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Walter White and Jesse Pinkman are becoming New Mexico's finest crystal meth cooks, using an old RV as a portable meth lab. When they drive out into the boonies for a marathon cook, they drive through a portal and end up in Equestria. Walt sees this as an opportunity to expand his business, much to Jesse's dismay. The two also get assistance from six ponies who have no idea what they're getting themselves into.

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Comments ( 35 )

I WOULD read this, but.... Wait... Did you start with the whole comma thing again? I swear if you did, I'll hunt you down and rip your guts out give you a friendly hug.

2920503 Yes, I used commas.

And you would read this but?

2920583 That would annoy the Hell out of me. Good luck.

Alright, I've invested 2 seconds of time looking so I'll begin promoting and reading If I like. This shit should be good!


That totally made me read the rest of the author's note in jesse's voice. Can't wait for more of this.

Princess Celestia:trollestia: smoking meth lolololol that would be beast :pinkiecrazy::rainbowlaugh::pinkiehappy:

Good bit of errors mixing were with where, and vice versa. Pretty common mistake :ajsleepy:

If this doesn't end up depressing I will be most displeased...
Which would make me depressed!
So there is really no way for you to fuck this up...
Dont fuck this up!

2922193 Yeah, I usually miss some things when I proof-read my chapters. It happens.

2925064 And editor would be nice, since I miss some errors.

2925883 well i am more than happy to help if you like :twilightsmile:

Hahaha! Oh shit! Come and getcha crispy crusadas! Crispy crusadas only four dollas!:applecry::scootangel::unsuresweetie:

I love this story, please keep writing it. :coolphoto:

i cant wait for the main 6 to smoke some meth :pinkiehappy:

Five minutes later..
Fried chicken, anyone? :ajsmug:

Make the kids cook Crystal.. Est. 2013.

What have you done?

oh jeeze fellas.... dis no be good for dem crusaiders

CUTIE MARK CRUSADER CHEMISTS, 5 minutes later, kabooommm Walt the hell happened!!!

(Indulges in insane laughter) I love this story! More please!

I wonder who the Equestrian equivalent of Gus Fring is?

3157629 No, not abandoned. You think I have the personal time to constantly write chapters for both of my fanfics?

3160021 Considering the time frame between chapters, yes, yes you should have enough time. One chapter for one story, another for the other. Example:1 Chapter for this story for week 1, and another chapter for the other story for week 2.

3160583 Writing is a secondary hobby of mine. I spend more of my time working, playing games, or working on my music. I usually spend a little amount of time writing parts of the chapters, but they aren't finished. I'm also trying to move into a new apartment, so sorry if chapters are scarce.

This should continue with Walt letting Twilight cook with him, and maybe becoming assistant to him, and Jesse will be jealous

Phosphorous? YOU SICK FUCK! Solve the cliffhanger already, dammit!

So, here I am, watching Breaking Bad, wanting to read a good crossover, but all of the crossover's I can find are deserted, and abandoned.

Wow, liking it so far. Thanks for sharing with us, dude!

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