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just want to read lots of stories and possibly write a few of my own if i feel like it.


It has been thousands of years since a mysterious entity calling itself the United Empire of New Rome first saved pony kind from sure destruction. Now, a very similar group threatens everyone, and nobody knows what to do. Will New Rome save the day once more? Or will this visitor spell destruction for the land of Equestria.

Special thanks to TDR for letting me use his characters. You should go read his Stories in Stone series.

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United Empire of New Rome, huh? Must be dimension-hopping Byzantines.

JK, of course.

2834645 unfortunately, they actually have no relation to Rome whatsoever. I just used that for the name. The next chapter gives a little more background info. Should be out in the next few days or so.

Why is it always Rome! Why not Carthage or Greece!:twilightangry2:

2889631 I like Greece and Carthage, but New Rome sounds better. It really has nothing to do with any of them anyway though.

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