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When little Flicker burns down her home for a second time, she retreats into the Everfree forest. There, she discovers a race of strange fire insects and nurses their species back to health.

But, once again, her well-intentioned efforts backfire.

Now, with the safety of all of Ponyville hanging in the balance, will she be able to succeed where she has failed so many times before?

(February Write Off Competition Entry)

Chapters (5)
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Comments ( 5 )

It's a nice story, but having every sentence on a new line is a bit distracting.

I really loved this story, and actually wished it could have been longer, but sadly that would have been difficult for the contest :raritydespair:

Great work on this one!


I don't know. Maybe when I'm done with A Tale of Two Ponies, or just need a break, I might flesh it out and edit it a bit more.

I wrote it in six hours and twelve minutes two days before the competition was over and submitted it. I didn't even edit. :scootangel:


The amateur biologist in me wonders if the species has so little genetic variation that two randomly selected individuals (one male and one female) really ARE enough to ensure diversity.

Why is Twilight asking how Celestia knew that Rainbow Dash would know what to do when the letter doesn't mention Dash? I guess if Twilight knew what it was and knew that Celestia, in her great wisdom, would know that someone was available who could the technique that might have been enough for Twilight to deduce who could perform it.

Further, is the implication that Celestia gave Rainbow Dash a second chance, or arranged for her to learn that technique in because this isn't the first time something like this had happened?


1) Perhaps not enough to ensure diversity, but enough to ensure that Flicker will be happy.

2) You're correct with your guess, more or less.

3) No implication there. As I had it figured, Celestia just found something tucked away in the Royal Library.

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