• Published 6th Jul 2013
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The Lost One - The Real Darkness

A young boy was soon to be killed by his parents who accidentally gave birth to him.They were supposedly about to correct their mistake by killing him.

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:pinkiecrazy:yes more now:pinkiecrazy:hehehehehehe:pinkiehappy:

Plz do a sequel. Tis amazing story

I have to say that this was a good story. a sequel wood be nice. there is a lot that can happen in this story if you decide to continue it I do hope to see more of it but it is your choice. You can make a new story from scratch but your old one has a lot of framework to make your sequel.


Sequal is needed:twilightsmile:

4441011 What a pleasantly long comment list. Should have replied to yourself each time, make ya seem more like a madman.

4569141 I didn't exactly mean to, but when I looked over it after some experience I did see it....

Just a great ball of sunshine we got here!

ok i read the whole story, it had is ups and downs a few things that didn't work with the story, but is your story and i think you should be proud of it but all in all i liked it.

if there is a sequel i'll read it to

60% bishop approved :moustache:

stay classy:moustache:

5599270 I was hoping for a sword sound, which would have suited better.

I didn't think this story deserved a comment like this.

5785652 I get it by now...no need to cotninue on, my writing skills have improved greatly since this. The sequel is much better, I'll go back and fix this eventually, I just have a lot on this plate of mine right now.

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