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Just a fan of fun stories, looking to enjoy them, and when I can finally grab enough time for myself write them once more!


What do you do when you are abducted from your home, your life, your very body and name before being placed into a magical vessel built to protect the world you end up in? Read along and find out.

While certain concepts are based on the game malicious the story deviates far from it beyond the main character (The soul in the Vessel) and the design of the weapon it uses. (A large flowing cloak that shape-shifts into various objects.) So I will have to put a human and crossover tag on it. (Not sure on Crossover but the Vessel is human shaped.)

Also not using the OC tag as the Vessel is technically a licensed character and as it's supposed to be some random person's soul inside it anyway I don't consider that an OC. (As that's how it's introduced in the game.)

The rating's teen due to obvious reasons, mainly the fact that malicious was a teen rated game. (I think.) And therefore I'll probably include minor things like small amounts of blood and swearing.

Pre-Reading done by the amazing NocturnalLoner (Check out their stuff.)

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FYI... it's "Abducted", not "Obducted"...

Mind pointing out where you found that mate? Sorry to bug you but I'm having a hard time finding it.

Oh, sorry, it's in the description of the story, eighth word.

Ah, thanks mate. Found and fixed.

No problem Pal! *raises glass* I hate to rain on your parade but you misspelled my name. You called me Nocturnal LOVER instead of Loner. :rainbowlaugh: :rainbowderp:

I know I'm a kind person, but I didn't know I was that kind! Ah well, it gave me a good chuckle anyway. Here's to friendship, shenanigans, and great stories!

Here here. And like I mentioned before I've got some lysdexia... so I read loner as lover.

For some reason I like this better than the last story of yours I commented on.

You have my thanks, and honestly I admit I like this story much better as well. If all goes to plan the next chapter should be out by late Monday.

No problem my friend, no problem at all.

Also, can I get that power? It might come in handy one day.


I just mean ' Damn Luna ' As in, damn luna's sneaky ass >.> was just a thought that came to my mind is all. :derpytongue2:

Well allow me to quote Luna on why she so damn sly~

"Secrets and Plans tis the realm of the Night!~ Thou upset sibling?" She says while sticking her tongue out playfully.

Live Long and Live Well my friend.

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