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After Trixie's second humiliation at the hooves of Twilight Sparkle, she once more went into self-imposed exile. Given her enslavement of Ponyville, Celestia has reservations about letting the charlatan unicorn go, but Twilight assures her mentor that Trixie has learned her lesson in the power of friendship.

Twilight is wrong. When Trixie returns, it will not be about how magic should be used or about amulets. It's about having nothing to lose and survival, and only one of the unicorns--Twilight or Trixie--is walking away from this one.

Cover art courtesy Boyindahaus at DeviantArt. Check his stuff out!

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MOAR!!! :flutterrage: I will fave this in the hope you write another chapter soon!

I really like Blood On the Moon. It's very well written and I found myself very entertained by it. Y'know, 'cause I have an incredibly morbid sense of humor.

Hell, this goes deep. Please don't kill all of them though, that would be a havoc to your story.


Hey, I laughed at the movie Clockers, which showed real dead bodies, don't even go there.

You're not writing this one as Char's Counterattack... :twilightoops:

Nooooo! A Cliffhanger! Love it, but you better update again soon!


No, sorry. I've never seen Char's Counterattack, so I couldn't do the story justice.

shit just got very real O_O awesome story so far

no no no no on no no no for the love of celestia no!!!!! :raritycry: awesome...st-story so far cant wait to read more

2836474 Nice. I haven't had the chance to see that movie, but I've heard it's really good.

I just know Trixie is going to try to murder Twilight again.

I know.

You really went this far down? :facehoof:

At this point, what if Trixie wants to die? She has failed to accomplish anything she has tried in her life, and after the last spell she must have crossed despair beyond horizont. I wouldn´t be surprised if she wants Celestia´ sentence instead of Luna´s.


That's a good point. We'll see. This story might not have a happy ending...:applecry:

>implying I didn't want to read other peoples comments.

Love it! Though mebbe you could stick in a 'what if' chapter wherein Twilight does die? :duck: Just for kicks and giggles?


Who said anything about "what if"? :trixieshiftleft:

Damn. Thatès deep, but true.
Theres is always someone who'll be better than you.
Sad, really. That is, until you learn to forget.

The feels man.... The feels :pinkiesad2: :fluttercry: :fluttershysad:

im glad tia reconsidered... lets hope that trixe can be reformed...i dont want to see one of my favorite ponies die :applecry:

FEEEEEEELS THEY HURT!! SO BAD :fluttershbad: great story so far!!! :pinkiehappy:

For some reason I have this song in mind when I read this story:

Never give up trust me a while back I actually did something I have regretted immensely since doing it and I felt just like Trixie does now that I didn't deserve forgiveness but I still got it from my parents so my advice here to Trixie is to not sell herself so short.

I shit bricks when I thought Twilight died. :twilightoops:

What about who taught her dark magic?

Trixie is so irritatingly stubborn. She's so sure no one will want her, so she's determined to die. She's even pushing for it! If she's so determined about it, I almost want her to kill Twilight so at least she has the will to follow through. :facehoof:


YES! :pinkiecrazy: I mean...I'm glad you had that reaction. It's one of the greatest compliments to an author to scare hell out of their readers.

And IAmJam, I haven't forgotten about Trixie's mentor...

This has been a very enjoyable read my friend and as such I expect a brilliant ending to this story.:pinkiesmile:

I have thoroughly enjoyed this fic. Looking forward to the end of it!

H-her execution...:fluttercry: d-dont kill her please... :pinkiesad2:

Thank celestia she didnt die!!! :pinkiehappy:

Why am I just now finding something as awesome as this?
Go get em Trixie!

I got through reading this and gave it my upvote. The idea is sound and liked how things worked out, but I had issues with the execution.

Way. Too. Much. Telling.

This read more like a synopsis than a story. You really could have expanded on the Luna and Trixie interactions, showing scenes were Trixie was struggling with her changes for the better. I would have liked to see Trixie teaching a class of foals, having dialog with Celestia and gradually earning her trust. I'm being told these things while all the characters' thoughts are laid bare. The last scene with the main cast was better, as you show the reactions they have in seeing Trixie again, so try to do more of that. A little subtlety goes a long way.

Anyway, I liked the resolution and the possibility for a sequel. I'll be keeping an eye out for it!

Bigby's Bitch-Slapping Hand.
That's... the most awesome spell ever.

Dat ending. xD Totally didn't see that coming.


You have a point, but it would've taken probably two more chapters. I wanted to wind this up, and I really thought I'd written too much exposition!

I might do a "Teacher Trixie" short in the future. :scootangel::trixieshiftright:

Well, it does seem like that epilogue has several bulbs on it shining sequel doesn't it? Perhaps taking place after EQG? (I think that's how it's spelled.) Where Trixie is literally dragging Sunset in front of Celestia at the start. (It could involve Trixie being sent there to keep tabs on Twilight for Celestia though she entered off camera.)

I’ll force you into a war you can’t win.

And then Discord snaps his fingers and Shimmer's teleported into the sun. The End.


Or Celestia burns her down with the laser attached to her frickin' head. Hey, no one ever said that Sunset Shimmer had thought her cunning plan through. Maybe she thought Celestia was an easy mark, or Equestria would fall before her brilliant intellect...well, Hitler thought invading Russia was a good idea, too.

I actually thought of that line in a discussion on TVTropes. Sunset's plan (apparently) was to gain control of a mind-controlled army of human teenagers, then send them through the mirror to attack Equestria...I guess. Anyhow, maybe she thought that Celestia would balk at using her Bigby's Crushing Tacnuke spell on humans not responsible for their actions?

Of course, Discord would mow the humans down anyhow, or turn them into ballet dancers. Or into his own army of Discorded humans. Hmm...:trollestia:

Shimmer's whole stupid plan is one of the main reasons I dislike EqG. I'm gonna go with my headcanon that she was just using the high school mind control as a "practice" and, if it was successful, was then going to go to UN Headquarters and use it on the General Assembly during their annual meeting (which occurs at about the same time as the Fall Formal). And then promptly get shot to death by the guards outside of the Headquarters when she tries to force her way in.

You seem to be calling Trixie Luna fairly often.


I missed that--it's now corrected. Thanks for letting me know.


Um, okay...not sure what that was about...

ok......that was really good, I am surprised this is not part of some groups because you did a great job at capturing the emotions involved in this.....looking forward to a potential sequel

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