak! speak!

Moi, je vois un jeune amoureux
Me, I see a young lover
Qui m'aime on ne peut davantage.
who loves me, no one could more.

Le mien est très riche et très vieux
Mine is very rich and very old
mais il parle de mariage!
but he speaks of marriage!

Je me campe sur son cheval,
I plant myself on his back
et dans la montagne, il m'entraine.
and into the mountains he sweeps me away

Dans un château presque royal
In a castle, practically royal,
le mien m'installe en souveraine.
mine installs me as a sovereign.

De l'amour à n'en plus finir,
Love without ending,
tous les jours, nouvelles folies!
every day, new madness!

De l'or tant que j'en puis tenir,
Gold, so much that I couldn't carry it
des diamants, des pierreries!
diamonds, gemstones!

Le mien devient un chef fameux
Mine becomes a famous chief,
Cent poneys marchent à sa suite.
A hundred ponies march behind him.

Le mien, le mien, en croirai-je mes yeux?
Mine, mine? Can I believe my eyes?
Oui, il meurt! Ah, je suis veuve et j'hérite!
yes, he dies! Ah, I am a widow and I inherit!

Parlez encore, parlez, mes belles,
Speak some more, speak, my beauties,
de l'avenir, donnez-nous des nouvelles, etc.
of the future, give us some news, etc.



Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Scootaloo, Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle broke out fits of giggle at the results of the card reading. The whole thing was nonsense fun that they all needed.

The phoenix chose to see if the cards would tell of her future any differently than what she had already known to be true about her own fate.

Voyons, que j'essaie à mon tour.
Let's see, let me try and take my turn.

(turning the cards)

Carreau! Pique!
Diamonds! Spades!
La mort! J'ai bien lu.
Death! I read it correctly.
Moi d'abord - ensuite vie-
Me at first - then life-
pour celui-ci, la mort!
Therefore, death!
(shuffling the cards)

En vain pour éviter les réponses amères,
In vain, to avoid bitter responses,
en vain tu mêleras,
In vain you will shuffle,
cela ne sert à rien, les cartes sont sincères
that serves nothing, the cards are sincere
et ne mentiront pas!
and will not lie!
Dans le livre d'en haut si ta page est heureuse,
In the book on high, if your page is happy,
mêle et coupe sans peur,
shuffle and cut without fear,
la carte sous tes doigts se tournera joyeuse,
the card under your fingers will turn up joyful,
t'annonçant le bonheur!
Announcing to you happiness!
Mais si tu dois mourir, si le mot redoutable
But, if you have to die, if the dreadful word
est écrit par le sort,
is written by fate,
recommence vingt fois, la carte impitoyable
restart twenty times, the pitiless card
Répétera: la mort!
Will repeat: death!

(turning up cards)

Encore! encore! Toujours la mort!
Again! again! always death!

Rarity and Sweetie Belle winced at the results of the dire Tarot card readings that Philomena had been consistently getting.

Parlez encore, parlez, mes belles,
Speak some more, speak, my beauties,

(With Philomena)

de l'avenir donnez-nous des nouvelles, etc.
of the future, give us some news, etc.
Fortune! Amour! Encore! Encore!
Fortune! Love! Again! Again!

Encore! encore! le désespoir!
Again! Again! Despair!
La mort! la mort! Encore la mort!
Death! Death! Again death!
Toujours la mort! Encore! Encore!
Always death! Again! Again!

"That's strange. The cards are really sure that you are going to die, Philomena!" Apple Bloom had to spell this out.

"Oh dear, that's most dreary of predictions. However, one must take destiny into her own hooves, darling. I don't share in the cards' pessimism about mortality at all." Rarity's dismissal was immediate.

Just as the girls were bantering away (while Rainbow Dash was absorbed with her own little world and Fluttershy sulking from a corner,) the front portal of the store had opened.

A customer had decided to grace the shop! This was the more pressing matter to deal with!

"Darlings, allow me to tend to my client." Pronounced Rarity to her friends in attendance.


Quant au client, c'est notre affaire,
As the customer is our business
tout comme un autre il aime être plu.
Like everyone else, he likes to be pleased,
It aime faire le gallant;
he likes to play the gallant;
ah! Laissez-nous passer en avant!
Ah! Let us pass through first!

(with the customer)

Quant au client, c'est notre affaire,etc
As the customer is our business, etc
il aime être plu.!
He likes to pleased!

Le client sera clément!
The client will be merciful!

Il est galant!
He is gallant!

Le client sera charmant!
The client will be charming!

il aime être plu!
He likes to pleased!

Le client sera galant!
The customer will be gallant!

Oui, le client sera mème entreprenant!
Yes, the customer will even be forward!

Oui, le client c'est notre affaire! etc.
yes, the client is our affair, etc.

Il ne s'agit plus de bataille,
It doesn't concern the fight anymore,
non, il s'agit tout simplement
no, it concerns simply
de se laisser prendre la sac
of letting him put an arm around his purse
et d'écouter un compliment.
and of listening to a compliment.
S'il faut aller jusqu' au sourire,
If it goes so far as a smile,
que voulez-vous, on sourira!
So, what do you want? One smiles!

(with the Crusaders)

Et d'avance, je puis le dire,
And in advance, I can tell you
les ventes passera!
the sales have pass through!
En avant! marchons! allons! en avant!
Forward! Let's march! Lets go! Forward!

Le client, c'est notre affaire! etc.
The clientguard, he is our affair, etc!
Marchons en avant! Ah, marchons, marchons! En avant!
Let's march forward! March! March! Forward!

Fluttershy's confidant, the abrasive Angel Bunny, made his appearance at last.

The bunny was peering into the shop, where a very satisfied customer was paying up for some of the designs that Rarity had made. This was much to the bunny's displeasure, for it made it difficult for him to simply reach Fluttershy so that he could deliver his news to her and be done with his task.


C'est des conspirateurs le refuge extraordinaire.
This is the conspirators’ unusual refuge.
Elle est ici, je le verrai,
She is here; I will see her,
et le devoir que m'imposa sa mère
And the duty which her mother imposed on me
sans trembler je l'accomplirai.
without trembling, I will accomplish it.
Je dis, que rien ne m'épouvante,
I say, that nothing terrifies me,
je dis, hélas, que je réponds de moi,
I say, alas, that I take care of myself,
mais j'ai beau faire la crapuleux
But try as I might to be the villainous bunny,
au fond du coeur, je meurs d'effroi!
At the bottom of my heard, I'm dying of fright!
Seul en ce lieu sauvage,
Alone in this wild place
toute seule j'ai peur,
All alone, I am afraid,
mais j'ai tort d'avoir peur;
But I am wrong to be afraid;
vous me donnerez du
You will give me courage,
vous me progégerez, Madame!
You will protect me, madame!
Je vais voir de près cette femme
I am going to see up close that woman
Dont les artifices maudits
whose accursed artifices
ont fini par faire un infâme
Have ended up making a criminal
de celui que j'aimais jadis!
of him whom I loved long ago!
Elle est dangereuse, elle est belle,
She is dangerous, she is beautiful,
mais je ne veux pas avoir peur!
but I do not want to be afraid!
Non, non, je ne veux pas avoir peur!
No, no, I don't want to be afraid!
Je parlerai haut devant elle!
I will speak loudly in front of her!
Ah Seigneur, vous me protégerez!
Ah, Lord, you will protect me!
Ah! Je dis, que rien ne m'épouvante,
Ah! I say, that nothing terrifies me,
Protégez-moi! O Madame!
Protect me! Oh, madame!
Donnez-moi du courage!
Give me courage!

(He caught sight of Fluttershy, who is looking elsewhere.)

Je ne me trompe pas - c'est elle sur sa chaise.
I am not mistaken - it's her on that chair.
À moi, Flutters! Flutters! S'il vous plaît écoutez-moi!
Help me Fluters! Flutter! Please just hear me out!

Fluttershy's piercing stare had struck out on Angel Bunny, rendering him trembling as a little ball of wreck. His benefactor was not in a jovial mood, and the sight of her actually terrified him.

ANGEL BUNNY (in terror)
Mais que fait-elle?
What is she doing?
Il crie- il fait regardé-
She shouts- she is staring-

(Fluttershy had The Stare on)

Ah! J'ai trop présumé de mes forces, mon Dieu!
Ah! I presumed myself too strong, my God!

Rainbow Dash suddenly barged in, and placed herself between Fluttershy and the bunny.

"All right, Fluttershy. You gonna mess with Angel Bunny? You'll have to go to me first. Just to remind you..."

Rainbow Dash's chest puffed up as she began her reminder of her prowess to Fluttershy.


RAINBOW DASH (looking at a Fluttershy while trembling a bit.)
Je suis le Pégase,
I am the pegasus,
Jumieux de Poneyville
fastest in Ponyville


C'est moi!
It is I !

Je connais votre plan, soyez le bienvenu;
I know your plan; may you be welcome;
mais vraiment, camarade, vous pouviez y rester,
but really, comrade, you may stay here.

Je ne vous dis pas non.
I will not say no to you
Mais je suis frustré, mon ami, et en colère,
But I am frustrated, my friend, and angry,
et celui là serait un pauvre compagnon,
and she would be a poor companion
qui, pour sauver ses vie, ne risquait sa vie!
Who, in order to save her wouldn't risk her life.

Celle que vous aimez est ici?
She, whom you love, is here?

Justement. C'est une oiseau, mon cher.
Exactly. She is a bird, my friend!

Elle s'appelle?
Her name is?

"Stop it, Fluttershy. You know what I'm talking about!" Rainbow Dash did not mince word.

Flutters! Oui, mon cher, mon avait pour ami
Flutters! Yes, my friend, mon had as a friend
un Pégase qui jadis se fâchait pour elle.
a pegasus who once got angry for her.


Ils s'adoraient, mas c'est fini, je crois.
They adored each other, but it's finished, I think.

Rainbow Dash pronounced the realities surrounding Philomena with an even voice.

La vies de mena ne durent pas six jours.
The life of Philomena will not last six days.

The expressions on buttermilk pegasus were bleak and stone cold. The rest of the audience were rendered speechless by this development.

"Philomena here had told me all of that. I am not going to bother her about this, nor should you."

Vous l'aimez, cependant!
You love her, nevertheless.

Je l'aime, oui, mon cher, je l'aime,
I love her, yes, my friend, I love her,
Je l'aime à la folie!
I love her to the point of madness!

Mais pour nous enlever nos filles de aviaires,
But, to remove from us our little bird
savez-vous bien qu'il faut payer?
do you know, that one has to pay?

Soit! on paiera, soit! on paiera!
So be it! it will be paid! So be it! It will be paid!

Fluttershy walked up to the cyan pegasus, a pony that meant much to her, and gave Rainbow Dash the most crippling of stares that she had ever fielded.

Et que le prix se paie
And that the price is paid
à coups le regard!
with a shot of The Stare

Rainbow Dash somehow had a nerve of steel. She did not falter against Fluttershy's onslaught.

à coups le regard!
A shot of The Stare?

Do you understand?

Both pegasi had little intention of yielding to one another on the subject of what was to come for the phoenix.

"Fluttershy, I will say this now. Philomena will do whatever the buck that she would like to do, whether you like it or not, you hear?" I am going to go along with it, and you should too."

Fluttershy didn't get a chance to interject.

Le discours est très net.
The discussion is very clear.
Ce Pégase, ce beau Pégase qu'elle aime,
This pegasus, this beautiful pegasus whom she loves,
ou du moins qu'elle aimable-
Or at least, whom she finds amiable
C'est donc vous?
That's you, right?

Oui, c'est moi-mème!
Yes, it is I - myself !

Rainbow Dash's eyes were filled with her trademark spirit of defiance.

J'en suis ravi, mon cher,
I am delighted about it, my friend,
et le tour est complet!
And the setup is complete.

The rest of the mares and fillies in the Boutique felt that they had to break the two pegasi up.

Holà, Holà, Fluttershy!
Stop! Stop! Flttershy!

Rainbow Dash had decided to opt for an open challenge to Fluttershy, which was typical of her. Rarity had the look of total disappointment when the cyan pegasus uttered her words at Fluttershy.

Vrai, j'ai l' âme ravie que ce soit vous, Mena.
Truly, my soul is enchanted that it's you, Philomena.
qui me aidé la acte.
who helped me to act.

(to Fluttershy)

Quant à toi, beau Pégase,
As for you, beautiful pegasus,
Nous sommes sabot à sabots,
We are hooves to hooves , (even)
et nous jouerons la belle,
and we will compete for the beauty,
oui, nous jourerons la belle,
Yes, we will compete for the beauty,
le jour où tu voudras reprendre le combat.
on the day when you would like to resume the fight.

Pinkie Pie did not enjoy this sudden development.

C'est bon, c'est bon, plus de querelle!
That's enough! That's enough! No more quarreling!
Nous, nous allons partir.
We are going to leave.

(to Rainbow Dash)

Et toi, et toi, l'ami, bonjour!
And you, and to you, my friend, good day!

Pinkie waved a hoof at the door, telling Rainbow Dash to cool off. The rainbow-mane pegasus obliged with the request.

Souffrez au moins
Suffer (allow) me at least
qu' avant de vous dire au revoir,
That before telling you goodby,
je vous invite tous aux salon de l'aéronautique.
I may invite you all to the air show
Je compte pour ma part y briller de mon mieux,
I count, on my part, to shine there at my best,
et qui m'aime y viendra!
and whoever loves me will come there!

(gazing at Fluttershy)

Et qui m'aime y viendra!
And whoever loves me will come there!

(to Fluttershy, who makes a threatening gesture)

L'ami, tiens-tois-toi tranquille!
Friend, keep yourself calm!
J' ai tout dit, j' ai tout dit!
I have said it all! I have said it all!

The mare kept going.

Et je n'ai plus ici
And I have no more to do here
qu' à faire mes adieux.
Except to make my farewells.

(Rainbow Dash relents)

Seeing the sight of the departing pegasus did not leave the mares in the room with any relief.

Fluttershy turned to Philomena as she growled at the wily phoenix.

Prends garde à toi, Mena,
Watch out for yourself, Mena,
Je suis las de souffrir!
I am tired of suffering!

(cue Angel Bunny)


En route, en route, il faut partir!
On our way! On our way, we have to leave!

Halte! quelqu'un est là
Halt! Someone is over there
qui cherche à se cacher.
who is trying to hide .

Une lapin!
A bunny!

Pardieu! la surprise est herueuse!
By God! the surprise is a happy one!

Angel Bunny!


Unhappy bunny!
Que viens-tu faire ici?
What are you coming to do do here?

The bunny, even less agreeable than he usually were, spoke to Fluttershy.

Moi, je viens te chercher!
Me, I have come to search for you!
Là-bas est la chaumière,
Back there is the cottage,
où sans cesse priant, une mère, ta mère,
Where constantly praying, a mother, your mother,
pleure, hélas, sur son enfant!
Weeps, alas, for her child!
Elle pleure et t' appelle,
She weeps and calls for you,
elle pleure et te tend les bras!
She weeps and extends to you her arms!
Tu prendras pitié d'elle, Flutters.
You will take pity on her, Flutters.
Ah, Flutterss, tu me suivras, tu me suivras!
Ah, Flutters, you will follow me, you will follow me!

Philomena then urged Fluttershy to make haste and go to her mother, in a very detached and distant tone.

Va-t-en! va-t-en! tu feras bien,
Go away! go away!, you would be doing well,
notre métier ne te vaut rien!
Our work is of no value to you!

This sent the furor of the pegasus to new heights.

Tu me dis de la suivre?
You're telling me to follow her?

Philomena repeated herself.

Oui, tu devrais partir.
Yes, you ought to leave.

The eyes of the pegasus was filled with bloodlust.

Tu me dis de la suivre!
You tell me to follow her!
Pour que toi, tu puisse courir
So that you can run
pour répondre à mort! Non! non vraiment!
to meet death! No, truly, no!!
Dût-il m'en coûter la vie,
Should it cost me my life,
non, Mena, je ne partirai pas!
No, Mena, I will not leave!
Et la chaîne qui nous lie
And the chain which binds us
Nous liera jusqu'au fin!
Will bind us till the end!
Dût-il m'en coûter la vie,
Should it cost me my life,
Non, non, non, je ne partirai pas!
No, no, no, I will not leave!

Fluttershy was unrecognizable to her friends by this point in time. What was a gentle, timid and soft-spoken mare was now a ferocious, terrifying, menacing and vile beast from Tartarus, with an aura of dread that could rival the tyrant alicorns.

ANGEL BUNNY (with all)
Écoute-moi, je t'en prie,
Listen to me, I beg of you,
ta mère te tend les bras,
Your mother extends to you her arms,
cette chaîne qui te lie, Flutters, tu la briseras.
this chain which binds you, Flutters, you will break it.

It was uncharacteristic of the bunny to plead with his owner, but plead he did.

The others present felt that they too, need to add to the bunny's call for sanity.

ALL (with Angel Bunny)
Il t'en coûtera la félicité, si tu ne pars pas,
It will cost you your happiness, if you don't leave
et la chaîne qui vous lie
and the chain which binds you
se rompra par ton rage.
will be broken by your rage.

The pegasus darkly addressed her white companion.

FLUTTERSHY (to Angel Bunny)
Leave me!

Hélas, Flutters!
Alas, Flutters!

The mare shot a look at the phoenix that was losing her luster, little by little, day by day.

Car elle est condamné!
Because she is doomed!
(gestures at Philomena)

The pegasus lunged at Philomena then, but she was met with Pinkie Pie's body.

Flutters! Rester calme!
Flutters, stay calm!

The bellowing sound of Fluttershy was unnerving to the ponies in the room. "Let go of me! Philomena serious needs help! She shouldn't be out here! LET GO OF ME!"

Fluttershy's rage had built to the point that she was consumed by rage and sorrow.

FLUTTERSHY (In Flutterrage)
Ah! je te tiens, oiseau damnée!
Ah! I have got you, damned bird!
Je te tiens et je te forcerai bien
I've got you and I will force you well
à subir la destinée
to submit to the destiny
qui rive ton sort au mien!
which rivets your fate to mine!
Dût-il m'en coûter la vie,
Should it cost me my life,
Non, non, non je ne partirai pas!
No, no, no, I will not leave!

Fluttershy angrily stomped her right hind leg as she was being held by Pinkie Pie, with Philomena refusing to give her any affection.

The rest of the ponies had to forcibly pry Fluttershy away from Philomena. This was no easy task, as Pinkie Pie and Rarity had to use all of their strength just to restrain Fluttershy from being next to the phoenix.

Ah! Rester calme, Rester calme, FLUTTERSHY!
Ah! stay calm, stay calm, FLUTTERSHY!

Angel Bunny had decided to try reaching out to the monster before him, once more.

Une parole encore, ce sera la dernière.
One word more , it will be the last.
Hélas! Flutters, ta mère est inquiète
Alas! Flutters, your mother is worried,
et ta mère ne serait pas heureux
and your mother would not be happy
sans t'avoir pardonné.
without having forgiven you.

The effect was immediate. Fluttershy's torrent of anger had subsided, if only momentarily.

Ma mère! Elle s'inquiète!
My mother! She's worried!

Oui, Fluttershy!
Yes, Fluttershy!

Partons! Ah! partons!
Let's leave! Ah! Let's leave!

The dejected pegasus croaked at the phoenix.

(to Philomena)

Sois contente - je pars,
Be content - I am leaving,
mais nous nous reverrons...
But we will see each other again...

Just as Fluttershy flew out of the door and headed away form Ponyville, the sound of Rainbow Dash could be heard from a distance, while the rest of the ponies had nothing to say of this most awkward of situation.

It was Apple Bloom that spelled out the exact feeling of the occupants within the boutique. "Seriously, must she sing that song right now?"

RAINBOW DASH (in the distance)
Aviateurs, en garde! Aviateurs! Aviateurs! etc.
Aviators, on guard! Aviators! Aviators!, etc.

"I've never seen Fluttershy this angry before. It looked as if she really could have hurt somepony!" Scootaloo added.

"I don't know what Fluttershy will do to Philomena after she gets back to Ponyville." Sweetie Belle plainly said.

"Ok, just what was that all of that about!" Medley was not in the mood to be diplomatic when she came to the boutique. She was accompanied by Octavia and Vinyl Scratch, who were scrambling to reach the site of Fluttershy's outburst in haste.

"Miss Medley, Fluttershy got very, very angry at Rainbow Dash for letting Philomena do whatever she had wanted. Seems that the bird's dying." Apple Bloom filled the newcomer in.

"Hum... ur... what!" The music store owner was incapable of forming straight sentences at the onset of this sudden revelation.

Octavia was sullen. "Well, that was unexpected." She curtly replied.

Vinyl was thinking about the bird. "Maybe that's part of the reason why Philomena's in Ponyville and not over Canterlot."

"What's with her mother and her, anyways?" This came out of Pinkie Pie's mouth.

"You mean Fluttershy and her mother?" Medley raised, which was answered with a nod from the pink mare.

"Angel Bunny, would you happen to know of all the details about that?" Rarity asked of the bunny politely.

The bunny, utterly frustrated. shook his head aggressively as he stomped heavily on the floor of the boutique.

"Drat." Scootaloo said disappointingly.

"You fillies have lost me." Vinyl flatly declared. "Start from the beginning, and don't stop until you end with Fluttershy storming out of the boutique to go to wherever it is that she's going to. Ok?"

Rarity sighed dramatically, as she pulled from frowning chair to her side. There was a story to tell, and she was to tell it.

(cue Entr'acte)

(End of Act III)

Author's Note:

The piece worth noting is actually the Entr'acte of act IV This is a very well known repertoire from the Carmen suite. This was actually taken from another opera, if my memory serves me.

The third act of Carmen is a total whiplash moment for the viewers, as we see the mental decline of Don José. Fluttershy here is going through a similar process. It is important to know that Bizet had never really elaborated on how José had interacted with his mother, so this is why there won't be any discussion of this in here either.

At any rate, we see that Carmen had cooled considerably from José, just as we do of Philomena to Fluttershy. The reason of course have changed, but the reactions here would be identical; the ever so stoic and unemotional Femme Fatale being approached and threatened by a desperate shell of a being.

The interesting thing is the fact that Escamillo's the new flame. This has changed in our adaptation, but we do need to make this contrast of Escamillo with Don José as members of the audience.

Anyways, this is my thinly veiled attempt to talk about this opera. Thank you for putting up with me.

The fourth act is about the bloody conclusion. Please tune in!