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Hello. My name is Sunset Shimmer. And this is my current pony friend Princess Twilight Sparkle. Today I am going to tell you the story of my life. Now sit back and enjoy.

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cute! i cant wait 4 more! :raritywink:

2840403 w-wdya mean? My story or pics? I don't get you.

the story silly! i cant wait to read more of it.

Good story at the student bit coudent help but :facehoof:
Was looking at a pony name generator sheet came up with moonsong :twilightblush: but ived came up with darkshine 2 names? :pinkiecrazy:

Comment posted by twilight517828 deleted Jul 25th, 2013
Comment posted by twilight517828 deleted Jul 25th, 2013

I liked it but after celestia made her a studdent l had to do this. :facehoof:
And in a name pony game i got moonsong but i also got in another one darkshine. So i have two names :scootangel:

2935906 one last question: what do you mean by this? :facehoof: I promise I will not have anymore questions after you answer this one.

Haha, smartphone will not prevent me from the stories!! Too bad i dont see the ponicon symbols....

Smartphone prevents the fun in comments. :applecry:

(Shut up, i typed that)

Hmmm interesting. Ps Sunset's magic is blue... I think

2944583 well i hit my face and loled.:pinkiehappy: at how sunset got her mark and celestia making sunset her student. I like the story cute and fun better than my unable to publsh story. And it was late like most of my comments.:pinkiesmile:

MORE:flutterrage: plez:yay: it makes sense so far.:moustache:better than what i wuld have done.:ajbemused:and that is now a fact

i like it so farjavascript:smilie(':derpyderp1:');

You could give credit to the artist of the cover art, I still can't find the original picture anywhere :applejackunsure:


Have you found the original art?

I know it's been 44 weeks, but still

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