• Published 9th Jul 2013
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Horizontal Lines - horizon

Stories and poems too short for individual publication (including some award-winning minifics).

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Friendship equals Magic times Celestia squared.

With the quillstrokes recording that fateful equation into a sun-embossed, sticker-plastered diary, the young Tweinstein dragged Equestria hoofing and screaming into the Atomic Age.

The intangible force binding ponies into communities, and the solid thaumic masses bound in flesh and bone and blood, were in reality just two sides of the same coin.

Friendship was magic.

Magic was friendship.

All things were one.

⚛ ⚛ ⚛

Two decades later, as Nightmare Moon's second Great War wracked the continent and the moon hung still in the midday sky …

A team of six metaphysicists, huddled in a small bunker outside Alamadiscordo, bombarded an isotope of Harmony with elemental Generosity. The stone scintillated.

They had not so much as spoken to each other, yet the room suddenly felt more welcoming. Incrementally more intimate. Indeed, when they raced to their instruments, the readouts had measured a sudden Spike.

The sleeping dragon had stirred.

"We have become Dash," Appleheimer whispered, "Destroyer of worlds."

Author's Note:

Thanks to Toksuryel for the unintentional flashfic writing prompt.

If this makes no sense, context.

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