• Published 6th Jul 2013
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Alchemy Vs. Magic - The Real Darkness

Edward and Alphonse landed into Equestria after trying out a theorized transmutation.

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Chapter 4:Meeting the Sun and Moon with Fun and Goons

The same rooster crowed signaling it being early morning.Edward was first to speak again.

"I hate that stupid bird!"He shouted.

"Calm down, Ed."Alphonse had stood up and the other ponies were getting up while Edward just sat up.

Alphonse had decided to start breakfast to help repay Fluttershy and the others for helping them settle into their world.Once all the food has been served, everyone was down at the table eating except for Rarity who was still getting her 'beauty sleep'.Twilight was first to talk.

"Yesterday, I sent a letter explaining about you guys to the Princesses and they want to meet both of you."

"Didn't expect a monarchy here."Alphonse responded.

"I wonder how this government worked out so well."Edward wondered, not wanting an answer back

Pinkie had a big smile on remembering what she had planned for when they get back.She oddly remained silent.

"You guys better go see her as soon as you can."Applejack stated.

"Yeah.But, we want to know how your magic works."Al replied.

"Oh, that's easy.We just focus it in our horns form within ourselves."Twilight said.

"Still confusing...but its magic.Can't explain it in depth easy."Edward said.

"Well magic comes from within, darling,"Rarity said as she came down the stairs,"Oh and I should have you a few sets of your clothing by tomorrow."

"Good morning, Rarity,"Fluttershy said.

"Good morning you all."Rarity responded.

Everyone else said good morning to her while Edward just nodded.

"Damn!"Edward shouted as he ran up from the table his food finished a long time ago,"I forgot about the bear!"

Edward ran out of the cottage fast and towards the stone fist.Many of the citizens were already over there speaking about it.

"Good it is still there."Edward puffed out a breath as his brother, Twilight, Rainbow Dash, and Fluttershy caught up to him.

"HEY!"Ed shouted to the ponies very loud making them all turn to see him,"Stand back!"

Edward clapped his hands and a glowing ring formed around him.He pointed them towards the arm of the fist.Alchemical static went from his hands and bounced all over the fist before it grew longer and towards the forest stopping above the ground in the center of it.The stone fingers uncurled releasing the now startled awake bear before the fist grew all the way back and disappeared into the ground.Edward then did the same to the fist that was used to send the bear into the air making it disappear into the soil.He let out a breath and kneeled on a knee his head hanging down but his ponytail remained laying on his back.

"Brother, you okay?"Alphonse said walking up beside Ed helping him up.

"Yea, just tired from using that much alchemy."

The townspeople were talking even louder now mostly about Edward.

"Well while they are busy we should head to...wherever your Princesses are.We don't want to attract attention again in town."Alphonse said.

"Good idea,"Applejack agreed.

They went back to the cottage and soon they headed for the train station to Canterlot.As they arrived Twilight gave them their tickets using magic and they boarded the first class train.

"How many times have we been on a train, Al?"Edward asked smirking.

"Too many times."Alphonse responded laughing a little.

A shadow was seen in the distance a woman clad in black from far away as the train started.

"Edward, is something troubling you, deary?"Rarity asked as she sat down next to him.

"It's nothing just that train rides can be boring."He made up an excuse.

"Okay, Darling.If you need to talk about something just let us know."She said still a bit concerned for him as she got up and left them.

"Al."Edward whispered hiding it with his mouth.

"Yes?"Al said in the lowest volume possible for him.

"Did you see her?"

"What, Lust?"

"Yea. she was there a moment ago."He looked back at the window and she was gone.

"I did.She probably wants to mess with us."Alphonse responded.

"Well, I am getting some sleep.That damned chicken robbed me of it."Edward complained as he climbed into a bed in the train car.

He slept until Twilight had come over to him and woke him up.They were at the trains station in Canterlot of course.The minute they stepped off everyone looked over at them with confused and frightening looks or they just ran away.Two guards were there to escort them all to the castle.

"Wow this place is huge.Probably just as big as Central."Alphonse stated.

"Speaking of central..I wonder if Armstrong misses us."Edward said

"Probably does,"his brother continued,"He does seem to care about us a lot."

"Who is Armstrong?"Pinkie asked.

"He is in the military back on our world, like me.His full military name is Major Armstrong so he is equal to us since a State Alchemist is treated as such rank."Edward answered.

"He is also...very buff and has the biggest muscles you would ever see."Alphonse stated.

The rest of the way was quiet and the two brother just kept marveling at things.When they arrived at the castle, Edward had opened his mouth...

"DAMN!That place is huge!"he yelled pointing at the castle his mouth wide open.Alphonse shut it for him.

One of the guards began to speak,"Please keep quiet on castle grounds, sir."

"Sorry."Edward apologized, while some of the mares giggled.

They were lead inside to the throne room for the audience.The six ponies bowed as did the guards.The guards slowly back away when they bowed and Edward and Alphonse bowed as well a little late just to copy what the others did.

A motherly tone spoke,"Rise, my little ponies."

The six mares rose and the brothers rose as well.

"Hello, I am Princess Celestia and this is my sister, Princess Luna."the huge pure white coated alicorn answered.

"Charmed."The deep blue coated alicorn said with the same flowing mane as her sister except of being a vibrant green pink and blue it was just a deep blue and sparkled like the night sky.She stuck out her hoof and the two brothers shook it smiling.

"I'm Edward Elric.Nice to meet you as well."

"And I'm Alphonse Elric his brother.Pleasure to meet you."he said with a small upper body bow.Alphonse was always more mannered than his brother.

"My sister and me have not been able to find you boys a way home.We searched through the whole library archives.Sorry, but we can't get you back home."Princess Celestia said with a frown.

"Don't worry about it."Alphonse said.

"Yea, we kinda like it here."his brother chimed in.

"I trust you won't hurt any of my little ponies."Celestia once spoke again.

"You have our word."the brothers both said.

A familiar voice spoke up from behind them,"And you have mine as well."

"Is tha--"Alphonse was cut off.

"Yes...it is her."Edward answered as everyone turned around to see a woman clad in a black suit fall from the ceiling.

"Hello, boys,"she said in a calm low voice,"happy to see me?"

"The tattoo of the Ouroboris!"Alphonse noticed.

"Then it really is you, Lust!"Edward yelled at the woman.

"You know her?"Princess Luna asked.

"Yeah, she is a homonculus."Al stated.

"Created when an alchemist tries to create life.They're monsters."Edward explained.

"She must have followed you here then."Rainbow dash said as she and the others took fighting stances.

"Don't you worry your little heads off,"Lust said then looked at the brothers,"I'm only here for them."

"It's a shame you don't have Wrath,Gluttony, or Envy here!"Edward taunted,"You can't handle us alone!"

"Yeah!"Alphonse chimed in.

Edward then clapped his hands together and drew it back over his right arm transforming a piece of the metal on the automail into a fixed blade.

"I still wish we had someone here with us...even Greed I would accept.We still have a good chance of dying here."Edward stated.

"So he did miss all of us?"Another familiar voice was heard.

"Greed!"the brothers chimed in.

"Is he another one of those humoncu-whatever?"Applejack asked.

"Yep.And believe it or not.He is our friend sorta..."Alphonse said

"So how you been kid?And what about you Lust?"Greed asked and took off his round sunglasses.

"Oh, I have been fine."Lust said.

"We are even better now that you are here, Greed.Not that we were going to do well on our own."Edward said.

"Oh, is that so?I'm touched,"Greed said with a laugh,"I guess I will help you fight, kid.I do have a grudge against Lust. "

"So let's get down to business then!"Edward said as he charged,"Princesses don't fight we can take them."

"Hardly fair."Lust mocked standing where she was,"I'm will need help then.Wrath come down now."

Edward stopped in his tracks as a young boy pale white except for his right arm and left leg came down from the ceiling.Greed didn't move but just taken off his vest and showed his true form.A blue black skinned person with two huge teeth(fangs) and red linings all over him.The young boy began to speak.

"Hello, Edward.This time I will take your body for myself."he said smiling as he clapped his hands together and brought a sword from the wall lamp.

"Elements don't fight."Princess Celestia commanded.

"But, we need to help them.Why not?"Rainbow Dash asked.

"Because you'll be dead.These guys don't mess around!"Edward yelled.

"Let's start this game shall we?"Greed stated not much of a question as he rushed Lust blocking her growing fingers that were turned into blades.

Wrath bolted toward Edward and they locked their weapons in combat, fighting furiously dodging and blocking each other.Alphonse charged at Lust as well blocking her attacks with the thick metal on his arms.

"Die.Die!DIE!"Wrath shouted as he rushed towards Edward who bounded away earlier.

Wrath brought the sword down vertically and Edward kart wheeled to the side before clapping his hands hitting them on his back which caused alchemical static since he moved the particles that would let Wrath heal back fast.Wrath then screamed and spun around swinging the sword fast.Edward ducked then stuck the arm blade right through his back to which Wrath's blood went down his shirt and Edward's arm.Edward pulled back but was too late and got caught in his flesh arm by the Wrath's sword.

"I'll make you pay..."Wrath said as he started squirming on the ground before having a face of agony on him permanently.

"One down...One to go..."Edward said as he looked over to see Alphonse and Greed struggling to kill Lust.

The ponies in the room were watching carefully as the guards and shining armor broke through the throne room door.Wrath began to throw up the red stones before he melted into the liquid and back into the floor.

"Princess!"Shining armor shouted as he saw the three fighting the woman clad in black.

"Shining Armor stay back and don't let the guards fight."Celestia said.

"Why!?We must fight them off."Shining armor shouted to be heard against the clanging of metal.

"Because we will experience casualties if you do fight."Luna said.

"AL!!!"Edward saw Lust stretch a finger through his chest armor then slice it off.

"You BITCH!!!"Edward shouted as he charged Lust and Greed smiled from far since he had been blown back.Greed had a small plan.

Lust didn't see him coming from behind fast enough and front flipped clasped his hands together and hit her head in which Lust shrieked in pain.Edward was about to stab her right through the skull but he hit greed instead and the arm blade just bounced off as it hit his diamond hard body.Greed had kicked Lust in the back of the head making her fall.He landed with the same foot on Lust's head making her head crush on the ground leaving her blood as she went away the same way Wrath did.Edward ran up to Alphonse with worry in his eyes as the floor was clean since their remains melted away.

"See ya, Kid.I got what I came for."Greed said as he jumped out the window and said back."I am heading to
that forest where we got here from."

Shining armor ran up to the princesses and the guards walked away back to their posts.There were rock walls and spikes everywhere from Edward and Wrath since they used alchemy.The other six ponies ran up to Edward over Alphonse which had his lower body detached from his upper body.

"Don't worry Al,"Edward said,"I will fix this."

With that he grabbed the lower half of his body and placed it perfectly and used his alchemy to fix him."Good as new." Edward said.He then looked around and started to fix the rock walls and spikes putting them back into the floor making more glows from alchemy.

"Who were they and who are those two, Princesses?"Shining Armor asked.

"Those were what seems to be Homonculus from the Elric brother's world."Celestia said

"And those boys over there are Edward and Alphonse.The armor is Alphonse and the short one is Edward."Luna answer the second question of Shining Armor.

"Who are you calling short!?"Edward shouted and raised his fist while Alphonse just laughed and the other
mares joined in.

They explained everything to the Princesses and Shining Armor.Luna even said they had saved all their lives.

"You both are welcome in Equestria."Celestia said and Luna just nodded her head.

"Well today turned out good.Don't you think Al?"Edward said to his brother.

"Except for the part when you almost got killed by Wrath.Yeah."The two laughed.

Author's Note:

This chapter name just came to me.I think I chose it quite well.

This might seem a bit rushed but it had to be put in so the other ponies would see how dangerous the Elric's world is.